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Today In Cable News DRAMA: Tucker Carlson Is Out At Fox News And Don Lemon Has Been Fired From CNN

April 24, 2023 / Posted by:

Things are going to be a little awkward at the back of the unemployment line today. Because former Fox News sweetheart Tucker Carlson and former CNN sweetheart Don Lemon are both out of a job after getting shit-canned by their network. Since both Fox News and CNN are down a messy anchor, I bet that they’re currently in a bidding war with each other to land Kerry from Succession!

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Amy Schumer Says She Fired Her Doula For Being Too Beautiful

June 27, 2022 / Posted by:

A whole bunch of employment lawyers might have heard that and started prepping for the wrongful dismissal suit of a lifetime. Meanwhile, any famous person whose marriage ever bit the dust over a nanny and a snake of a husband just nodded like, “Okay, tell me more.” But it’s not exactly like that, at least according to Amy Schumer herself. She didn’t just fire her doula simply because she was too busy hotting-it-up around Amy’s house to find the time to take care of Amy’s baby. No, it all comes down to self-esteem, which Amy says she didn’t have enough of to handle a pretty post-partum assistant.

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Fred Savage Was Fired As Director And Executive Producer From “The Wonder Years” Reboot For Inappropriate Conduct

May 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Well, it looks like Fred Savage is at it again and added another one to his Winnie Cooper, Come And Get Your Boy file. Bill Murray and Frank Langella now have a little company, because, like them, Fred Savage has been shit-canned from a project for allegedly acting a mess. Fred was fired as director and executive producer of the Wonder Years reboot over several complaints of alleged assholeness and “inappropriate behavior.” Who knew that the term “inappropriate behavior” would be the Hollywood phrase of 2022, sadly.

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The White House Tells Dr. Oz To Resign From A Presidential Council

March 24, 2022 / Posted by:

While Dr. Mehmet Oz recently left his talk show so that he can pursue a Republican Senate seat in Pennsylvania, the television snake-oil salesman is now out of a White House gig he got under the previous President, Donald Trump. Oz was on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition–which should tell us everything about what the Trump administration thought about health. But now President Joe Biden’s administration has asked Oz to get the fuck out since he’s running for Senate.

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Chris Noth Has Been Dropped From “The Equalizer,” While The Cast Of “And Just Like That…” Releases A Statement

December 21, 2021 / Posted by:

I probably could have killed two birds with one stone by writing, “And Just Like That…Chris Noth isn’t getting a CBS check anymore.” And it would fit since we’re getting almost daily updates on the swift career downfall of Chris Noth in the wake of some very serious sexual assault allegations. Chris Noth doesn’t seem to be doing much better, work-wise, because his regular gig on The Equalizer has vanished. Some people might be saying, “Who cares about a show I was never going to watch – what does Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte have to say about this situation?“. Well, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte issued a joint statement on the matter, and they’re standing in solidarity with the women who have come forward to tell their stories.

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CNN Fires Chris Cuomo, Effective Immediately

December 5, 2021 / Posted by:

In “Better Late Than Never, I Guess” news, CNN announced during the nothing-to-see-here hour (aka 5 pm on a Saturday) that they are fucking done professionally with Chris Cuomo and have fired him. His CNN show Cuomo Prime Time is no more. Just a few days ago, Chris was indefinitely suspended by CNN for helping his brother, the former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, with sexual harassment allegations. Tacked on to the news of Chris Cuomo’s firing is a new allegation from a woman who has accused Chris of sexual misconduct. What a mess. The former First Lady of New York Sandra Lee must be able to see the future when she looks into a glass of her Ocean Breeze cocktail and knew the Cuomo Kingdom was going to crumble so she got out of there quick!

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