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Stacey Dash Pleaded Not Guilty To Domestic Battery And Her Husband Bailed Her Out

October 2, 2019 / Posted by:

In the audio recording of Stacey Dash’s arrest for alleged domestic violence, she had clearly had enough of her husband Jeffrey Marty’s “disrespectful, awful children” who she claimed were conspiring against her. It’s a classic wicked stepmother thing to say, it’s no wonder there was friction in the household. Still, despite Stacey calling his kids’ names, Jeffrey paid her bail and she was released on Monday, according to People.

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Stacey Dash Claims Her Husband And His Children Conspired Against Her

October 1, 2019 / Posted by:

On Sunday, Stacey Dash was arrested for a domestic violence situation involving her fourth husband, Jeffery Marty, in Florida (OF COURSE). The first version of the story we got is that Stacey was arrested after allegedly attacking her husband. But then we heard that Stacey was only defending herself after Jeffrey put her in a chokehold, and she was the one who was arrested because he had marks on his body.

Now we’re hearing that Stacey claimed Jeffrey and his three kids have conspired against her to cover up his abusive ways, because they see her as a wicked stepmother from hell.

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Stacey Dash Was Arrested In Florida For Domestic Violence

September 30, 2019 / Posted by:

Normally, there might be a little bit of joy in hearing that a former Fox News employee, aspiring politician, and supporter of both Trump and Bill Cosby, got busted in the most bustable place on earth, Florida. But this situation is dark, because it involves domestic violence, and it’s about ten steps higher on the serious situations ladder than Dionne whipping a cheap K-Mart hair extention at Murray.

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Stacey Dash Got Secret Married

October 14, 2018 / Posted by:

For a woman who seems to take her angry typing fingers to her keyboard every ten minutes or so, Twitter Politician Stacey Dash did a great job staying mum about the fact that she got secret married back on April 6. The wedding, Stacey’s fourth, took place in Florida (because of course it did). And who is the lucky groom? Stacey’s fellow is a man by the name of Jeffrey Marty, better known as the man who created the fake Twitter handle @RepStevenSmith who was the first (and most importantly fake) “member of Congress” to endorse Trump for President.

These two lovebirds seem like a match made in Conservative heaven! Someone assemble a reality camera crew and start filming this STAT!

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Sofia Vergara’s Ex Is Making An Anti-Abortion Movie In Louisiana

July 6, 2018 / Posted by:

Sofia Vergara’s slimy ex Nick Loeb recently moved to Louisiana in what was a blatant attempt to convince the mostly pro-life state to hand over the frozen embryos he’s been chasing for over three years now. But he can’t possibly be spending all his free time trying to get his frozen embryos Emma and Isabelle. As it turns out, he’s been killing time putting the $ in $hameless by making an anti-abortion movie in Louisiana.

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Stacey Dash’s One Constituent Must Be Very Disappointed

March 31, 2018 / Posted by:

Actress and Oscars 2016 human prop joke Stacey Dash has announced that she is no longer running for Congress. James Woods wept upon his $13.99 Dionne from Clueless quote print, as CNN read her official “withdrawal from the Congressional race” e-mail. Ms. Dash quit in an e-mail because press conferences can sometimes be expensive. If it’s a non-story like this one, you have to be able to afford a podium and chairs and everything.

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