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Kevin Federline Responded To The Theory That He’s Moving His And Britney Spears’ Sons To Hawaii To Extend Her Child Support Payments

June 27, 2023 / Posted by:

Kevin Federline and the media have had kind of a methy relationship lately. Most recently, his lawyer ran to them to blab that Britney Spears hadn’t completed the paper trail for him to move their sons, Jayden and Preston, to Hawaii, and if she didn’t, they’d have to go to court. Although Britney (also via her attorney) stopped dancing for a minute to respond that she consents, her fans (or KFed’s haters) have been skeptical of his motives. He says the move is because his current wife, Victoria Prince, was offered a job there. However, Page Six says many on social media are speculating that the move is because Kevin wants to use Hawaii’s child support guidelines as a loophole that could extend Britney’s payments by a few years. But when a pap caught Kevin out the other day, he seemingly denied that accusation.

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Tyrese Has Been Ordered To Pay Over $600K In Child Support And Legal Fees

April 26, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s no secret former Coca-Cola bus vocalist Tyrese Gibson has terrible taste in women. His contentious divorce from his first ex-wife Norma left his mind so fractured he began singing sexy slow jams to their daughter Shayla, and that definitely was not a good look. Now, years later, Tyrese has discovered his second ex-wife Samantha Lee must have checked his bank statements prior to their divorce because the dollar signs grew inside her eyes like she was Scrooge McDuck. Their divorce ordered Tyrese to pay $10K a month in child support for their daughter Soraya, to which Tyrese responded: “Good luck with that!” Now, after a new hearing and futile attempt to get people to rally behind him, Tyrese must pay over $600K in combined child support and legal fees.

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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Put Their Child Support Battle Aside To Play Nice At Their Kid’s Soccer Game

April 17, 2023 / Posted by:

Tracy Anderson must shut her gym down on weekends so she can indulge in a feast of cooked broccoli rather than raw, so Olivia Wilde had to settle for quenching her papping thirst at her kid’s soccer game this weekend instead of her normal post-workout papping. But this time, she didn’t almost” run into an ex; she purposely coexisted with one as she and Jason Sudeikis watched their son’s game together and even made it a point to hug, despite Jason’s lil’ litigation hobby and Olivia recently taking to the courts to say he needs to get up off the driveway and get into his comparably fatter wallet to pay her child support for their two kids.

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Olivia Wilde Says That Jason Sudeikis Hasn’t Paid Her Any Child Support Despite Him Being A Lot Richer Than Her

April 5, 2023 / Posted by:

After a judge once again shot down Jason Sudeikis’ request to move his messy child custody fight with his ex Olivia Wilde from Los Angeles to New York, she accused him of filing frivolous requests with the court because he’s trying to litigate her until she’s too broke to legally fight him. Olivia said that Jason has a lot more money than her and accused him of using his riches to drag out their legal fight. In her latest filing, Olivia is talking about money again, specifically, all the money that Jason hasn’t given her in child support. The Blast says that Olivia is now asking the court to order Jason to pay child support, including back child support, and also pay for some of her legal fees. Olivia’s attorney is THEE Laura Wasser, so obviously, Ted Lasso’s going to have to fart up more than a dozen biscuits to even begin to put a dent in her lawyer fees.

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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Settle Their Divorce, And He Will Pay Her $200K A Month In Child Support

November 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s unholy union is officially officially OVER! After years of terrorizing the masses with their stale, manufactured love they’ve finally reached the final round of The Divorce Game by settling their assets and cutting ties with one another for good. But their most precious, permanent assets are their children North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. In their child support agreement, Kim will be receiving $200K a month from Kanye, and the payments are due on the first of each month, which will definitely eat away at Kanye’s millionaire status in no time since his bank account is rapidly wasting away into a pile of skin and bones.

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Nick Cannon Claims He Pays “A Lot More” Than $3 Million On Child Support For His Soon-To-Be 12 Kids

November 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Nick Cannon just welcomed his 11th child with his 12th on the way, and you know his balls are probably ready to unleash the 13th into yet another uterus. And to the owner of that uterus, I beg: Please don’t. And Nick’s accountant is probably begging the same thing because Nick says that he pays “a lot more” than $3 million a year for his brood of children. Yeah, imagine if even a fraction of these kids plan on going to college–he’ll be bankrupt!

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