Open Post: Hosted By Katy Perry Wearing A Lot Of “Girl, No” Last Night

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Let me preface this read by stating I am sitting here in an Old Navy tee I probably bought in 2008 and ill-fitting jeans from Target. (I originally had on some Yeezy Season 3 but I changed.) Now that I’ve admitted that I am the sartorial equivalent of Applebees, let’s proceed.

Fresh from wearing my dog to the Adele concert on Friday night, Katy Perry showed up to the Creators Party at LA’s Cicada last night dressed like this. She probably should have moved on to my other dog cuz’ this is a right mess. She looks like a low-rent drag princess evoking Erotica-era Madge on a budget. That’s ok for a drag princess but this one has “Firework” money.

The real look last night was Elle King’s ginger date dressed like a hipster equestrian. That’s what you go out in. Not Gay Bavaria.

Check out more pics from the Creators Party in the gallery below. Please pay special attention to Sia because that’s obviously what she’s looking for.

Pics: Splash


Lady Gaga Got A Pre-Grammys Tattoo Of David Bowie

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Fashion Cuisinart Lady Gaga got the dearly departed David Bowie’s face etched on her torso in advance of tomorrow night’s Grammys tribute. Stefani opted for the Aladdin Sane-version Bowie. You can watch her receive her ink in the vid below. I’ve never gotten a tattoo. But it can’t be a pleasant angel kiss. She seems really sedate. Stefani is way tougher than me. Repeatedly stab me in the ribs with a needle and I’m leaving.

Although whatever the hell she took before this event might still be assisting her with pain management.

Gaga announced her latest body art on Snapchat (via People), noting that “this was the image that changed my life,” and rightly proclaiming “Hail Mary full of grace Saint Bowie.” It’s hard for me to bag on her because Bowie is still dead and it’s just not right.

For an up-close look at Bowie’s face on Gaga’s bod, click below.

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Ronda Rousey Made The Cover Of SI’s 2016 Swimsuit Issue

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

True-to-life terminator Ronda Rousey is punching and kicking the blood and snot out of this year’s Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” cover. They better have put her on the cover. No one wants a blonde death machine flinging the desks about in the editorial department.

Rousey tweeted that she was honored to share the cover with fellow bikini jockeys Ashley Graham and Hailey Clauson. The magazine has released three different covers for the annual issue this year. Collect all of them for your fapping pleasure!

In other intriguing swimsuit issue news, Sports Illustrated has discovered that beauty is not just a size zero. It might even be a size 2, according to SI Associate Managing Editor MJ Day.

“The three covers of Hailey, Ronda and Ashley celebrate the new SI Swimsuit. All three women are beautiful, sexy and strong. Beauty is not cookie cutter. Beauty is not ‘one size fits all.’ Beauty is all around us and that became especially obvious to me while shooting and editing this year’s issue.”

WRONG. The beauty standard should be emaciation with huge tits! This is America, you wrong-headed weirdos. My fupa should be chased through the streets with torches and pitchforks!

Check out Ronda, Ashley and Hailey finding out they’re sharing the cover this year below. You’ll also notice that host Nick Cannon looks like his post-Mimi marriage wilding out bender is mid-full swing.

See all of the covers in the gallery.

Pics: Sports Illustrated

Kanye West Tweeted That He’s 53 Million In Debt

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Kanye West’s frantic and furious missives from yesterday and last night surely tore the Twitter bird a new asshole. Halfway through another one of his epic digital hissies, you could almost hear that beautiful social media symbol coo “FUCK THIS MESS” and wing off to the nearest barroom or marijuana dispensary.

West took on Media Takeout for not liking his *cringe* Rwandan refugee camp-inspired fashion show/listening party. He sucked Rihanna’s ego hard. He praised former mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner while posting a pic of him looking incredibly uncomfortable next to her. He Tweeted about what an interstellar genius he is. He Tweeted about what an interstellar genius he is some more. His best boyfriend Ricardo Tisci got some love for the Valentine’s Day bouquet he sent Yeezus. He proclaimed that he’s 53 million in debt. He complimented his dealer on how good the coke was that he was doing to fuel this particular Twitter marathon. I made that last one up. Nevertheless, a lot went down.

Amidst all this, his new record The Life of Pablo went up on Tidal for free. Listen for the Taylor Swift sexual availability boast, stay for the brittle egomania.

Follow the jump for the full rundown but have a stiff drink on hand. It’s a lot of feelings.

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Hot Sluts Of The Day!

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

The lover tortoises who instantly became the best part of New York Fashion Week when they got it on during a fashion show.

The biggest fuck fest to hit NYFW was Kanye West furiously fingering his ego’s b-hole at his album listening party/Yeezy season 3 presentation. But the most beautiful fuck fest happened between two tortoises at Mathieu Mirano’s presentation for his new collection on Thursday.

Page Six says that Mathieu Mirano’ show was “desert-themed” so they threw in tortoises as props. Those tortoises deserve a raise because they turned a boring fashion presentation into a hot tortoise sex show. Someone who was there tells Page Six that during the show, the big dude tortoise wooed the lady tortoise into getting their hump on in front of everyone. Those tortoises showed the people what it would look like if turtle Larry King butt humped on fellow turtle Hugh Hefner.

“A large male began pursuing a smaller female tortoise around the models, who stood still posing in the sand. One model could barely hide her giggles as the determined male followed the female past her feet, and he then proceeded to climb aboard.”

That tortoise-on-tortoise action got Mathieu Mirano some free publicity, so of course he’s not mad. He laughed at the whole thing and isn’t going to turn those tortoises’ shells into necklaces (I think).

Screw drugstore chocolates and fugly ass teddy bears holding hearts. The best way to show your piece you love them on this VD is with some good old-fashioned public fucking. These two tortoises who saved New York Fashion Week definitely know what I’m talking about.

Happy Made Up Holiday Where We All Make Corporations Richer By Buying Dumb Shit For Our Piece Day, everyone! (And yes, I know all bitter hos like me say that.)

Pic: Sly Magazine


Birthday Sluts

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Hugh Downs (95)
Paul Butcher (22)
Allie Grant (22)
Shane Harper (23)
Freddie Highmore (24)
Brett Dier (26)
Jake Weary (26)
Tiffany Thornton (30)
Havana Brown (31)
Matt Barr (32)
Erin Torpey (35)
Danai Gurira (38)
Rie Rasmussen (40)
Big Smo (40)
Simon Pegg (46)
Jules Asner (48)
Meg Tilly (56)
Renee Fleming (57)
James Eckhouse (61)
Pat O’Brien (68)
Teller (68)
Alan Parker (72)
Michael Bloomberg (74)
Florence Henderson (82)
Phyllis McGuire (85)

Pic: Getty


Open Post: Hosted By The Game, His Penis, And His Lecture Via Hashtags

February 13, 2016 / Posted by:

Hey, it’s my first Open Post! An Open Post virgin no longer! I can’t wait to read what ya’ll talk about today! If you’re hurting for subject matter – The Game (jesus please us, that name) put another pic of himself and his rod up on Instagram. This time it’s straining against his compression shorts and once again accompanied by an arkful of hashtags. The hashtags combine to form a lecture on how to treat your lady this Valentine’s Day. The Game’s idea of a good Valentine’s Day includes flowers, very expensive purses, and expertly applied cunnilingus. I’ll say it – The Game sounds like he and his formidable cock have got Valentine’s Day down pat!

#ValentinesDayWeekendSpecial #TimeToBreakTheInternetAgain #WhatIsHeDoingForYou #DoesHePayYourBills #ItAintTrickin #DoesHeTakeCareOfYourKids #DoesHeLickItFromTheFrontToTheBack #HasHeSlidUnderThatPussyLikeAMechanichAndTunedItUpWitHisTongue #AndHeBetNotSayValentinesDayIsForBothOfUs #ItsForWomen #NowHandleYourBusinessBeforeIDo #SheDeservesA5000DollarPurse #SheDeservesFlowersEveryday #WhatSheHasIsAReflectionOfYou #SoMakeHerLookLikeSheGotTheSameStylistAsAKardashian #EatHerPussyLikeSheMadeJesusTheLastSupper #RunHerBathsUntilTheWaterIsWarmAsAMiamiMorningInTheSpring #TreatThatWomanLikeBarackTreatsMichelle #EspeciallyIfSheTreatsYouLikeAyeshaTreatsSteph #YouHad364DaysToPrepareForSundayBihhhh #MakeThatWomanHappy #ifHeDont #SlideInTheDMAndWeGoneFigureItOut #MeatPrintPapiHasSpoken #DropsMic

Hallmark released a card for V-Day this year that mentioned “eating her pussy like she made the Last Supper,” didn’t they? If it’s not in the religious cards section, then it’s definitely under “Shoexbox.”

For those of you who would like to see “MeatPrintPapi’s” meatprint, the NSFW version is after the cut.

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All Of The Important People In The World Were At The Adele Concert Last Night

February 13, 2016 / Posted by:

Everyone who you’re not and never will be was at the Adele show in LA last night. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and John Mayer were among the crowd screaming like the final girl in a horror movie when Adele went “Hello…”.

Here’s some slightly blurry and sort of far-away shots of the various celebrities entering and/or exiting the theater. Let’s see, there’s Katy Perry’s ass arriving. As you will note in those particular shots, I type that literally. Later on, you get to see her and Orlando Bloom exiting out of the VIP fire escape. Katy’s coat is giving me an uncomfortable feeling because it bears an eerie resemblance to my apricot-colored teacup poodle. For serious, his fur is the exact shade and consistency as that piece of apparel. He’s still here and not skinned. I checked. The last thing I need is some pop skeeve with breasts that shoot non-lactate substances breaking into my home and de-furring my dog.

There’s Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone exiting the side door as well. Joy seems to be trying to assist Ms. Stone in navigating those stairs. Drunks! But who doesn’t get shittoed at concerts? It should be noted that someone at the Wiltern obviously hates celebs. Making tricks who can afford the really quality booze and drugs exit down a really high staircase post-concert is asking for ambulances. I’m not judging!

According to TMZ, John Mayer was in attendance with a new lucky lady who’s hopefully had all of her shots. I hope there was some weirdness between him and Katy and Legolas. Legolas is the kind of douche who will slap at another douche so perhaps their celebrity skyboxes got crossed somehow and there was friction.

In lower-tier famous news, David Foster and Gayle King (see below) were on the premises. Wait, are they dating? Does that Lyme-disease claimin’ Yolanda Foster chick know that her ex is stepping out with Oprah’s lady? Shit, does Oprah know? Gayle better proceed with caution. Or the next president she’ll be interviewing will be at the Career Center because O will consign her to the curb.

Check out more pics of Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, David Foster, and Gayle King in the gallery.

Pics: Splash

No Doubt Replaced Gwen Stefani

February 13, 2016 / Posted by:

The other members of No Doubt (her ex-bf from her teen years, the guy in the diaper, and the…there’s another dude right? He’s tall?) finally admitted to themselves what the rest of us have known since the mid-90s. They’re merely overly dramatic doodler Gwen Stefani’s back-up band! With realization comes action, and they’ve tossed her out on her tartan bondage pants and 70s coke whore wigs and gotten a new guy!

Yeah, they’ve replaced their female lead singer with a dude. His name is Davey Havok, and he’s normally fronting a band called AFI. You know you’ve annoyed the very lifeforce out of your band when they replace you with someone of the opposing gender.

Billboard sez (via E!) that the band recruited Havok to take Gwen’s place when she’s busy flying solo (and cheesing it for the cameras with Blake Shelton for the umpteenth time. Seriously, spend a night at home. We get it. Cross-promotion is the newest fuck position. Check).

Obviously they got sick of waiting around while she named children badly and spun around in that stupid judging chair. They’ve reportedly already recorded a full album and are shoppng it around for a record deal. There’s no word yet on whether they’ll be using “No Doubt” as their band name. They should use “Full of Doubt” because this shit’s going nowhere. I’m not trying to hate. I liked “Spiderwebs” as much as the next 90s power pop-appreciating homosexual but let’s be truthful. Someone named Davey caterwauling a cover of “Don’t Speak” is not the look. Although, seeing as that’s the worst song of all time, it would probably be an improvement.

As you’ve probably read, Gwen dropped the track listing for her new record as well as the first single. You can listen to “Make Me Like You” below.

Check out more pics of Gwen mean-muggin’ the paps and taking her kid to church in North Hollywood last weekend in the gallery.

Pics: WENN

Emma Thompson Advocates Solving The #OscarsSoWhite Problem With Murder

February 13, 2016 / Posted by:

Good for her. I see Emma Thompson and I are both writing Babs Johnson’s name on the presidential ballot come November. As reported by London Live (via Vanity Fair), The Grand Duchess of DontGiveAFuck-stan (Exhibit A: that outfit) was attending the British Film Awards when she was asked about this year’s pale and tragic Oscar nominations. Q: How would you solve the lack of diversity at the Oscars, Em? A: Kill em’ all and let Bruce Vilanch sort it out!

Let’s face it, the Oscar membership is mainly old, white men. That’s the fact of it. So, either you wait for them all to die,” said before jokingly offering up another option. “Or kill them off slowly—I mean, I don’t know. There’s so many options, aren’t there?

There really are – bludgeoning, stabbing, shooting, riding lawn mower, wedgies…(no, for real)

Nanny McPhee’s got a point despite her newly admitted tendency towards sadism. “Slowly?” Yeesh.

Emma also described the whole controversy as “hilarious,” noting that “it’s no change there. It’s not as if [the Oscar nominations have] ever been awash with people of color.” Emma doesn’t just throw shoes, she throws truth!

Check out more pics of Emma Thompson at the press night for Guys and Dolls at the Savoy Theater in London last month in the gallery.

Pics: WENN

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