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This Ain’t Your Mama’s “Archie.” Shit, It Ain’t Even Your “Archie”

May 20, 2016 / Posted by:

The original Archie comics are about as edgy as a freshly ironed t-shirt tucked into a pair of pleated jeans. But The CW has to get the chirrun to watch their Archie TV show, so they took the original comic, smeared some black eyeliner on that wholesome trick, made it listen to a whole lot of Lorde songs and took it a David Lynch film festival where it snuck out halfway to smoke a blunt with the bad kids. The CW made Archie all *~edgy~* and *~dark~*.

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Miley Cyrus Performed With A Big Dick Last Night

November 20, 2015 / Posted by:

No, she didn’t sing a duet with her daddy. I went ahead and pixelated that whole picture and not because of her plastic chichis or dinosaur dick strap-on. I pixelated it, because I wanted to protect your eyes from the sight of her exposing the top of her pantyhose. That’s definitely the most offensive and tackiest part of her ensemble.

The cracked out hillbilly chipmunk’s Dead Petz tour left a glittery butt skid mark of fuckery in Chicago last night when Miley Cyrus performed while looking like something that fell out of a Lisa Frank porn. When Miley and The Flaming Lips announced their tour, Wayne Coyne said that she wanted to do the show while everyone, even the audience, was asshole-out naked and covered in milk. Someone on that tour with at least half a working brain cell must have figured out that milk + a bunch of naked high messes = a giant cereal bowl of diseased nightmares.

So instead of doing that, Miley dick slapped us all in the face with ten loads of OHSOEDGY by doing herself up like a slutty pear-shaped baby stripper and whatever the hell she’s supposed to be in the picture above. She looks like a rejected member of Jem and the Holograms who had to pay her bills by working as a dominatrix at a sex club that caters to men who really want to be ass fucked with an alien peen strap-on. Just like that, Tom Cruise wrote the name “Miley Cyrus” next to the number one on the list of possible brides. Miley is also giving me “white acid trip 80s Tina Turner starring in a community theater production of Exit to Eden the Musical.

This is what happens when a 90s baby really, really wishes they lived through the 80s.

And after seeing this picture of Miley as a giant stick of butter, I’m waiting for them to announce that the entire tour has been cancelled, because she has gone missing.


I’m sure footage from a surveillance camera outside of the theater will show Paula Deen wobbling out of the stage door with a pantyhose-covered foot dangling from her twat.

Pics: Splash

Miley Cyrus Bared Her Pussy For Terry Richardson And Candy Magazine

November 13, 2015 / Posted by:

Candy is the magazine that graced our eyeballs with the piping hot image of Tilda Swinton looking like a flaming ginger phoenix in glamour drag and James Franco looking like a rejected Robert Palmer Girl. And now they’re giving your eyes another serving of Miley Cyrus’ nipples. I usually see my nipples every day when I hang my head down to cry in the shower and I have still seen Miley Cyrus’ tit knobs more than my own.

If you’ve been feeling way too clean today and needed a reason to scrub penicillin powder onto your eyes with a Chore Boy, just picture Terry Richardson jacking off with one hand while NSFW taking pictures of Miley Cyrus sucking off a police baton with the other. As the glory hole cum stain Uncle Terry shot away, the edgy hillbilly chipmunk served up all sorts of poses like the “tasting my pit fur” pose and the “strung out hustler looking for a john” pose and the “self-sucking strap-on” pose. I have a feeling that the strap-on picture is going to be the Cyrus family holiday card this year.

And yeah, I get it, Miley Cyrus is still letting Mickey Mouse know that she’s all grown up and is beyond edgy now and can flash her marmoset cooter anytime she wants, but why drag that poor innocent pussy into this? That cat wants nothing to do with this mess. I’m not sure if that cat’s face says, “Meow meow?” (that’s “Why me?” in catanese) or, “You fucking better not cum on me, Uncle Terry.”

Pics: Candy

Miley Cyrus’ Pasties-Covered Titties Were On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Last Night

August 27, 2015 / Posted by:

We’re just a few days away from the heads of One Million Moms popping off as Miley Cyrus uses a pineapple-shaped rhinestone strap-on to butt fuck a purple power bottom unicorn on stage at the MTV VMAs. So to promote her hosting gig, Miley went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night while looking like the LSD baby that Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock pushed out 9 months after having messy, sloppy LSD-fueled sex with a rainbow disco ball light from Spencer’s Gifts.

As soon as Miley sat down, she and Jimmy Kimmel started talking about her chipmunk chest dumplings since they’re always out. In case you didn’t already figure it out after the 1,985,986th time she put her hillbilly chichis on display in public, she’s really comfortable being topless and partly because it makes other people uncomfortable. When Miley met Paul McCartney, she was nervous about meeting him, but was comforted by him being uncomfortable with her tits being out. Sure, when Miley meets someone with her tits out, it’s considered a “cute ice breaker.” But when I meet someone with my pants off, the police are called, my name ends up on a list and I get a cleaning bill because everyone barfed on the floor.

Here’s Miley talking about the tits on her chest, the tit she calls pappy and America’s fear of the nipple:

I’m typing this from my Braille keyboard now, because when she said, “My dad would rather me not have my tits out all the time,” I side-eyed so hard that my eyeballs turned 180 degrees. Please, that gives Billy Ray Cyrus pride and if he had tits like Miley, he too would slap some pasties on ’em and jiggle ’em for Jimmy Kimmel. Why am I giving Billy Ray ideas?

Miley also did a segment where she disguised herself as an Australian reporter and asked people on the street what they think of Miley Cyrus. Click here to see it, but a warning to Australians, her accent may make your ear holes bleed Vegemite. Although, her Australian accent is still better than Quentin Tarantino’s Australian accent in Django Unchained.

And here’s Miley showing up to ABC Studios after committing a criminal act by stealing one of Soleil Moon Frye’s old Punky Brewster outfits.


Jared Leto Is So Method That He Sent Margot Robbie A Live Rat

June 26, 2015 / Posted by:

Because everyone is busy screaming out a verbal rainbow of YES (although, no screams are louder than the screams of the person who started the world’s first ever gay mail-order groom agency, because their day has finally arrived), there’s not much “real news” out there, so here’s a story about how Jared Leto put the meth in method while shooting Suicide Squad.

Seen above looking like the Grim Reaper after getting a makeover at the Urban Decay counter, Jared Leto gave himself the perfect story to tell reporters while trying to campaign for his second Oscar nomination. Jared starved himself down to the weight of an Olsen’s nipple to get that OSCUH for Dallas Buyers’ Club and his Suicide Squad castmates say that he’s also going hard while playing The Joker. Jared wasn’t around during prep for Suicide Squad, so he didn’t get to “bond” with the cast. But his co-star Adam Beach, who plays Slipknot in that shit, tells E! News that Jared sent them gifts in character to show that he really shoved himself into the body of The Joker.

At last night’s Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser premiere (Yes, that is a movie that was made for real and that is an event that really happened), Adam said that the noted vegan sent Margot Robbie a live rat and sent the rest of the cast a dead hog. And PETA is going to send Jared Leto a 10,000 word open letter in 3..2..

“He sent [Margot Robbie] a nice love letter with a black box with a rat in it—a live rat. It was beautiful. Then he sent bullets to Will [Smith] with a letter. [He sent the cast a video and a] dead hog. Basically, what he said was, ‘Guys, I can’t be there but I want you to know I’m doing my work as hard as you guys.’ The video he showed is in character. It blew our minds away. Then we realized that day, this is real.”

Yeah, it’s real alright. Real fucking annoying, because they knew it was going to be a long few months dealing with Jared Leto showing them that he’s a real THESPIAN! I’d be mad if I was them. I would be pissed that Jared Leto gave me a hog and it wasn’t the obese, prostate-murdering hog in his chonies.

Daniel Day-Lewis pisses on Jared Leto’s little stunts, because that’s not method. DDL wouldn’t have the time to send anyone rats or dead hogs, because he’d be too busy repeatedly throwing himself into a giant vat of acid until his hair turned green and his skin turned white for real.

Pic: Pacific Coast News

Oh, You Know, It’s Just Miley Cyrus After An Alien Bukkake Party

June 9, 2015 / Posted by:

Yesterday, Paper spit up the cover image of a sucio creature and a pig looking like something out of Charlotte’s Web: Wilbur’s Dark Years, and if you needed a hypnotist to rid your brain of that image, you better make another appointment with them. Because Paper squirted up more pictures from their Miley Cyrus cover shoot including this one of Alvin, Simon and Theodore’s backwoods third cousin looking like she’s anxiously waiting for Jabba the Hutt and his homies to finish up already. That is some serious Star Wars porn parody ART for your eyes.

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