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Beyonce Is Putting Out An Entire “Lion King-Inspired” Album

July 10, 2019 / Posted by:

Now we know why Disney decided to do an all-CGI remake (although, it’s supposed to be GAME CHANGING!) of their cartoon movie The Lion King. It isn’t just because those greedy overlords at Disney knew that they could throw their logo on any summertime movie and it’ll allow them to say, “Sure, order four!”, with ease when Mickey Mouse calls asking if he can order another crate of vintage Dom Perignon while partying with his side-hos and Leonardo DiCaprio on his yacht in Italy somewhere. They knew that if they got Beyonce to graciously possess the body of a CGI Nala with her ethereal holiness, they might also get her to make an entire Lion King album, and then they’d make even more money.

Well, Mickey Mouse can go ahead and make it rain $1,000 cashiers checks instead of $100 bills on his yacht girls this summer, because Beyonce (and her ghost curators) has curated an entire album inspired by The Lion King.

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Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Actually Posed Together At The Met Gala Last Night 

May 7, 2019 / Posted by:

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, have spent years dodging the attention surrounding theirAre They Doin’ It?” romance but last night at the Met Gala they gave the people what they wanted (wait, did we want it?) by appearing together for the first time at the Met Gala. Even though it was a bit brief, and Jamie probably spent the night trying to find a side piece to hump on at the after-party.

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Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Keeping It Casual For The Kids

April 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Despite whatever he said about being single (and possibly hooking up with some “who?”), Jamie Foxx is still fucking with Katie Holmes. Jamie is probably a bit of a ho, but has a handsome penis and a good sense of humor. And Katie seems more interested in the latter than the former. And that’s OK. After being married to whatever the opposite of a handsome penis with a warm laugh is, Katie seems happy to just be able to chill. And according to Us Weekly, that’s just what she and Jamie are doing. It’s chill, that’s why you won’t see Jamie giving Suri a piggyback on the beach anytime soon. Sources say Jamie and Katie are keeping things low-key for the sake of their kids. What Jamie and Katie do together is strictly grown folks stuff.

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Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Might Be Over, And He Partied With Jessica Szhor

February 26, 2019 / Posted by:

I remember a time when Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were ever so coy about their relationship like anyone really cared that they were boning. And once they made it sort-of official, the dick turned Katie out so much she reportedly didn’t seem to mind if he shared it with a few other ladies. Well, in any case, all of that cloak and dagger mess was for nothing because their romance may have gone up in flames and Jamie has seemingly moved onto the next one.

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Katie Holmes Is Apparently A-OK Sharing Jamie Foxx

January 9, 2019 / Posted by:

I guess sometimes the D is so good you don’t mind if it wanders over to a side piece (or two)? Katie Holmes has had hid her quasi-secret relationship with Jamie Foxx for years, and we’ve all heard it’s because as part of her divorce agreement with Tom Cruise, she wasn’t allowed to go public with a new man. Katie and Jamie have been together for years and were spotted on vacation in Miami just before New Year’s Eve…and just before Jamie was spotted with two other chicks a few days later. Ruh-roh! So much for those marriage rumors!

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Katie Holmes Might Be Getting Married To Jamie Foxx In Paris Next Year

November 28, 2018 / Posted by:

Earlier this summer, there were reports that Katie Holmes and her not-so-secret-anymore boyfriend Jamie Foxx had broken up after five years of not really confirming they were even together. It turned out not to be true, and FoxHol was still going strong. They’re so strong that they’re thinking of taking the leap from semi-secret relationship to semi-secret wedding in Paris. The same place where Tom Cruise popped the question to Katie back in 2010.

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