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Tyga (Allegedly) Buys Avril Lavigne An $80,000 Necklace

March 19, 2023 / Posted by:

Musician and suspected clone Avril Lavigne is having an interesting time when it comes to relationships. Around this time last year, Avril was a happily engaged woman to Razzie winner Mod Sun. But cut to a few weeks ago, and Avril was officially happily single, having unconsciously uncoupled with her ex-fiancé who discovered the news via TMZ photos. Now Avril is happily hooking up with Tyga of rapping and Kardashian drama fame. If only she would drop the rock fashion from 2001 like she drops men!

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Avril Lavigne Reportedly Ended Her Engagement To Mod Sun Without Telling Him First

February 22, 2023 / Posted by:

TMZ reports that Avril Lavigne, 38, has called off her year-long engagement to messy throupler Mod Sun, 35. Avril was previously married to Deryck Whibley of Sum41 and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Mod Sun was pretend married to Bella Thorne and throupled with Tana Mongeau. Now, we all know that age gaps can be a relationship killer, but the power imbalance of an Instagram follower-gap is a silent killer that’s frequently overlooked. So silent, in fact, that Mod Sun wasn’t the first person to find out he’d been disengaged from. Age might be considered nothing but a number to some, but follower count is inarguably numerical in nature. There’s just no getting around the fact that Avril’s 12.1M followers made her the Leonardo di Caprio to Mod Sun’s 19-year-old model #729K in their relationship. So it would make sense if Mod was threatened by rumors that Avril was stepping out with Tyga, 40M, which would make him the Jack Nicholson of this hypothetical throuple scenario.

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Ageless Icon Cher Confirms Her Relationship With 36-Year-Old Music Producer Alexander “AE” Edwards

November 7, 2022 / Posted by:

BREAKING NEWS! Rich man takes younger lover- story at 11. Only in this instance, the rich man is a woman, so naturally, people have opinions. Last week, 76-year-old Cher was seen stepping out to dinner and holding hands with 36-year-old music producer and Amber Rose’s ex Alexander “AE” Edwards, having previously spent time with him touring her $85 million Malibu home with Tyga acting as chaperone. But Tyga’s out of a job now that Cher has ditched the ruse and announced to the world that she’s taking a chance on love. And in case you forgot, Cher “WASN’T BORN YESTERDAY!” So remember that it’s not unusual for a deity to descend from on high to take a young lover, either. Although historically, those situations have tended to be slightly more problematic unions, occasionally resulting in strange, unpredictable hybrids. But this is Cher we’re talking about, and even though she’s relatively young for an eternal being, I do believe her days of knocking up mortals are behind her. So let’s all just get a grip.

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Cher Was Papped Holding Hands With Amber Rose’s Ex, Alexander “AE” Edwards

November 3, 2022 / Posted by:

We all know Cher maintains her youth and beauty with plastic surgeons and water gallon jugs filled with the essence of her young lovers. But in order to keep her fingers nimble enough to tweet shade at the young folks, she must keep her roster filled with younger men who don’t know she’s an ethereal vampire from the 1960s. Recently, 76-year-old Cher put her Malibu home on the market for $85 million, and one interested buyer, Kylie Jenner’s former fuck-piece, 32-year-old Tyga, pounced upon her domicile while accompanied by his friend, 36-year-old Alexander “AE” Edwards. And once they exited Cher’s Den of Desire, rumors began fluttering that she laid the trap and made Tyga her new lover. However, the real story is that she and AE, who has a child with the Spokeswoman of Sluts Amber Rose, are the ones who made the connection instead.

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Blac Chyna Complained About Having To Sell Three Of Her Cars Because She Gets No Support From Her Exes… And Her Exes Responded

March 31, 2022 / Posted by:

Blac Chyna really tried it by going after her exes Rob Kardashian and Tyga. While she didn’t mention either of them by name, she only has two children, 5-year-old Dream Kardashian with Rob and 9-year-old King Cairo with Tyga, so when she complained about having to sell three of her cars because she gets no support, it was pretty obvious who she was referring to. But not so fast! Do you think that the Koven is gonna allow any more bullshit press to hit the family after having to rename a baby and that “Work Bitch”-quote of theirs? Nuh-uh! Both Rob and Tyga slapped at Chyna in the comments section of The Shade Room. And neither denies not giving her money for their child, but both wonder why they’d pay her when she only has her children two days a week. Well damn! Toss Chyna $10 to buy the kids a Happy Meal each at least!

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Tyga Has Quit OnlyFans And Is Starting A Rival Platform

August 23, 2021 / Posted by:

Let’s not forget it wasn’t too long ago when Tyga was inappropriately boo’d up with Lips Like Jagger “businesswomanKylie Jenner, and during that time he must have learned a lot of tips and tricks from Kardashian University. Including, but not limited to, how to turn fame whoring into a multi-million dollar business. After starting his OnlyFans page last year Tyga has been making a whole lot of money. But after OnlyFans made the decision to prohibit porn beginning in October, Tyga deleted his page and will be creating his own venture called Myystar, which will 100% allow adult content.

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