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Avril Lavigne Pissed Off Christians By Saying She Loves The Devil In Her New Single

July 8, 2019 / Posted by:

It doesn’t take much to string up controversy these days. Chrissy Teigen can’t paint her child’s nails. Tori Spelling can’t sell you sugary muffins. Well, add Avril Lavigne to the list of controversial figures. But there’s nothing to do with parenting here; this is about religious sensitivity. Avril has made some Christians angry because of her newest single I’m In Love With The Devil. No word if she wrote that song while with Chard Kroeger.

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Avril Lavigne Is Reportedly Dating The Son Of A Billionaire

May 22, 2018 / Posted by:

The last time we checked in on Avril Lavigne’s love life, she was reportedly dating Ryan Cabrera. There’s no doubt people who have reacted to this new boyfriend news by not-so-secretly muttering, “Upgrade” under their breath. But come on, that’s not fair; some say one 2000-era celebrity’s trash is another one’s treasure. And while we’re on the topic of treasure, let’s discuss Avril’s new guy. According to E! News, the boi who has sk8ed into Avril’s heart is the son of a Texas billionaire.

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Avril Lavigne Wants Mark Zuckerberg To Leave Nickelback Alone!!!!

December 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Avril Lavigne may have moved on from one busted-haired musician that won’t go away to another. But that doesn’t mean she won’t stand up and defend Nickelback’s honor when someone takes a dump on them. I know, “honor” was a weird choice of word to describe what Nickelback has.

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Fans Of 2004 Rejoice! Avril Lavigne And Ryan Cabrera Are Probably Together

November 17, 2016 / Posted by:

A few months after Avril Lavigne said see ya later boi to her second husband Chad Kroeger, there were rumors that she was drying her tears on a Zumiez hoodie belonging to Ryan Cabrera. Then in August, Avril and Ryan were seen having a “romanticdinner together. Ryan swore they were just roommates doing regular roommate things. Avril and Ryan were recently seen having another one of those romantic roommate dinners, which is going to make it a whole lot harder for them to convince people they’re just roommates.

E! News says Avril and Ryan spent Monday night “getting cozy” at a restaurant in NYC. A source tells E! they were also hugging and kissing. Unless you found your roommate by answering one of those weird “Looking for full-time snuggle buddy” Craigslist ads, that’s not very roommate-y. The source says Avril and Ryan seemed in love. I’m going to assume that means they killed time between starters and mains by writing each other’s names in Sharpie on the toes of their Converse high tops.

Neither Avril nor Ryan have come out and said they’re the Jack Skellington to the other’s Sally (that’s Hot Topic’s definition of relationship goals). Avril is still technically married Chad Kroeger, so maybe she’s old-fashioned and is keeping her new relationship on the down-low until she’s officially divorced. Or maybe Avril is in a Tilda Swinton-style situation where she’s got a husband and a boyfriend. If so, I hope for the sake of their washing machine they never all get together and have a threesome. There would be just so many clumps of peroxide-bleached hairs clogging up the drain after they wash their sheets.

Pic: Splash

Avril Lavigne And Ryan Cabrera Might Be A Thing Now

August 19, 2016 / Posted by:

Speaking of people you haven’t really thought of since the MTV days of mid-2000s. Hot Topic’s unofficial mascot Avril Lavigne has been split up from Canada’s original shame (sorry Bieber) Chad Kroeger for almost a year. It appears that she’s finally ready to love again, and it looks like she’s chosen someone who is also taking forever to grow out of their ~sO eDGy~ pop punk mall rat phase.

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Avril Lavigne Is The Only Person On Earth Who Will Defend Nickelback

May 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Here we are. Saturday the 14th of May, 2016. It’s pleasant out at the moment, but I get the feeling it’s going to rain. It’s been muggy, sticky, so rain will do some good. Cool down the pavement. Give everyone a little splash of relief. It’s funny. You see all the people outside and it’s as if they don’t know. as if they weren’t aware of it being the most important day of the year… EUROVISION! Which is why it pains me to sully this day by speaking of people who could probably never make it into the semi-finals, let alone win – Avril Lavigne and Nickelback.

Avril, as Billboard explains, is not a happy camper at the moment. MSNBC took a poll to see what people preferred over Donald Trump, and while Nickelback is one of the most hated bands in the world, people chose them over Donald. Good for them! E! ran a story on this incredibly important and informative poll and Avril is not having it. She and Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger split last year, but have been seen together recently, so you can all calm down. I know how worried you’ve been about Canada’s royal couple. Avril, being the polite Canadian she is – despite her bedroom door being covered in signs that say things like “PARENTS SUCK” – jumped on Twitter to slap at those hateful hos at E!

That’s right, E! Grow up! Just like Avril’s fans did!… who then realised what they had been listening to, scrunched up their faces and felt deeply embarrassed about the school dance they went to wearing a tie with a tank top. And thanks to her, I’m now familiar with Nickelback’s sales numbers. I knew that despite being the butt of a lot jokes they were big, but I didn’t realise they were that big. I guess a lot of people have kind of trashy cousins who still wear JNCO’s and have frosted tips. Ugh. That side of the family sucks. 

Pic: Wenn

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