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Brad Pitt Isn’t Buying The Story That Angelina Jolie Is Low On Cash

August 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Last week, we learned that Angelina Jolie borrowed $8 million from Brad Pitt to pay for a house, and was begging for child support. Not long after, TMZ painted us a picture of a practically poverty-stricken Angelina Jolie. There’s at least one person who doesn’t believe for a second that Angelina has money struggles, and that’s Brad.

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Money Is Reportedly Tight For Angelina Jolie Right Now 

August 10, 2018 / Posted by:

Globetrotting to former Himalayan landmine fields doesn’t come cheap since Spirit doesn’t exactly fly there, and Angelina Jolie is finding this out the hard way during her slugfest of a divorce proceeding with Brad Pitt. When they were married, they seemed like they had more money than the U.S. Mint, but I guess flying solo is a separate story. Money is apparently tight around the shrine of St. Angie! This is the part in the fight where Angie plays poor.  Continue reading

Angelina Jolie Hit Back At Brad Pitt, Says Child Support Is Not A Loan

August 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Ding ding ding, the fight bell has been rung, and it’s time for round 3,894 in the custody battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. If I’m to continue with this boxing metaphor, this might be where both Angelina and Brad would touch gloves, before she defiantly spits her mouth guard in his face and has to be pulled away by her trainer. That’s right, this mess has gotten much messier.

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Open Post: Hosted By Leonardo DiCaprio’s Photoshopped Chin 

August 8, 2018 / Posted by:

In June, Leonardo DiCaprio shared a picture of him and Brad Pitt in costume on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Well, it appears Leo got a little chin slimming before it was released to the general public.

Page Six says Sony “accidentally” uploaded an un-Photoshopped picture of the two, and I’m a little bit underwhelmed. At peak Photoshop, Mariah Carey may as well be Sailor Moon because you can’t for the life of you tell who the fuck it really is, so I got excited thinking we were going to find out Leo and Brad really have eighteen chins (still five less than me) and Margot Robbie has an Abraham Lincoln beard. We still may be waiting for leaked photos from Margot’s shoot, but Leo and Brad’s, erm, still just shows two middle-aged white dudes.

Because this is Hollywood, Leo’s sources are already out insisting he never requested something like that, and Sony farted out a statement that said, “The actors did not request any retouching of photography from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We take full responsibility for the error.

Honestly, if they had just held off on taking the photos a few more hours after lunch, his chin would have probably done that on its own. We all get a little Chili’s bloat from time to time, amiright?!

Pic: Instagram

Au Contraire, Angelina Jolie! Brad Pitt Has Been Paying Oodles Of Money For His Children’s Expenses

August 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Like thousands of other soon to be divorced dads in this country, William Bradley Pitt had to take the day off from work yesterday to go deal with some bullshit. According to Us Weekly, Brad spent several hours yesterday sitting in meetings with his lawyers, working out a response to Angelina Jolie’s latest accusations that he hasn’t been meeting the financial expectations of a handshake, child support agreement the pair supposedly agreed upon. And, according to TMZ, Brad left his lawyers office with a CVS length receipt to the tune of 9 million dollars that says otherwise.

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Angelina Jolie DOES Have A New Lawyer And Is Now Accusing Brad Pitt Of Being A Deadbeat Dad

August 7, 2018 / Posted by:

Angelina Jolie has had it up to here, ya’ll!  According to TMZ, Angelina wants to put William Bradley Pitt in her rear view mirror, have her driver put the Bentley in reverse, and run over his nogoodnik ass. Angie’s got two things cooking at the moment. For starters, her NEW attorney (Angie, you’re giving us whiplash, sweetie!) has just filed papers claiming that Brad hasn’t been paying enough child support. She’s seeking a court order to get the money she believes she is owed. But secondly, before that happens, she’d like the judge to make their divorce official because she cannot stand to be married to him for one second longer. And all this happened before noon today. Poor Brad probably just woke up!

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