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Color Me BAFTA: Colorful Looks From The Red Carpet

February 3, 2020 / Posted by:

Just because all of the BAFTA acting nominations went to white people, that doesn’t mean the white people that were nominated are afraid of a little color (not sure we can’t say the same for the BAFTA president Prince William). While some stars like Margot Robbie, who looked like she just came from a beloved aunt’s funeral (with Olivia Colman looking like said beloved aunt), went for basic black, and some like Renée Zellweger and Scarlett Johansson opted for a pastel palette, a few ladies took the opportunity to brighten up the foggy London town night by putting the “u” in colour. Take for example Florence Pugh whose hot pink housecoat doubles as a parachute in case the feds come knocking at the brothel door and she has to make a quick exit out of a 4th story window and hop into the horse drawn carriage waiting below.

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Olivia Colman’s Meeting With Prince William “Didn’t Go Very Well”

November 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Oscar-winning delight of an actress Olivia Colman went on Graham Norton’s show to promote the upcoming third season of Netflix’s The Crown. She’s taken over playing THE QUEEN from Claire Foy and Graham asked her if she’s ever hung out with any of the British royals for reals. Liv revealed that she’s kicked it with Prince William before. It sounds like it was a little strained, though, because William made out like he’d rather run a three-legged race with his bro Harry than binge-watch that bloody Crown show.

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Olivia Colman Got Herself A Vogue Cover

September 12, 2019 / Posted by:

The third season of The Crown is still two whole months away. Which is bad news for all the Lizards (working fan name) that just can’t wait to see if Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth is able to scowl at Prince Philip as good as Claire Foy could. Thankfully, Vogue threw us a crumb while we wait, and put Olivia on the cover of the October issue. And I know Vogue was going for a fancy royal-ish look, but I’m not sure it screams The Queen. I’m getting more of an ‘eccentric viscountess who day drinks red wine and donates exclusively to rescue dog charities‘ vibe.

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Netflix Has Released The First Teaser Trailer For The Third Season Of “The Crown”

August 12, 2019 / Posted by:

Funny, that’s the same look I gave Netflix when I finished watching the teaser trailer for the third season of The Crown and realized that Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II appears for a mere four – FOUR – seconds. I might have even let out a disappointed, “What in Her Royal Highness Hell?” in a terrible British accent, too. But for those of you who will happily accept four seconds of Olivia’s version of the Queen, then this trailer is your cup of tea.

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Olivia Colman Gives Good Speech

February 24, 2019 / Posted by:

Picture this: Pip Close holding his ass up at the TV and farting at the screen when his human lost to Olivia Colman!

I was secretly hoping that 7th time would be a charm for Glenn Close, but Olivia Colman deserved it for her delivery of the perfect line “I like it when she puts her tongue inside of me” in The Favourite. And she proved she deserved it with her perfection speech that was a mixture of messy, charming, and funny. It was a perfect speech, but on the other hand, if Glenn Close won, she definitely would’ve delivered a perfect speech by saying, “I’d like to thank Pip Close and Pip Close alone. Goodnight.

And as for what Glenn Close was thinking when Olivia shouted her out, she was definitely thinking, “I can’t believe I wore gold. Fuck me and fuck all the bitches saying I was the frontrunner.

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