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Nick Cannon Claims To Be Getting A Master’s Degree In Child Psychology

June 26, 2023 / Posted by:

In an episode of The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman called “The Mother of All Fathers,” Nick Cannon–father to twelve with six different women–spoke about how he will be getting a master’s degree in child psychology and Ph.D. in “divinity.” I will applaud Nick for that child psychology degree. If he could pass any class or absorb a shred of knowledge, it would come in handy since he could save money on getting his children therapy to deal with their absent father figure issues and just provide the service himself!

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Nick Cannon’s Ex Jessica White Revealed Behind The Scenes Details Of Their Relationship And It’s Not Good

June 21, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s been years since we’ve seen Nick Cannon as more than a sperm machine destined to re-populate the Earth after everyone moves to outer space. But there was a time when he was in a beautiful (?) relationship with model Jessica White. Or so it would seem from the outside. Since Nick is too busy building daddy issues with his children, he has no time to go deep into his relationship with Jessica. Oh, but Jessica got some time today, and every day, to let us all know Nick ain’t shit. And she has the emotional scars from their toxic relationship as proof.

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Nick Cannon Admits He Mixed Up Some Of The Mother’s Day Cards For The Moms Of His 12 Kids

May 16, 2023 / Posted by:

Mega-sperm carrier Nick Cannon recently assured everyone that he didn’t fumble his past marriage to Mariah Carey, but it looks like he admittedly DID fumble Mother’s Day for at least a few of the six mothers of his 12 children this year. So if there was still any notion that he’s been handling this mass re-population effort he’s perplexingly spearheaded, well, the answer is “definitely not” if his mixing up of the handwritten Mother’s Day cards he attempted to hand out is any indication.

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Nick Cannon Rebukes The “Deadbeat Dad” Claims And Says He Makes $100 Million A Year

May 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Nick Cannon did a puff piece with the Los Angeles Times where he talks about being “villainized” because of his choice to father twelve children with six different women. In fact, he refutes these “deadbeat dad” claims and says he is an amazing father who makes $100 million a year. I’m sure this is news to the IRS… and Nick’s accountant.

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Abby De La Rosa Said It Turns Her On To See Nick Cannon With His Other Children’s Moms

April 25, 2023 / Posted by:

California’s recent heavy rains have a perfectly logical explanation: Nick Cannon’ssuper sperm” incubator four of six, Abby De La Rosa, recently said that seeing Nick with his other babies’ moms turns her on. And since there are five others besides her (so far), it made for a very wet winter! 

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Mariah Carey Is Reportedly Seeking Primary Custody Of Her Twins With Nick Cannon

January 12, 2023 / Posted by:

Looks like Nick Cannon’s baby-making habit has pissed off at least one of the mothers of his children–the original one, in fact. Queen of Christmas (One of many!) Mariah Carey is reportedly going to file for primary custody of their 11-year-old twins, Morocco and Monroe. The couple has been divorced since 2014 and has never fought publicly about custody stuff, so I mean… I WONDER WHY Mariah is suddenly like, “These kids need to stay with me.” Surely, it’s not related to Nick just welcoming his 12th baby to this Hellohole known as Earth. Well, it’s not like Nick has time for all these kids anyway. And having joint custody of 10/12 kids is still a good percentage!

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