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Andy Cohen Says He Won’t Be Drinking While Hosting CNN’s New Year’s Coverage

December 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Another update to CNN-NYE Sobergate ’23! Last year, Andy Cohen got all kinds of wasted on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. Rather than blame Andy, the network decided to blame booze. Last month, Variety reported that CNN expected their hosts and correspondents to scale back on the drinking. Andy responded to Variety’s report on Watch What Happens Live! with this proclamation: “Anderson and I are going to party harder than we have ever partied before on New Year’s Eve!” Then, yesterday, Rolling Stone published an interview with Andy (recorded last month), where he doubled down on his party plans. He claimed he and co-host Anderson Cooper would be “partying responsibly.” Unfortunately, in the weeks since, Andy has changed his tune. Today he told Page Six that he will not be drinking on New Year’s Eve. This isn’t to say there aren’t other substances Andy can use to get in the mood…

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Ryan Seacrest Says That CNN’S New Year’s Eve Booze Ban Is “Probably A Good Idea”

December 28, 2022 / Posted by:

362 days ago, Andy Cohen got schwasted while hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. He went off on former New York mayor Bill de Blasio and referred to Ryan Seacrest and his cronies at ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve as “a group of losers.” Whoops! Even though Andy faced some backlash for his drunk-skunk antics, CNN pretty much immediately confirmed that they’d asked him and Anderson Cooper back for NYE 2023. However, last month, the network announced that they wanted their hosts to scale back on the drinking. Well, Ryan Seacrest has added his two cents during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He says he doesn’t “advocate” booze on the air, and CNN’s plan to scale back is a “good idea.” Ugh, what a LOSER thing to say!

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CNN Said They Plan To Scale Back The Drinking During Their New Year’s Eve Coverage, And Andy Cohen Responded

November 17, 2022 / Posted by:

For those of us who refuse to wear clothes with an uncompromising waistband or leave the house past 8 p.m., we look to the TV on New Year’s Eve to watch other, more ambitious fun-havers crammed into the confines of Times Square clad in coats, hats, and adult diapers who’ve stood in the cold for 16 hours in anticipation of a few underwhelming musical guests followed by ten whole seconds of excitement. CNN’s NYE coverage has become the staple for people who love mess and don’t want to sit through Ryan Seacrest and his “group of losers;” with the master of lighting a match and walking away, Andy Cohen, getting lit with his incessantly giggly bestie, Anderson Cooper, while Don Lemon and other correspondents assist in the chaos. Last year, Andy got so rip-roaring ranty and wasted that it was rumored CNN cut him loose. But they didn’t, and he and Anderson will be back this year to host the festivities. And even though CNN says they’ve decided they’re banning booze for the correspondents involved in the coverage, Andy wants everyone to know the new rule doesn’t apply to him or Anderson, so we should expect them to be next-level hammered.

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Applebee’s Apologizes After CNN Aired Its Ad Along With Coverage Of Russian’s Invasion Of Ukraine

February 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Applebee’s and CNN got some shit PR yesterday as Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. Wondering how that’s related? CNN decided that they needed to get those advertising dollars but did not want to cut away from their coverage of the attack on Ukraine, so they combined the two. And they got shit for it. Well, Applebee’s doesn’t appreciate being the newest Internet meme and so they have suspended running ads on CNN.

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Open Post: Hosted By Dulcé Sloan Declaring “No More Broke Dick” In 2022 While Live On CNN

January 3, 2022 / Posted by:

The CNN anchors love to get lit for New Year’s Eve and this year was no exception. A clip featuring Don Lemon and comedian Dulcé Sloan is making the rounds of the Internet after the two got a little too loose with the Goose and started talking about how the New Year would bring new dick and none of it would be broke. No more broke dick in 2022!

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CNN Fires Chris Cuomo, Effective Immediately

December 5, 2021 / Posted by:

In “Better Late Than Never, I Guess” news, CNN announced during the nothing-to-see-here hour (aka 5 pm on a Saturday) that they are fucking done professionally with Chris Cuomo and have fired him. His CNN show Cuomo Prime Time is no more. Just a few days ago, Chris was indefinitely suspended by CNN for helping his brother, the former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, with sexual harassment allegations. Tacked on to the news of Chris Cuomo’s firing is a new allegation from a woman who has accused Chris of sexual misconduct. What a mess. The former First Lady of New York Sandra Lee must be able to see the future when she looks into a glass of her Ocean Breeze cocktail and knew the Cuomo Kingdom was going to crumble so she got out of there quick!

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