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NeNe Leakes Is Thinking About Divorcing Her Husband Even As He Fights Cancer

April 15, 2019 / Posted by:

People is reporting that NeNe Leakes is thinking about delivering the coldest set of divorce papers this side of the Ice Age. The second part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired last night and the self-proclaimed most relevant cast member said that she and her husband Greg Leakes have been seeing a counselor and she’s considering divorcing him even during his cancer treatments.

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NeNe Leakes Says That Lisa Vanderpump Stole PUMP Restaurant From Her

February 2, 2019 / Posted by:

NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta obviously returned home from Andy Cohen’s Real Housewife-saturated baby shower in a deep depression. The realization that the spotlight wasn’t really on you for once can be spiritually taxing. To make herself feel better (and probably at the behest of some Real Housewives writers who are looking for a crossover storyline between shows), NeNe decided to whip up some fresh drama based around herself. She’s j’accuse-ing heavy-lidded schemestress Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills of stealing PUMP restaurant from her. NeNe owned “Los Angeles’ sexiest restaurant”? When? Was there a Real Housewives prequel special that never made it on the air?

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Andy Cohen’s Baby Shower Turned Into A “Real Housewives” Circuit Party

January 28, 2019 / Posted by:

Baby showers have always seemed like a dull concept to me ever since the most radical thing Miranda had at hers on Sex And The City was fried chicken and a diaper tree (eh, I guess the two go hand-in-hand). However, if you remotely know anyone with a working social media account, you couldn’t escape Andy Cohen’s baby shower over the weekend, hosted by OG Real Housewives NeNe Leakes, Vicki Gunvalson, Kyle Richards, Ramona Singer, and Teresa Giudice. Well, by host, that means those five all gave speeches at Beverly Hills outpost of The Palm, owned by Andy’s friend Bruce Bozzi. Alas, this day was not about Andy’s soon-to-arrive baby boy (I don’t think I saw much reference to children). This was about middle-aged women tossing back Chardonnay and Vicodin cocktails, dancing on tables (this is The Palm! Not Coyote Ugly!), and dropping f-bombs and acid…all on camera, of course.

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NeNe Leakes Came For Her Cancer-Stricken Husband On Twitter

December 3, 2018 / Posted by:

The self-proclaimed queen of Real Housewives of Atlanta (when she even bothers to be on the show) NeNe Leakes has been having some legitimate life drama. Her husband, Gregg Leakes, was diagnosed with cancer and she revealed the news back in June. Apparently part of dealing with this involves Greg being a world-class ass-hole to his wife, at least according to her. Because NeNe has been dragging her sick husband on Twitter. I guess it must be “trying to get a raise from Bravo for the new season” season.  Continue reading

NeNe Leakes’ Husband Was Diagnosed With Cancer

June 14, 2018 / Posted by:

Through all the “Trump check!”, wig-snatching, and bloops, there has been one constant (apart from that brief divorce) in NeNe Leakes’ life, and that has been her husband Gregggggg, also known as Gregg Leakes when I’m not making fun of how she says it. NeNe may volley back and forth as to which of those Real Housewives Of Atlanta broads she wants to vote off weave island, but Gregg is always seen as her rock on the show. In a case of the sads, NeNe announced this week Gregg is now battling cancer. Continue reading

Kim Zolciak Is Not A Racist Because Racism Doesn’t Exist

April 24, 2018 / Posted by:

Kim Zolciak has made it very clear that she has no intention of returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We don’t know the reasons but NeNe Leakes hinted that something untoward (and considering what passes for toward on those shows, it must have been really nasty) had gone downbehind the scenes” at the season 10 reunion special.

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