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Kathy Griffin Reveals She Was Diagnosed With Complex PTSD

April 17, 2023 / Posted by:

Kathy Griffin has had a rough few years. After 62-year-old Kathy posted that infamous pic of the bloody Trump head in 2017, she got fired from her gig hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, venues canceled her shows, and she was essentially blacklisted from show biz. Then, in 2021, Kathy was diagnosed with lung cancer. A few months later, she revealed she was cancer-free after getting her left lung removed. This is all to say, bitch has gone through it! And, even though she’s “slowly being uncancelled” (her words), Kathy hasn’t emerged unscathed. USA Today reports that she took to TikTok to share that she’d been diagnosed with complex PTSD and was suffering from frequent anxiety attacks.

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NeNe Leakes Wants Kathy Griffin To Be A Star Witness During Her Bravo Discrimination Trial

July 28, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in April, NeNe Leakes filed a lawsuit against her former boss Andy Cohen as well as a number of other Bravo producers citing racism and a hostile work environment during her long time on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well, DUH! to the hostile work environment part because everything she’s a part of is hostile. But as far as proving the racism part NeNe is prepared to let everyone know about the discrimination she faced behind the scenes. But she doesn’t plan on doing it alone. NeNe hopes to enlist the help of Andy’s archenemy Kathy Griffin to serve as her star witness.
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A Former Healthcare CEO Who Harassed A Teenage Boy For Wearing A Dress To Prom Is Suing Kathy Griffin For “Doxxing” Him

April 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Last year Sam Johnson, a health care company CEO from Franklin, Tennessee, was fired from his job after going viral. Sam was filmed harassing a teen boy for wearing a prom dress. The video, which was originally uploaded to TikTok, shows a confrontation between the fully grown adult man and then-high schooler Dalton Stevens. A smug, smiling Sam says shit like, “You look like an idiot,” and, in response to Dalton calling himself gorgeous, “Are you?”

The video spread like wildfire and Kathy Griffin retweeted it, writing “this is Sam Johnson in Nashville, Tennessee.” She tagged his company, @VisuWell, mentioned he was married to Jill Johnson and “they may reside in Franklin, Tennessee,” and added, “it seems like he’s dying to be online famous.” The video made a ton of headlines, and, soon enough, Sam was canned from VisuWell. Now, exactly one year later, Sam has filed a federal lawsuit against Kathy, claiming it was her tweet that caused the incident to go viral. It was her tweet that got him fired. And, you know, not his own extremely shitty actions.

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Rosie O’Donnell, Tiffany Haddish And Others Shared Their Reactions To Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars

March 28, 2022 / Posted by:

We all witnessed the same disappointing, and frankly, wildly unprofessional behavior unfold live in front of our eyes during last night’s Academy Awards broadcast. I think we can all agree that what we saw, which was Will Smith bum-rushing the stage and slapping Chris Rock in the face after he made a G.I. Jane II joke about Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia, was undeniably shocking. Yet, unsurprisingly, reactions to The Slap have been as all over the place as the broadcast itself. But personally, when the camera person in charge of audience reaction shots failed to capture the crucial 30 seconds between when Will was shown laughing at Chris’ joke, and the moment Will saw Jada’s face and decided he needed to slap the taste out of his mouth, I said to myself, “wow, this is a new low for Hollywood.” Say what you will about the demise of the Golden Globes, but at least their crew would have had coverage.

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Kathy Griffin Says She’s Totally Cancer-Free After Getting Half Her Left Lung Removed

December 1, 2021 / Posted by:

Last night, Kathy Griffin went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and shared some very happy news: she’s cancer-free! 61-year-old Kathy was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer in August. The doctors immediately did surgery to remove Kathy’s tumor, but another scan revealed they missed some. So they went back in and removed half her left lung! Kathy seems to be doing okay, but an intubation tube fucked with her vocal cords, so she’s (temporarily) speaking with a high, breathy voice, which she describes as “Minnie Mouse meets Marilyn Monroe.” Move over ScarJo, there’s a new raspy-voiced sex symbol in town!

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Meghan McCain Is Still Mad At Kathy Griffin For Making Jokes About Clay Aiken, But Clay Aiken Seems To Be Good

August 4, 2021 / Posted by:

Every once in a while Meghan McCain does something that reminds me she does actually have a friend who could ask her, “Do you really want to do that with your hair?“, and this time she’s dragged her friend Clay Aiken into a situation he didn’t ask to be dragged into. On The View this week, Meghan took a swipe at Kathy Griffin, in response to Kathy’s recent lung cancer diagnosis reveal. Meghan is still very mad that Kathy made jokes about Clay’s sexuality years ago. Well, Meghan maybe should have run that all by Clay first, because Clay himself sent a message of love to Kathy.

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