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A Poster For Demi Lovato’s “Holy Fvck” Album Was Banned From Being Displayed In The UK Because It Was Offensive To Christians

January 11, 2023 / Posted by:

Humanity may not agree on much, but one thing lots of us can probably come together on is that Demi Lovato’s soggy pad of a personality is utterly exhausting. The assault of her shrill voice on our ears and the useless causes she attempts to champion–like sugar-free cookies existing and not calling aliens “aliens–are offensive to the sensibilities of many. And in Demi’s most recent attempt to be 2006-style edgy, she coined her newest album (and what might be her final tour) “Holy Fvck,” as in “holy fuck is she STILL talking?” But in true Demi fashion, she rubbed people the wrong way again, this time with a poster that showed her casually clad in light bondage while lying on a crucifix bed. BBC News says some Christians in the U.K. were displeased, and the poster just got banned from being displayed in most public places there.

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Elon Musk Suspended Kanye West From Twitter After His Unhinged Day Of Antisemitism

December 2, 2022 / Posted by:

After Kanye West appeared in a gimp mask on Alex Jones’s InfoWars yesterday and did the impossible by making Alex look like the most sensible person in the room for once when he outright admitted that he likes Hitler and declared that it’s time to stop dissing Nazis, Kanye then moved his shockingly blatant antisemitism and nearly constant ranting to Twitter. In his manic tweeting, Ye also defended Balenciaga, claimed that he “caughtKim Kardashian with NBA player Chris Paul, and shared a pic of a shirtless Elon Musk, obviously meant to poke fun at his physique. Elon ultimately suspended Ye’s account (that he’s only had back since October), later clarifying it was because of the antisemitic stuff, not because of having his shirtless balls busted.

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Scamming Fake German Heiress, Anna Sorokin, Has Been Released From Jail But Banned From Using All Forms Of Social Media

October 6, 2022 / Posted by:

Anna “Anna Delvey” Sorokin–the faux-German (actually Russian), faux-trust fund baby who scammed several businesses and rich New Yorkers out of money under the guise of paying them back once she opened a social club she was going to call “The Anna Delvey Foundation”–served out her jail sentence after she was convicted of not being rich enough to be allowed to fuck other people out of their money, and eventually ended up being detained again as she tried to fight with ICE about being deported. But, everyone hold on to your wallets; Anna has been set free, but with a sentence that is probably worse than death to a superficial social climber like her: she has to stay in her house and has been banned from using all forms of social media as a condition of her release.

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Madonna Was Blocked From Going On Instagram Live

May 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday Madonna announced that she’d be going on Instagram Live later that evening. The 63-year-old Bratz Doll SEXagenerian was planning a live chat with Sickick, a DJ she collaborated with on her latest “Frozen” remix, “Frozen on Fire”. All the Madonna die-hards cleared their very busy schedules, busted out the rosé, and took their landlines off the hook. But when 8 pm PT/11 pm EST rolled around, Madonna and Sickick were nowhere to be found. A couple of hours later, Madonna posted some videos explaining the situation: she wasn’t flaky, she was blocked! Instagram wouldn’t let her go live. Censorship! Suppression! Thought control! Quick, call up Diablo Cody (maybe) so we can add this latest injustice to Madge’s biopic! Continue reading

Russia Has Been Kicked Out Of The Eurovision Song Contest

February 25, 2022 / Posted by:

The Eurovision Song Contest isn’t just a glittering spectacle of insanity. I mean, it is. But technically, its purpose is to celebrate the songwriting talents of the citizens of Europe. But not all of Europe will be represented at this year’s Eurovision. It was announced that Russia has been kicked out of this year’s contest, due to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

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Trump Has Banned TikTok And WeChat From App Stores Starting On Sunday

September 18, 2020 / Posted by:

The likes of TikTok “stars Addison Rae were smart to pivot from lazily busting out Ambien moves for her millions of followers to joining Hollywood in taking a machete to some people’s tweenhood classics. Because as Addison butchers She’s All That, Donald Trump has cut one of TikTok’s arteries by throwing down an executive order, which bans TikTok from app stores, starting on Sunday. Another Chinese-owned app, WeChat, will also be pulled. This is just Trump’s latest shanking in his war against TikTok. If only scientists called coronavirus “TikTokfrom the get-go, he would’ve taken it seriously and ended that bitch by now.

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