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John Legend Admits He And Kanye West Are Not As Close Anymore Because Of Politics

August 5, 2022 / Posted by:

John Legend has a lot to celebrate these days after announcing he’s expecting a new baby friend with Chrissy Tiegen. And while we’re on the subject of babies, John admits that he’s no longer close friends with one of the biggest man babies in the world Kanye West. The two of them used to be pretty tight, but unfortunately, after Kanye made the horrible life choice of supporting walking spoiled orange Donald Trump during his 2016 run for president John admits things went downhill from there. And the downfall accelerated even faster after Kanye’s own self-destructive run for POTUS.

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One Of Amber Heard’s Friends Was Kicked Out Of Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial

April 18, 2022 / Posted by:

If his messy 2020 libel suit against The Sun was any proof of possible courtroom messiness in the future, then it was truly only a matter of time before Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial, which is currently underway in Virginia, became an off-the-rails train wreck. And we haven’t even gotten to James Franco’s performance as “Guy who don’t know nothing about any of this shit” when he is inevitably forced to take the stand. Or the bed poo! But already, we’re seeing notable courtroom antics, like Amber Heard’s very good friend/accidental meme Eve Barlow getting kicked out for acting like a member of Amber’s legal team. And that’s an issue because Eve most certainly isn’t one.

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Kanye West And Drake Are Playing Nice, For Now

November 17, 2021 / Posted by:

One of Kanye West’s most pointless feuds (and that’s saying a lot) might have finally come to an end. No, Kanye hasn’t finally dropped his gloves and stopped fighting the urge to wear normal-looking footwear. It’s pretty clear from that picture above that Kanye’s love affair with those hideous rubber hypebeast Frankenstein boots is still going strong. It’s that he’s no longer fighting with Drake, his sensitive nemesis of the north. Kanye declared last week that he officially wanted to bury the hatchet with Drake, a man he’s been publicly tormenting for years now, for the sake of a benefit concert. And Drake clearly took Kanye up on his offer to be friends again. Or at the very least, to stop acting like two petty teenage girls in public for a brief moment.

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Brad Pitt And George Clooney Are Shilling For Rival Coffee Companies (But Are Doing A Movie Together)

September 30, 2021 / Posted by:

George Clooney and Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s all-time great friendships. Just a couple of pals with tons of things in common that help them deeply relate to each other. They’re both Best Supporting Actor Oscar winners. Both are two-time People’s Sexiest Man Alive recipients. Both are insanely rich. And, both have managed to get even richer by collecting checks for coffee commercials. Except not for the same coffee company. George and Brad are on different sides of warring coffee empires, both pledging their allegiance to different sources of bold, smooth, rich taste. But the two are about to reunite on-screen and co-star in the same film for Apple Studios. Oh, shit, whose coffee will be served on set? You can’t make them pick sides like that!

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Bam Margera Is Suing Johnny Knoxville For Firing Him From “Jackass Forever”

August 9, 2021 / Posted by:

Jackass Forever, aka Jackass 4, is scheduled for release on October 22nd, and based on the first trailer, it should be a really great film for Jackass fans, and a fun night at the movies for anyone who likes to play guessing games (like, guess how many femurs got broken during filming, or guess how much it cost to insure a 50-year-old Johnny Knoxville). Almost everyone from the original group is back, with two notable absences. First, Ryan Dunn, who died in a car accident in 2011, just eight months after the release of Jackass 3D. Second, 41-year-old Bam Margera, who is very much alive. But during production on Jackass Forever, Bam went from active participant to getting fired for allegedly breaking a “wellness agreement.” Bam thinks he was done dirty by his Jackass crew and Paramount Pictures, and now he’s suing them all.

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Larsa Pippen Says She’s Blessed To Not Be Friends With The Kardashians Anymore

February 16, 2021 / Posted by:

There was a time that Larsa Pippen’s friends Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian would have seen the mountain of drama-based attention that fell into Larsa’s lap two months ago, and called her up to congratulate her on such an achievement. But those days are long gone because Larsa is no longer in the Kardashian inner-circle. The Kardashians have unofficially ex-kommunicated Larsa. But Larsa is okay with that because things started to get to an “ugly” place between herself and the Kardashians.

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