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Prince Harry Is Expected To Attend Both King Charles’ Coronation AND Archie’s Fourth Birthday Party

May 1, 2023 / Posted by:

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hoped their family of four would be welcomed with open arms to take center balcony at King Charles III’s Coronation this weekend–complete with a Prince Archie birthday shoutout–after scoring a reluctant, indirect invite, either The Firm laughed in their faces, or Harry found out there won’t be a proper supply of Monica Gellar’s garage fridge-grade shrooms there to make it bearable enough to stay for all three days. As we already heard, Harry’s going to attend the ceremony solo, but it looks like he’s also now decided to only stay in the UK for 24 hours to make an appearance at the main event of his dad’s corny before returning home in time to be at Archie’s “low-key” birthday party.

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Meghan Markle Signs With Talent Agency WME To “Build Out Her Business Ventures”

April 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Meghan Markle left behind royal treatment in Britain and is now turning the page to a new chapter in her life…where she’ll get the royal treatment in Hollywood. The former star of Suits, Deal or No Deal, and Get Him to the Greek just signed with A-listers-only talent agency William Morris Endeavors, aka WME, which is home to Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck, and Meghan’s BFF Serena Williams. How nice of Serena Williams to put in a good word for Meghan. But sadly, if you were hoping to see Meghan play herself in future Lifetime movies and a future reboot of The Crown, you may be out of luck because she signed with WME to explore “business ventures.

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Meghan Markle’s Rep Denies She Leaked Her 2021 Letter To King Charles About Racism In The Royal Family

April 25, 2023 / Posted by:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were at a Lakers game in Los Angeles last night (a little on that in a second), but the game she’s mainly been focused on is the one where she’s trying to clear her good name! And last week, royal reporters accused Meghan of leaking the news of a letter she sent to King Charles III in 2021 about the Racist Royal™ who asked what color Prince Archie’s skin color would be when he was still in his mother’s womb. Meghan’s rep has since denied she leaked the letter and in a PLOT TWIST, the Palace has backed her up.

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Samantha Markle Has Re-Filed Her Defamation Lawsuit Against Half-Sister Meghan Markle

April 15, 2023 / Posted by:

Samantha Markle sued her half-sister Meghan Markle last year for defamation over shit that Meghan said during her interview with Oprah in 2021. (The people should sue Samantha Markle for bringing up that damn interview again!) Meghan said things during the interview, like that she was raised as an only child, that Samantha didn’t like. Or someone told her she could sue for that because she did. Meghan’s side argued that she was just sharing her own opinion on her own childhood, and it’s her First Amendment right to do so. The judge ended up throwing the lawsuit into the trash earlier this month. Well, Samantha pulled that lawsuit out of the trash, wiped away the remnants of the judge’s lunch, changed some stuff on it, and re-filed it. Fingers crossed for ole’ Suin’ Sammy.

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Prince Harry Spoke With Dr. Gabor Maté About His Family And How Psychedelics Are A Fundamental Part Of His Life

March 5, 2023 / Posted by:

Despite having left the royal family with the public’s goodwill mostly in his favor, Prince Harry seems absolutely determined to throw that in the trash alongside his crown. From documentaries to books about getting knocked out by Prince William (of all people). His most recent attempt at talking about his family and getting people to not pay attention to him and Meghan Markle was sitting down with controversial Dr. Gabor Maté. And they kindly gave us the pleasure of being able to watch the therapy session for only $33! Gotta pay for rent somehow now that they can’t hang out in Frogmore anymore.

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