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Billie Lourd Explains Why She Didn’t Invite Her Aunts And Uncle To Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony After They Publicly Called Her Out

May 4, 2023 / Posted by:

Today is May The 4th Be With You, and it’s also the day when the late Carrie Fisher will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So it’s supposed to be a day of bittersweet nerd tears and joy over honoring Princess Leia, but a dark, stinky cloud of family drama has swept in. Carrie’s siblings, Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh Fisher were not invited to the ceremony and publicly said that their niece and Carrie’s only child Billie Lourd is the reason why they won’t be there today. Billie has hit back with a statement and confirmed she didn’t invite them. Billie also denied that she’s feuding with her aunts and uncle since they “have no relationship.” Well, DAMN.

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“Will & Grace” Already Nabs Second Season Despite No Rosario

August 4, 2017 / Posted by:

Little nuggets about the upcoming Will & Grace reboot have been dropping lately, including how they’re basically going to ignore the whole Will and Grace live happily ever after away from each other finale. But, one key component will not be back for the revival: ROSARIO! But, but, but!!!! She’s the best part! If anyone could scale Trump’s wall and teach President Cheeto Head a lesson, it’s her! The way she would call Karen a booze bag and scream before they eventually hugged it out has been my model for friendship since, well, ever! I grew up thinking the show needed to be called Jack & Karen & Rosario, so I’m really wondering why NBC even bothered giving this more episodes before the first episode even airs! Continue reading

Carrie Fisher Died From Sleep Apnea (And Drug Use)

June 17, 2017 / Posted by:

We’re still mourning the passing of Princess Leia (tn Carrie Fisher – one of the most delightful and witty actresses/authors/humans with whom the world had been gifted). I can’t pass an ornate gold and leather bikini and bondage collar w/chain without sighing deeply and sadly.

Carrie passed after suffering a heart attack on a plane in December of last year (aka “The Year Everyone Died“). The L.A. County Coroner’s Office has determined that her heart attack was caused by “sleep apnea” as well as other “unidentified factors,” according to People. The report also noted that she had “atherosclerotic heart disease” and that “drug use” was a factor. They’re not saying which drugs Carrie was taking but the report did note that “Fisher had taken multiple drugs prior to her death.”
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Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Are Having A Joint Funeral

December 30, 2016 / Posted by:

Debbie Reynold’s son and Carrie Fisher’s brother Todd Fisher has confirmed to ABC News that the funerals for his mom and sister will happen together. Todd said that 15 minutes before his mom suffered a stroke on Wednesday, Debbie said that she missed Carrie and wanted to be with her. Debbie then followed Carrie into the afterlife just one day after Carrie died. They also lived next-door to each other in California. So a joint funeral seems fitting.

Todd Fisher says there isn’t currently a date or location for Debbie and Carrie’s funeral, but he’s working on the plans. Todd recently spoke to Good Morning America about how badly his mama missed his sister, and that he’s happy they’re together again.

“I don’t think she meant it quite like that but in 30 minutes she went to go see her again. I think she wanted to be with her. I’m not joking when I say she left to be with her and I’m happy about that. That’s the only thing I’m happy about.”

He also tweeted this sweet tribute to both of them.

Before Debbie died, Todd told ABC that Billie Lourd would be making the decisions regarding her mother’s memorial service. So I’m sure she’s working with Uncle Todd on the planning of this joint funeral. Todd doesn’t say what Debbie and Carrie’s funeral will be like, but the most appropriate salute to both of them would be to have a huge party. It’s what Debbie deserves, and it’s definitely what Carrie would have wanted. I hope they include Carrie’s pooch Gary Fisher in the planning process. That sloppy tongue constantly hanging out of Gary’s mouth tells me he definitely knows something about having a good time.

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One Day After Her Daughter Died, Hollywood Legend Debbie Reynolds Has Also Died

December 28, 2016 / Posted by:

Billie Lourd has lost a mother and a grandmother during the holidays. And Debbie Reynolds’ son has lost a sister and a mother. Just when you think this year couldn’t get any worse….

Debbie Reynolds is now with her daughter Carrie Fisher after suffering a stroke today. She was 84.

Debbie was at her son Todd Fisher’s house in Beverly Hills, making plans for Carrie’s funeral when she had a stroke. An ambulance took her to the hospital where she later died. Debbie suffered from strokes and her health wasn’t doing that well, and losing her daughter yesterday really broke her heart and was too much for her to take. Todd tells TMZ that just 15 minutes before his mother had a stroke, she said to him, “I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie.

Debbie was one of the last legends from the golden age of Hollywood. Her first big break was in 1950’s Three Little Words, which led to her really, really big break Singin’ In The Rain. Debbie did a thousand more movies including The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Tammy and the Bachelor, The Singing Nun, Divorce American Style, Mother, Halloweentown, In & Out, These Old Broads and Behind The Candelabra. She was also the voice of Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. She was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Molly Brown. The Oscars should just go ahead and add 5 hours to its ceremony, because that’s how long the In Memoriam should be.

Debbie also got a Tony nomination in 1973 for the Broadway revival of Irene. And on TV, she had her own show, The Debbie Reynolds Show, and also played Grace Adler’s mother on Will & Grace and guest starred on the greatest show ever created The Golden Girls.

Debbie is also known for being the original Jennifer Aniston (more like, Jennifer Aniston is Debbie Reynolds 2.0), because her husband Eddie Fisher left her for Elizabeth Taylor. Years later, Debbie said this about that escandalo:

“I felt you can’t make a man leave, you can’t make him do something he doesn’t want to do. He obviously chose to leave, didn’t he? She didn’t lasso him. She was just beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. And he wanted her, and he wanted to be her lover, so he left and he was. He was the selfish one. She just gave him what he wanted.”

Debbie went on to marry two more times.

She is survived by her son Todd Fisher, her granddaughter Billie Lourd and of course, Gary Fisher.

Anybody who read the book Postcards from the Edge or saw the movie probably thought to themselves that as soon as Debbie walked through the gates of heaven, Carrie saw her and said, “MOM! You just couldn’t wait to steal my thunder, could you?!

Rest in peace, Debbie Reynolds.



Debbie Reynolds Has Been Rushed To The Hospital (Awful Update)

December 28, 2016 / Posted by:

As if this past week hasn’t been depressing enough, TMZ says that 84-year-old Debbie Reynolds was rushed to the hospital this afternoon. Debbie, who has gone through entirely too much already, was taken away in an ambulance from her son Todd Fisher’s house in Beverly Hills at around 1pm. TMZ says they’ve been told that Debbie might have possibly suffered a stroke.

TMZ says Debbie’s current condition is listed as “fair to serious.” A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department spoke to People, and they didn’t say that they picked up Debbie Reynolds, but they did confirm they responded to a request for medical aid at 1:02pm and that they transported “one adult female patient” to the hospital.

To make this situation sadder, Debbie was reportedly at Todd’s house discussing funeral plans for her daughter, Carrie Fisher, when it happened. Sources tell TMZ that Debbie has been distraught since Carrie went into cardiac arrest on a plane on Friday.

I’m not a doctor, so there’s no way I can speculate about whether being heartbroken can trigger a stroke or not. But it sounds like the kind of thing the bad vibes of 2016 would cause. At the very least, I think instead of trying to figure out the relationship of sadness to strokes, I’ll just take William Shatner’s suggestion and use my mental energy in a more helpful way.

UPDATE: This is tragedy wrapped in forty five hundred layers of terrible and sadness. Debbie Reynolds died today.


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