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Azealia Banks Tells Taylor Swift To Dump “Full Incel” Matty Healy Before He Gives Her “Scabies”

May 31, 2023 / Posted by:

Azealia Banks is back at it, but by “it” I don’t mean sacrificing chickens as part of her religion, so Sia can chill out. I mean getting on the Internet and giving some very in-depth, pretty mean, and possibly-but-probably-not well-intentioned unsolicited advice. This time it is Taylor Swift who is on the receiving end of the advice, and the one catching Azealia’s barbs is Taylor’s newest boyfriend, The 1975 singer Matty Healy. Azealia warns Taylor that Matty will give her “scabies” and that he is a “full incel” who does not deserve to “climb the rich white coochie mountain.” I mean… she made some points! Points were made!

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Azealia Banks Inserted Herself Into The Saga Of Kanye West Commenting on Lizzo’s Weight

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

While Azealia Banks’ career title is “musician,” she’s most well-known for getting into feuds and/or her messy, outspoken commentary about the goings-on of other celebrities. Many would be hard-pressed to name a single one of her songs, but could probably list at least five people she’s shit-talked. Every once in a while, she does grace the populace with a shambles of a performance, but creating chaos truly seems to be her calling. And Even though Lizzo already seemed to respond to Kanye West’s impressively ignorant and uncalled-for comments about her weight during her Toronto concert, Azealia tagged herself in too. On today’s episode of “Azealia’s Drive-By Draggings,” she also took on Ye’s rant about Lizzo’s body.

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Azealia Banks’ Miami Pride Performance Turned Into A Mess

June 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Azealia Banks is continuing her usual activities, which include throwing fits at ill-timed moments. Except for that Elon Musk mansion drama fiasco–that was the perfect moment. But this time, the 31-year-old rapper lost her shit while at a Pride event that she was working at in Miami. Normally, it’s hard to act out of pocket in Florida but Azealia found a way, as she complained about performing while performing to a degree that was so irritating to the show-runners, that they cut her mic. For Azealia’s sake, I hope she got paid up-front–for the promoters’ sake, I hope they called their bank to cancel the payment.

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Azealia Banks Drags Kanye West For Being An “Abusive Psychopath” In His Public Feud With Kim Kardashian Over Their Kids

February 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Kanye West is taking his role as the messy one VERY seriously and is leveling up his fight with Kim Kardashian. Last week, Kanye called out Kim for letting their oldest child, 8-year-old North West, make public TikToks. Kim responded to him publicly by asking that he stop shitting on her online. But instead of taking her advice, he turned it up by going ALL-CAPS and claiming that Kim thinks he’s going to put a hit out on her. But Kanye has since deleted all his posts. Meanwhile, Azealia Banks has tagged in to defend Kim and call Kanye an “abusive psychopath.”

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Azealia Banks Is Down To Work With Her Nemesis Grimes Again Now That She And Elon Musk Have “Semi-Separated”

September 27, 2021 / Posted by:

Problematic musical artistes Grimes and Azealia Banks were supposed to work together back in 2018 but shit went left fast. Azealia claimed, among other things, that Grimes and Elon Musk wanted a threesome with her, Elon was “scrounging for investors” for Tesla, Elon tweeted while high on acid (Azealia didn’t have to tell us that!), and that Elon was only using Grimes to “hide his shrinking dick” from his ex Amber Heard.

Well, now that Grimes and Elon, or “apartheid Clyde” as Azealia calls him, have “semi-separatedafter three years together,  Azealia is ready to make music with Grimes again. That’s good because “everyone” was screaming for music from them. Cut to “everyone” aka tumbleweeds and dead crickets.

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Grimes’ New Song Is About “Defeating” Azealia Banks

July 26, 2021 / Posted by:

Remember the random time when Grimes, her boyfriend Elon Musk, and rapper-slash-pot stirrer Azealia Banks got in an alleged threesome gone wrong, and much more? Well, Grimes clearly hasn’t forgotten it. It might have been slowly picking at her for years, and she’s finally ready to speak her truth and finally bury the big, messy rumor (and Azealia Banks). And she’s doing it through (jazz hands) SONG. Don’t worry about Azealia, though. She was able to fire back and accuse Grimes of being bitter and jealous of Azealia’s talent.

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