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While dressed like an Amish Alexis Carrington at her 9th wedding, Melania Trump and her hands once again tried to avoid touching Jabba the Trump’s talons while at some White House event with French president Emmanuel Macron and his high school teacher turned wife Brigitte. It’s getting to the point where Melania Trump is going to have her hands surgically replaced with two tiny rabid raccoons who will bite at Trump every time he tries to touch them – The Cut 

“Last month, Beyonce declared to free Meek Mill in a song, and today Meek Mill is being freed from prison. Coincidence, I think not?” is definitely what a million Hive members are typing today – Just Jared

Errr, Melanie Griffith should’ve put a heart on Dakota Johnson’s face too, because all focus should be on savior of the tigers Tippi HedrenLainey Gossip 

Macaulay Culkin looks happy, healthy, and is dressed like a stock broker on Casual Friday on EllenCelebitchy

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Sarah Jessica Parker Swears She Never Engaged In A Catfight With Kim Cattrall

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If you ask Kim Cattrall, I’m sure she’d say that her greatest, most challenging acting role of her career was the one where she acted like she didn’t want to spit into Sarah Jessica Parker’s cosmo while filming Sex and the City. But if you ask Sarah Jessica Parker, like Vulture recently did, that smile plastered on her face in the pic above is anything but fake. SJP denies that the claws ever came out during the filming of SATC or after.

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Tupac’s Love Letter To Madonna Will Be Sold At Auction

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As we know, Tupac Shakur and Madonna had a brief thing in the 90s, and he ended it because she’s white. Tupac wrote it all in a letter to her in 1995, a year before he was murdered. Well, that letter, and a few other personal items from Madge’s life were going to be auctioned. She tried to stop that auction, but a judge has struck down her motion, because nothing is sacred.  Continue reading


Here’s The Official Trailer For “Venom” Starring Tom Hardy And Only Tom Hardy

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Disclosure: Tom Hardy can do you wrong in my book so if this post seems biased, it is.

The full trailer for Marvel’s Venom is out and it stars Tom Hardy who is perfect. Tom is so lovely that one might not even question the fact that he’s making some real interesting “choices” in his characterization of Venom. One choice is to have Venom, who I admittedly know nothing about, have some sort of “regional” “accent”. I clearly saw the Golden Gate Bridge so we know he’s supposed to be in San Francisco, but then why does he talk like he’s got mobster marbles in his mouth? It’s as if it was Marlon Brando’s dying wish to play a Marvel superhero and Tom’s magnanimously making that happen for him posthumously. And why does he run into Jenny Slate in what looks like a bodega? There are no bodegas in San Francisco. We have organic corner markets where you have to bring your own jars if you want nut butters or kombucha.

Phony San Francisco aside, the best moment of this trailer comes at 1:35 and honestly, Tom’s choice to go full Three Stooges here is a stroke of pure genius. I’d like to see Daniel Day-Lewis go from slapstick to badass to deranged homeless man in the span of 5 seconds.

I feel like I have actually seen Venom downtown on Market Street before so I take back what I said about San Francisco looking phony. Tom’s selling it and I’m buying.

Here’s the trailer for Venom!

That tongue, tho…

Tom Hardy is the greatest actor of this or any generation (don’t @ me)!

Pic: YouTube


Open Post: Hosted By An Extremely Important Sighting Of Penny From “Showgirls”

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On the paparazzi pic sites I troll throughout the day are the following pics: Pippa Middleton arriving at Kensington Palace, Katie Holmes at the 13th Annual Artists Dinner, Jessica Simpson “stealing the scene” in Manhattan, and Gigi Hadid arriving with her entourage to her 23rd birthday party. Your eyelids probably fell into the “so bored so sleepy” position while reading those boring names, but I’m sure they sprung open at the A-list star sighting of the one and only Penny from Showgirls!

Rena Riffel played the pivotal role of Penny (the stripper reincarnation of Albert Einstein who gets knocked up by James) in the #1 movie on AFI’s 100 Greatest Films of All-Time list. (Don’t fact check me on that, it has to be true.) Rena cares about the legacy of Showgirls so much that she produced, directed and starred in an unauthorized sequel called Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven, which we already know since it swept the 2011 Oscars. (Again, don’t fact check me on that, it has to be true.)

These pap pictures of Penny may look like they were taken in an alleyway as she walked to the bus after hosting a 90s goth-themed aerobics class, but they were taken outside of the Avengers: Infinity War premiere in L.A. last night. Rena didn’t walk the carpet, which was very kind of her. Because if she sashayed onto the carpet in that Dior Couture crushed velvet bodysuit and those diamond Cartier necklaces safety-pinned to her neckline and waist, all camera lenses would be on her.

The 5,983,984 actors who are in Avengers better send Rena a million thank you fruit baskets for that.

And here’s more of the multi-talented and humble daffodil last night. I also threw in a bunch of pictures of the others at the Avengers premiere. Photographers obviously only took pictures of them because they were killing time while waiting for Penny from Showgirls to show up.


Leonardo DiCaprio And Brad Pitt Are The Most Dynamic Duo Since Paul Newman and Robert Redford, According To Quentin Tarantino

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That’s a Photoshopped picture of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s faces on the wax figures of film legends Robert Redford and Paul Newman (as their characters from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid). But if Quentin Tarantino’s instincts prove to be correct, then Madame Tussauds better get ready to retire Bobby and Paul and start working on carving a new legendary duo out of wax. But maybe they can keep that sassy pose for Leo?

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