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Madonna Reportedly Got Her New 29-Year-Old Boxer Boyfriend To Sign An NDA Before Dating Him

June 20, 2023 / Posted by:

64-year-old Madonna is not playing around when it comes to dating these 20-somethings. She’s on a level that even Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t caught up to, and we don’t give her enough credit for also helping set new standards in cradle-robbing. Her newest 29-year-old boxer boyfriend, Josh Popper (who could pop the fuck out of me–let me tell you), reportedly had to sign an NDA to date the great Madonna. You gotta deal with her weed-gummy-induced rantings in private and then keep them secret?!

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Madonna Released Her Video For “American Life” That Was Shelved In 2003 For Being Too Controversial 

April 28, 2023 / Posted by:

As Madonna gears up for her ambitious 35-city Celebration tour set to kick off in July, many fans are skeptical that she’ll actually make it happen, which could’ve been exacerbated by the shelving of her last ambitious project–her biopic. But, maybe Madonna is trying to convey to the doubters that she delivers (albeit late, which is better than never); because she just released her controversial 2003 “American Life” video on her YouTube channel this week. Back then, she decided against releasing the graphic, militaristic war-themed video due to the dawning of the Iraq War; but now that it’s twenty years later and it doesn’t look like war or violence is going anywhere and she has a tour to hype up, she decided it was high time to give us vintage Madonna face in remastered 4K.

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Julia Garner, Madonna’s Chosen “Madonna,” Seems Optimistic That The Scrapped Biopic Might Eventually Happen

March 15, 2023 / Posted by:

Since the Madonna biopic was just a twinkle in 64-year-old Madonna’s (questionably able to fully blink) eye, chaos followed in the form of team change-ups and a competitive casting process for the role of a younger Madge. Though Julia Garner must have successfully completed Madonna’s voguing and floor-humping boot camp to come out on top, the project was soon shelved after Madonna announced her upcoming Celebration Tour, which put Universal Pictures out over $10 million. But when Julia was asked about the movie’s future on her way into the Vanity Fair Oscars party the other night, she kept it coy yet optimistic that it may eventually come to fruition.

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Madonna’s Biopic Reportedly Cost Universal Pictures More Than $10 Million Before They Shelved It

January 30, 2023 / Posted by:

As we know, 64-year-old pop Queen Madonna is going to embark on a tour to celebrate her 40-year music career. Since her Celebration tour begins this July and goes through to December, I’m just hoping that her knee can make it to even September, as her Madame X tour in 2020 had her canceling shows due to “overwhelming pain.” Do you know who else feels that overwhelming pain Madonna went through? Universal Pictures, the studio behind the Madonna-directed Madonna biopic that was shit-canned after her tour was announced. Sources say that Universal knew they were gonna shelf the movie before the tour because it’s been costing them millions and nothing has even happened yet. It looks like the Madonna biopic is already a money-hole, and it didn’t even come out. At least Amsterdam tanked after it got released.

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Madonna’s Madonna Biopic Has Been Shelved

January 24, 2023 / Posted by:

I’m sure Diablo Cody is somewhere laughing her ass off (see also: replacement sucker Erin Cressida Wilson) at the news that Universal Pictures has scrapped the planned Madonna-directed Madonna biopic she attempted to help Madonna write starring Madonna-approved Madonna Julia Garner. Good thing then that after spending months alone in a room with Madonna trying to convince her that the studio won’t accept vibes in lieu of a script, Diablo knows that asses will come and go. If Diablo can’t find her original ass, she can just go out and get a new one. So it wasn’t a complete waste of her time.

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A Poster For Demi Lovato’s “Holy Fvck” Album Was Banned From Being Displayed In The UK Because It Was Offensive To Christians

January 11, 2023 / Posted by:

Humanity may not agree on much, but one thing lots of us can probably come together on is that Demi Lovato’s soggy pad of a personality is utterly exhausting. The assault of her shrill voice on our ears and the useless causes she attempts to champion–like sugar-free cookies existing and not calling aliens “aliens–are offensive to the sensibilities of many. And in Demi’s most recent attempt to be 2006-style edgy, she coined her newest album (and what might be her final tour) “Holy Fvck,” as in “holy fuck is she STILL talking?” But in true Demi fashion, she rubbed people the wrong way again, this time with a poster that showed her casually clad in light bondage while lying on a crucifix bed. BBC News says some Christians in the U.K. were displeased, and the poster just got banned from being displayed in most public places there.

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