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“Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Alum Teddi Mellencamp Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Paid Raquel Leviss To Start An Affair With Tom Sandoval To Boost “Vanderpump Rules” Ratings

March 15, 2023 / Posted by:

Teddi Mellencamp is utterly forgettable, so any time she gets a speck of attention for trying to say something provocative–like defending the neck lift she got that pretty much no one asked her to–people still need to be reminded of why she assumes anyone should care what she has to say. So for good measure: she’s John Mellencamp’s daughter, she used to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’s a fitness accountability coach who hates food and joy, and she was on Celebrity Big Brother only to get booted first. So since she and Lisa Vanderpump both used to be on RHOBH, she’s been dishing room temperature takes about the Vanderpump Rules Scandoval saga on her own podcast. But the other day on Melissa Gorga’s (of The Real Housewives of New Jersey) podcast, Teddi decided to go “All In” and declare that she thinks Lisa paid Raquel Leviss to creep around with Tom Sandoval in an attempt to keep the lights on at VPR. The lesson here? Let’s just stop handing out podcasts to everyone.

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Hilaria Baldwin Said That She Used To Judge Couples With Big Age Differences Before Alec Baldwin Came Along

November 9, 2022 / Posted by:

Since Hilaria Baldwin said that she’s most likely disarming her still-smoking baby cannon for good, she instead recently shat out a podcast called Witches Anonymous where she and her co-host, Michelle Campbell Mason, “explore women’s relationships with each other – both as the strongest support system and the fiercest adversaries.” The first episode debuted yesterday, and Hilaria hilariously said that she used to judge couples with a large age difference, but now that she’s in one, her previous thought that the younger person in the relationship had to be a gold-digging bimbo was a complete misconception.

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The Debut Of Meghan Markle’s Podcast Beat Joe Rogan In The U.S.

August 26, 2022 / Posted by:

Meghan Markle’s long-awaited Spotify podcast, Archetypes, finally premiered this past Tuesday, and guess what? Variety reports that Archetypes is currently #1 on the U.S. Spotify charts, meaning it actually beat out Joe Rogan’s weekly assault on ears and brains, which is consistently the most listened-to podcast in the country. Joe’s probably bummed, but nobody is more devastated than the royals. They had all their American chums listening to The Joe Rogan Experience on repeat for three days straight to prevent this exact thing from happening. Sigh. May those listeners rest in peace (ivermectin overdoses).

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Meghan Markle Finally Released The First Episode Of Her Spotify Podcast “Archetype” Featuring Guest Serena Williams

August 23, 2022 / Posted by:

It only took two years, several awkward family reunions, a funeral, a new baby, a canceled Netflix show, a Platinum Jubilee and an appearance on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the world’s most influential people, but Meghan Markle has finally released a scant hour of content for her long-ballyhooed Archwell Audio podcast for Spotify called Archetypes. While the true scope of her influence may still be an intangible, incalculable variable, if Meghan manages to convince even just one listener to eat horse paste, she’ll have beat Joe Rogan at his own game.

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Wendy Williams Gave A Confusing Update On Her Upcoming Podcast And Showed Off Her Swollen Foot

June 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Days after announcing that she’ll be returning as The Queen of What Does That Even Mean? with a post-Wendy Williams Show podcast, Wendy Williams has already put her foot in it. And by “it” I mean in TMZ’s face, and by extension, our faces. During a TMZ Live segment, Wendy gave an update on plans for her new podcast, but not before she reached down under her chair (The purple chair! It seems it wasn’t dumped on the curb in front of the studio as previously reported, unless that’s where Wendy found it) and grabbed either a hairless wombat or a severely swollen foot and showed it to the camera. It looks incredibly painful and Wendy says she’s suffering from lymphedema, which TMZ says is “caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system.” But a foot the size of a 3-month-old baby is not about to stop Wendy from living her best life as a famous podcaster, perhaps working from “Europe, you know, The France,” even though she admits she doesn’t “know what podcast is.

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Meghan Markle Has Filed To Trademark The Name Of Her Podcast, “Archetypes”

April 6, 2022 / Posted by:

Now we finally know the name of Meghan Markle’s podcast with Spotify and it’s called Archetypes, which makes plenty of sense, considering Meghan and Prince Harry are really into branding that’s borrowed from their son’s name, Archie. Their non-profit charity was named Archewell, their podcasting production company is called Archewell Audio, and now we’ve got Archetypes, the first episode dropping…TBA sometime this summer. We don’t have a concrete date for that first episode’s premiere, but we do know that Meghan has been busy making sure all her legal bases are covered before it happens.

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