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An Ex-Rep For Kim Kardashian Says That Time She Got Flour-Bombed In 2012 Was Planned And She Was In On It

January 10, 2023 / Posted by:

2012 was a much simpler time for Kim Kardashian. Paris Hilton’s former closet organizer was allowed to wear whatever hideous pleather suit from Express she desired without flack from der Fashion Führer. The Met Gala would’ve cackled in her face at the notion of her being invited, so she had no need to beg and “work her fucking ass off” to “fit” into an icon’s dress for a few minutes. And her now-mandated neutral aesthetic was generously gifted to her in the form of a “PETA flour-bombing” on the red carpet of her True Reflection (LOL said all of us who’ve seen every version of her face) perfume launch. We all laughed when bitch got bombed; but apparently, it was Kim who got the last laugh because a PR rep who worked with her during that time said the whole thing was a planned “media moment.”

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Demi Lovato Got Called Out For Buying Egyptian “Artifacts” That Are Probably Fake

March 9, 2022 / Posted by:

This week, Demi Lovato decided to take to their Instagram Stories to show off all the Egyptian “artifacts” they bought. And you know those artifacts are extremely authentic since Demi showed off their certificates of authenticity. Only, those certificates look like they were made in Microsoft Word. Not even Photoshop. And if Demi wasn’t already practically bald, they’d be bald from experts snatching them up over buying some fake ass shit that probably has as much value as souvenirs bought at the Luxor Las Vegas gift shop.

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Sources Say That Brooklyn Beckham, Who Has A Cooking Show, Can’t Actually Cook

February 9, 2022 / Posted by:

Brooklyn Beckham has tried a few career paths from attempted professional soccer player to attempted professional photographer. Most recently, 22-year-old Brooklyn, son of Victoria and David Beckham, has decided to become a professional chef. He even has his own cooking series, Cookin’ with Brooklyn. But The New York Post spoke to several sources who gave a behind-the-scenes peek into Brooklyn’s cooking show, and it sounds like it should really be called Assembling Simple Premade Food with Brooklyn After He’s Been Given Extensive Step-By-Step Instruction. Because according to those sources, Brooklyn can’t cook.

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Amy Schumer Responded To The Totally Real Picture Of Her Truck Stop Doppelgänger “Who Killed A Pedestrian Once”

June 11, 2021 / Posted by:

Amy Schumer trended on Twitter yesterday after a picture of her look-alike began making the rounds because of just how close the resemblance was and also, like, everything else going on in the image. But apparently, this is part of a fraudulent social media account that frequently trolls society via Photoshopped tomfoolery, so yeah….

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Bob Saget Defends Candace Cameron Bure After People Say She’s Fake

April 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Candace Cameron Bure went on her Full House dad Bob Saget’s podcast, and the two discussed whether or not her positive attitude is faker than the grass in the Tanner family’s backyard. 45-year-old Candace says that she often gets criticized for appearing to be happy all the time. People think it’s bullshit. But Daddy Saget assured her that her positive attitude is genuine. At worst, she’s “perky.”

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Hilaria Baldwin Is Taking A Break From Social Media, While Alec Baldwin Swears Vengeance On Her Haters

December 28, 2020 / Posted by:

As everyone knows by now, Hilaria Baldwin, a vaguely-accented Spanish yoga instructor and Alec Baldwin’s wife, was revealed to actually be Hillary Hayward-Thomas of Boston, Massachusetts. Hilaria responded to the online chatter, by saying that she never actually claimed to have been born in Spain, but that she was raised equally in Boston and Spain, is a “white girl,” and that sometimes her speech is messy because she’s bilingual and has a hard time speaking clearly. Her explanation was almost as dubious as her accent, but she’s leaving it at that for now, because she’s taking a break from social media.

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