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The Rock Praised Joe Rogan’s Response To His Spotify Controversy

February 1, 2022 / Posted by:

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have voiced some “concerns” about getting into bed with Spotify if Joe Rogan is also gonna be there getting the sheets all greasy, The Rock is more than eager to hop on in and get a look at those legendary nips up close. And he’s even agreed to bring some of his signature tequila now that Joe’s addressed the controversy. Possible future president The Rock was apparently one of several people who were actually able to stomach the stream of verbal diarrhea spewing out of Joe’s mouth in his almost 10-minute long response to Neil Young and Joni Mitchell telling Spotify to kick rocks for helping perpetuate misinformation about COVID-19 on their  #1 rated podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. According to TMZ, The Rock has sampled Joe’s hot and chunky stream and declared it to be “Great stuff.

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Joni Mitchell Joins Neil Young In Pulling Her Music Off Of Spotify Over “Irresponsible People Spreading Lies”

January 29, 2022 / Posted by:

You know you really fucked up when you start pissing off the Canadians. Earlier this month a group of 270 doctors and scientists released an open letter to Spotify asking them to do something about “menace to public healthJoe Rogan because he keeps mouth-farting out all sorts of COVID-19-related misinformation to his millions of listeners. Then this week, Neil Young threw down an ultimatum to Spotify, telling them that either Joe Rogan goes, or he goes. Spotify sided with Joe Rogan and pulled most of Neil Young’s music, which was the opposite of $urprising since Spotify has a $100 million multi-year deal with Joe Rogan. And now the legendary Joni Mitchell, whose vast catalog is a treasure trove for ears, has announced that she’s looked at it from both sides now and she’s on Neil’s side.

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Spotify Pulls Most Of Neil Young’s Music After He Gave Them An Ultimatum About Joe Rogan

January 27, 2022 / Posted by:

Joe Rogan, a polarizing character. Some, like Aaron Rodgers or your cousin Kyle who failed high school science, believe he’s a beacon of smart ideas. Others look at Joe Rogan and wonder how the host of Fear Factor was able to garner so much credibility. Neil Young, well – it’s pretty clear where he stands on Joe Rogan (and don’t say “At least four inches taller?“, we’re not here to make those kinds of jokes). On Monday, Neil Young, who believes in COVID-19 vaccines, posted an open letter to his personal website declaring his intention to pull all his music if Spotify didn’t finally do something about the unsubstantiated COVID claims Joe Rogan makes on their platform. Spotify took Neil up on his offer and removed most of his songs.

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Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus, And Many Others Lost Their Homes In The California Wildfires

November 12, 2018 / Posted by:

The wildfires currently raging through California have been devastating, despite their cute-sounding names (Camp Fire in the north, which has me picturing teenagers singing Kumbaya in a circle, and Woolsey Fire in the south, which makes me picture the same thing but with more blankets and sweaters). The fires have proven that fire doesn’t care who you are, it’s going to rip through your house and leave a pile of ashes. It was previously reported that the fires claimed Caitlyn Jenner’s house, but that was wrong info. Caitlyn’s house still stands, but many others weren’t so lucky.

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Daryl Hannah And Neil Young Probably Got Married

August 28, 2018 / Posted by:

It’s been almost four long years since we first heard that Daryl Hannah and Neil Young replaced Meg Ryan and John “I Refuse To Drop  The Cougar From His Name” Mellencamp as the IT couple of the blonde actress from the 80s (or 90s) and pepaw rocker set. Between then and now, my brain must’ve corroded even more, because I forgot these two were together. But not only are they still together, all signs point to them getting married over the weekend. I really need to get a subscription to Closer Weekly so I can stay up to date on the oldies.

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George Harrison Told The RNC Off From Beyond The Grave

July 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Ford, sure. Trump, no. Even dead rock stars want Trump to cut the shit and stop using their music. George Harrison’s estate didn’t feel the enthusiasm when Ivanka Trump strolled out to introduce her rotting naranja father accompanied by the The Beatles’Here Comes The Sun” at the RNC this past week.

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