BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West Said Some Stupid Shit For Attention

May 1, 2018 / Posted by:

And here I am falling for it AGAIN.

If you missed the latest extra-large fart bubble of sad insanity that came out of Kanye West’s mouth during his visit to TMZ today, then might I suggest you keep on missing it and watch a much less gross and much more satisfying video by clicking here. But if you insist….

To get attention for his new albums and his self-published philosophy book on Twitter, Kanye has declared his love for his brother Donald Trump, told us that he loves the brain of Black Lives Matter hater Candace Owens, and did a 2-hour interview. But he really went for it today when he dropped into the offices of TMZ. Kanye said that since slavery lasted for 400 years, the slaves must’ve made the choice to remain slaves. Strangely enough, Kanye didn’t also say that Jewish people willingly went to concentration camps because they wanted a free vacation? He’s probably saving that for his next visit to TMZ.

During his fuckery fest on TMZ, Harvey Levin brought up the pic of Kanye wearing a MAGA hat. Kanye declared his love for Trump again, said wearing the hat was an act of free thought, and that led to him let out this not-at-all-for-shock-value nugget.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years?! That sounds like a choice. Like, you was there for 400 years and it’s all y’all? It’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word prison because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks. So prison is something that unites us as one race. Blacks and whites being one race. We’re the human race.”

Later in the newsroom, Kanye asked everyone if they think he’s thinking freely, and that’s when TMZ’s Van Lathan became a hero by trying to get through to him by feeding him a potent dose of WAKE THE FUCK UP:

“I actually don’t think you’re thinking anything. I think what you’re doing right now is the absence of thought. And the reason why I feel like that is because Kanye, you’re entitled to your opinion. You’re entitled to believe whatever you want, but there is fact and real world, real-life consequence behind everything that you just said. And while you are making music and being an artist and living a life that you’ve earned by being a genius, the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats to our lives. We have to deal with the marginalization that has come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice. Frankly, I’m disappointed, I’m appalled, and brother I am unbelievably hurt by the fact that you have morphed into something to me that isn’t real.”

The Harriet Tubman of our time (or was Harriet Tubman the Kanye of her time?) apologized to Van for hurting his feelings and went to hug him. As all of that was going down, Harvey Levin had to resist every urge to do cartwheels across the newsroom over how much attention he was getting for TMZ and for his boo Pimp Mama Kris.

The TMZ/Kanye train wreck of 2018 didn’t end there. Kanye already admitted that he had an opioid addiction during his breakdown of 2016, and today he told everyone at TMZ that he got addicted to that shit after getting lipo. (As everyone knows, Kanye’s mom Donda West died of heart disease after experiencing complications from several plastic surgeries including lipo.) Kanye said that he got the Kartrashian special, because he didn’t want TMZ to call him fat like they did Rob Kartrashian. So according to the logic of Kanye, slavery is a choice, but lipo is something he was forced to do. Got it.

At the end of that clip, Kanye admitted that he’s kind of off his meds right now.

“I’m not drugged out. These pills they want me to take three a day, I take one a week maybe. Two a week. You all have me scared of myself, of my vision, so I took some pills, so I wouldn’t go to hospital and prove everyone right. We are drugged out. We are following other people’s opinions. We are controlled by the media and today it all changes.”

And there it is. Meanwhile, Kim Kartrashian is holding an emergency meeting with PMK to figure out if she should once again tweet that her husband isn’t suffering from a mental illness or should quickly get her b-hole waxed so she can distract everyone by tweeting a hole pic. She’s definitely going with the second one.

Pic: YouTube

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602 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West Said Some Stupid Shit For Attention”

  1. Aniston's Revenge says:

    Van Lathan, you are my hero.

    • Pit Bully says:

      He was amazing.

    • Altered Beast ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

      not really. He was going off about being responsible but he’s working for TMZ who helped make Trump president and invited Kanye so he could get some attention. So he’s also complicit.

  2. Pit Bully says:

    I love how that shorty Harvey from TMZ makes everyone sits down while he stands.

    And I love short guys.

    Wow at 1:50

  3. Famewhore-hater says:

    What a stupid shit to say, really he can say (about him or his stupid piece of trash wife) whatever he wants but please stay out of history. There are a lot of idiots who follow this imbecile and the last thing we need is they misunderstanding one of the darkest actions of humans and more when slavery is NOT a past thing, is well alive in a lot of countries. Seriously Kantie go fuck yourself.

  4. AbbyRichter says:

    Yeah, I’m going to need to bow out now.
    This guy just keeps sinking deeper into his own distortions.
    Fuck his enablers.

  5. scandalous says:

    Can’t even snark. Dude is clearly sick and needs help STAT, but we all know the Kuntrashians will just keep letting him spiral.

    • Ford_Prefect313 says:

      It’s not fun watching a mental ill person spiral out of control. How sad Kuntye’s family has so little fucks to give.

      He’s not making sense anymore.

  6. Cynthia Marshall says:

    What has the Kratrashians done to all these men? SMFH, Kayne was already a lil nutty after his mom died but Kim brings that shit out tenfold

  7. bambam1 says:

    Kanye is like that bratty kid who discovers turning the vacuum on and off repeatedly will drive you nuts and proceeds to do just that. Remember that the next time he wants some attention.

  8. Brooklyn bred says:

    Are the kartrashians waiting for him to end up like Lamar? This dude needs help. He is ill. We can all see that. They can see it. He’s so out of it.

  9. PhillyKate says:

    I can’t even snark, he needs help NOW. Too bad he’s surrounded by people who don’t care and will use this for a storyline

    • Brooklyn bred says:

      His enablers are just as f*cked up. F the kartrashians.

    • Ms.BovineJoni says:

      They want nothing more than for him to hit rock bottom. Kim would cream her spanx if he had a public breakdown.

  10. Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

    He needs thunderpunched in the taint, then taken for 5150. He REALLY needs help and he’s not getting it from the Kalabasas Koven.

  11. Shannon says:

    Kum, come get your husband, you dumb twat. Get him some fucking help. He is spiraling. Clearly. Like 2007 Britney Spears spiraling. This is just ridiculous now.

    • CinnamonGirl says:

      Kum!!!! *dead

      Typo and it stays? Lol

    • PhillyKate says:

      Too bad Kum won’t pull a Papa Spears

      • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

        No, but the AntiKRISt will.

      • Shannon says:

        She enjoys the attention of his breakdown. I would bet on it. That whole family will take any kind of attention they can get.

        • Brittnay_Matthews says:

          Now she can play the glamorous yet stoic long-suffering saint-like wife role.

        • TicTacky says:

          ITA. They engineered this. They praise him for this shit. Fucking vampires.

        • PhillyKate says:

          100% Keeps the spotlight on them. In the same way they capitalized on Lamar and his addictions and hospitalization and the way they played up Scott’s alcoholism.

          • Shannon says:

            It’s a storyline for them. Although Kayne doesn’t like being on the show, I don’t think. The only smart thing he’s ever done pretty much.

    • Joker Chick says:

      Riccardo needs to come get his man, Dim isn’t a real thing in his life. He needs a dick in the mouth to shut him up.

  12. ꉂ ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞ says:

    Typical out of touch rich bish with too much time on his hands and surrounded by people who tell him his verbal diarrhea is enlightening. I see no signs of him being truly mentally ill. He may have experienced temporary drug induced psychosis in the past though. He is always alert and oriented with organized thought processes in his interviews. He’s just an immature douche who loves attention.

  13. Crooked smile says:

    I salute the TMZ dude. Fuck Kanye, fuck his enablers and I will NEVER buy his music again. Fuck him.

  14. Juan Carlos says:

    Sadly, I don’t give a rats ass if West is mentally ill or not. They need to stop with putting him on t.v. Here in California this shit made local news. It’s ridiculous. I am exhausted of all the bullshit going on in the world and these kind of stories do not make it any better. If I wasn’t anti-social I’d be asking strangers for a God damn hug.

  15. CinnamonGirl says:

    Why do people keep referring to him as a genius?! I don’t fucking get it!

  16. TonicDirk says:

    That guy sounds way too lucid to be working at TMZ.

    • Pit Bully says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Van seems SUPER smart.

    • Steph says:

      Maybe he gets pay well…

      • CranberryAppleGirl says:

        There are probably many people at TMZ who are smarter than we give them credit for. They are working for an industry that we typically consider to be smutty and superficial (because it is) but it’s probably giving them a comfortable living compared to many other jobs. There is a reason why TMZ has become a leader in celebrity gossip. We may not respect the work that they do but it wasn’t a bunch of dumbasses who made the company what it is today.

  17. Jilly Beam says:


  18. Sally Tomato says:

    This is what happens when you spend too much time in Calabasas. Kanye, what happened to “George Bush doesn’t care about black people?” Now you’re licking the taint of Drumpf?

  19. Papacito says:

    This man will say anything for attention. He’s so hypocritical, this is the same man who said that we would raise his kids to not care about labels, yet hes selling his ugly clothes for thousands of dollars, now hes throwing his own people under the bus. Tell all those people who were maimed, whipped and killed when they tried to run from a life of bondage that their oppresion was their choice. I’m not black but im so unbelievably angry at his ignorance. Fuck you Kanye West

  20. Cheese Toast Stable Genius says:

    Kum better get her man before the crips do.

  21. Glooba! says:

    Are people finally gonna stop trying to claim that this guy is a “genius”? Is this seriously what it’s gonna take?

  22. media_lush says:

    There’s a secret agenda behind TMZ’s stories… still haven’t quite figured out what it is yet but when you look at who own’s the site and their love affair of hip-hop trash and the very worst of fame-whoring it [on the surface] doesn’t add up.

    • TheShowgirl says:

      Much like Andy Cohen, I’ve long thought Harvey Levin is a racist misogynist who uses the site as a platform to further racism and misogyny. TMZ always features negative stories about low level “actresses” and hip hop ”celebrities” to a ridiculous point. They’re obsessed with that ignorant “Cash Me Outside” girl. Like, why? The fact they don’t even bother to moderate their comment section and allow it to be filled with racist, sexist, transphobic and homophobic comments is also telling.

      And remember when Amanda Bynes had her breakdown and TMZ knew every detail of it right down to what she was telling doctors? They clearly had a mole in the hospital or at least posing as Bynes’ friend or something. It was obvious they violated her privacy, so much so that even other sites said something about it, yet nothing was done.

      • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

        TMZ is known for paying off individuals in hospitals in CA for dirt on celebrities.
        It’s unfortunate the feds never investigated TMZ and Harvey Levin disbarred–fines for HIPAA violations go for five figures or higher, and even prison time.

        • TheShowgirl says:

          Yeah, I read about that. I think LA County looks the other way because TMZ also has moles in attorneys’ office and at police departments.

          I mean, I wouldn’t put it past the corrupt ass LAPD to be on his payroll. They’re obviously on the payroll for Scientology.

      • bambam1 says:

        Don’t get me started about Harvey Levin and his business formula. None of what I think about it is good.

      • media_lush says:

        Harvey’s a piece of work alright and when his full story comes out he’ll probably have to move to Mexico. I used to have 2 anti-scientology blogs where i would often showcase how he was in the cult’s pocket… in one case I actually caught an article where the name “David Miscavige” was removed from TMZ’s copy a few minutes later to “senior executive at the church”… I took screengrabs as proof and posted them on my blog at the time. There’s definitely a huge stank of something behind the scenes and sooner or later it’ll come out [Hey Levin, don’t think the folks at the New Yorker have given up!]… this was a “mask” I made at the time… the pic I posted it into was pretty funny but would take me ages to trackdown right now….

        Levin on the left, Miscavige on the right

  23. BlairBear says:

    Ignoring well sourced facts and common sense isn’t “free thinking” it’s ignorance.

    • Shannon says:

      As much as I think this dude is crazy, I’m starting to think he’s seriously trolling everyone now. For real.

  24. BlairBear says:

    Hey guys am I doing this free thinking thing good? Like am I ? I need your validation! Validate me! Artist!

  25. BunBun says:

    I can’t even with this guy.

  26. meh says:

    I can’t sanction his bafoonery *goes back to dirty computer*

  27. Skittles says:

    Yeah, maybe you should listen to your doctors and take ALL of your pills, because you are dangerously close to relapsing, if you ever overcame it at all. Deal with your bipolar and take your damn pills.

  28. Moon Beam says:

    He’s been tweeting non stop since this. It’s no longer even funny or entertaining. Really nice of Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens (who are complete assholes like their mentor Ben Shapiro, and inevitably someone will come around to tell us all they are geniuses and we should debate them, they are obsessed with “challenging” people to debates- the alt light are nuts- side rant over) to take advantage of Kanye for their deranged message.
    I cannot believe he had lipo when his beloved mother died during that completely unnecessary procedure. I wonder what Kim’s next move will be. Last week’s stand by your man tweet was one thing, but this is a whole different kettle of fish. Is John Legend going to post another smiling selfie with him? Apparently Candace (or one of the TPUSA ilk) called Chrissy Teigen the most hateful person on Twitter. I know she ain’t popular on here, I like her, but still it’s his friend’s wife and his wife’s friend. The right thinks liberals are “freaking out” over Kanye “breaking free from the liberal plantation” meanwhile liberals went from is this a stunt to is this some sort of Mariah/Britney public meltdown? No one ever cared he was supposedly conservative. This isn’t even fun anymore, it’s down right sad. Either it’s a stunt (lame) or something else entirely.

  29. boredblond says:

    Lock him up!, seriously..someplace quiet with no sharp utensils and heavily padded walks so we don’t have to hear any more of his distorted ramblings

  30. Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

    “I’m not drugged out. These pills they want me to take three a day, I take one a week maybe. Two a week. You all have me scared of myself, of my vision, so I took some pills, so I wouldn’t go to hospital and prove everyone right.”

    JHC. Someone really needs to step in to help him, and I hope it’s one of his blood relatives because his vapid wife won’t put her phone down long enough to do anything for him.

    • Taffeta Darling says:

      They will portray her as the victim. They have made a career out of it.

      • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

        I think the AntiKRISt has had this plan in mind ever since they got together. Rantye keeps breaking down, Kimcubus keeps looking like a saint because she’s pulling a Tammy Wynette and ~standing by her man~.

        Eventually she’ll leave because it’s “too dangerous” or “she can’t help him anymore” or some other excuse. They’ll have control of the royalties from his back catalogue and he’ll be a broken man.

        • Taffeta Darling says:

          This, exactly. Those women have every move planned out. Kim knew Kanye was unstable, yet she encourages his behavior. She will bring him down the same way Khloe brought down her first husband and the way she is trying to bring down the father of her baby, all while playing the victim. These bitches take broken men and then smash them in two.

          • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

            Which is exactly why The Hump was dumped less than two months after the wedding–he wasn’t kissing Kimcubus’ Widette ass and he came from a loving & stable family.

    • Bowie's Tongue says:

      This is my Aunt to a tee before she has a breakdown (Bipolar and Paranoid Schizophrenic). Refuses to take her medications regularly once life is going well because she’s “fine”, which leads to physical fights, telling us all to fuck off, then a breakdown and psychiatric hold. She’s lost custody of her kids after breakdown # 4

      • TicTacky says:

        I wrote the same thing on the last Kanye post. The pattern of someone cycling with this kind of mental illness is so clear. (two of my relatives)
        “I’m fine, I don’t need these pills, they make me feel funny, (fuzzy, blurred) not myself”
        They go off meds, spiral out of control (sometimes just asshole behavior like Kanye here, sometimes criminal) get very angry, antisocial, breakdown, found wandering the streets, mumbling to themselves, picked up, 5150’d, psyche ward, put back on meds, stabilized, released to family, put on a strict schedule of meds and doctor visits, start to feel better, “I’m fine, I don’t need these pills!”

  31. parissucksliterally says:

    Can’t Lloyd’s of London sue HIM now? He lied when he gave reasons for canceling his 2016 tour……why is no one bringing this up?

    • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

      I think you’re right and Lloyd’s of London has a case.

    • BlairBear says:

      Maybe the settlement prevents further suits? I’m guessing he didn’t get much in the settlement though

  32. Joker Chick says:

    Yeah, yeah…his opioid addiction was due to lipo c/o his breast implants – we know.

    The antiKRISt told him it will take the negative attention away from his whore and her many surgeries. Please, tell us more…

  33. Taffeta Darling says:

    That whole fucking family is vile.

  34. HereSay says:

    Someone please help this guy. He desperately needs his meds and REAL friends. This isn’t about politics anymore. This breakdown is so sad to watch in real time. The guy is clearly losing it Charlie sheen style. with the Koven by his side things are only going to get worse as all they ever wanted (Kendall and Kylie included) was to make more money and fame off of his industry connections and fans. It will take them no time to unload Kanye now that he is not marketable anymore. This is the last nail in the coffin. I’m hoping someone – anyone other than the Koven steps in to get him help. His mother would be heartbroken to see him in this state surrounding himself with the Koven as his only allies.

    • LaChaylo® says:

      I think he’s shut the door on any real friend because they told him the truth about his wife and family.

  35. parissucksliterally says:

    From Blind Gossip:

    Did you really think that he was the only member of this family with a substance abuse problem?


    You need lots of drugs and alcohol to cope with all that plastic surgery and all that drama.

    Here’s a list:

    Male with pill problem:
    Male with alcohol problem:
    Male with coke problem:
    Male with multiple drug problems:
    Female with pill problem:
    Female with alcohol problem:
    Female with weed problem:
    Female with multiple drug problems:
    We know that at least four of them have been to rehab before.

    Similar: The Rehab Lie

    • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

      My guesses:

      Pill: Rantye
      Alcohol: Scott Isadick
      Coke: Lamar Odom
      Multi-drug: The Sock Mogul

      Pill: Kimcubus
      Alcohol: Kendull
      Weed: Katfish
      Multi-Drug: Khlogre

      Bonus: Female Coke: AntiKRISt

      Rehab attendees: Isadick, Lamar, Sock Mogul, AntiKRISt, Khlogre

      • parissucksliterally says:

        I agree with you on the men.
        I say Kris has the booze problem

        Weed is Kylie. Look who she hangs out with.

        • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

          You have a point about PMK and booze. I nominated Kendull for the booze problem since she was known for underage drinking and secreting alcohol.

      • Ms.BovineJoni says:

        Who is Katfish?

  36. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat says:

    Truer words :
    “We have to deal with the marginalization that has come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice. Frankly, I’m disappointed, I’m appalled, and brother I am unbelievably hurt by the fact that you have morphed into something to me that isn’t real.” ~ Van Lathan

  37. parissucksliterally says:

    He broke the KARDINAL RULE!!! “Don’t EVER admit plastic surgery!!!”

    Forget the Crips, the K family will kill him first.

  38. TheShowgirl says:

    Kanye can go fuck himself sideways with a pair of his $500 sweatpants. Mental illness or no, I’m done listening to or reading about this piece of shit’s stupid ass opinions about topics he has a tenuous grasp on. He’s making no more sense than some mentally disturbed hobo standing on a street corner. Stop giving his ass a platform.

    And for fuck’s sake, stop calling him a damn genius! He’s a fucking rapper of arguable talent with a massive amount of internalized racism that married a rich, talentless twat with a black cock fetish who starred in an amateur porn film and somehow parlayed that into a multimillion career of being gross. If Kanye and Kim (and Trump, the Real Housewives twats and on and on) are anything, they’re glaring examples of how fucked up our society and culture has become because people like them are rewarded generously for their ignorance, thoughtlessness and selfishness.

  39. says:

    I am kind of tired of hearing about Kanye West’s bullshit.

  40. BrownEyedGirl says:

    Kim’s whining to her sisters right now:

    “You guuuuuys, like, this is so unfair. Khloe’s so, like, lucky that she just got, like, cheated on, and everyone, like, feels sorry for her and stuff. This is, like, so weird that people will, like, think I should do something. We were supposed to be, like, this famous rich couple but he’s doing weird stuff. How can I, like, enjoy my new perfume coming out? Don’t you just, like, love the bottle?”

    • Shannon says:


    • SheBug says:

      “And now I’m like, stuck with his babies, too!”

    • BlairBear says:

      She’s glad he’s doing this shit, in a few weeks she can divorce him and most people would be like “I get it” or she can just bask in the good storylines

      • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

        Speaking of, has she tweeted ANYTHING at all about this? Or is she hoping it would go away?

        • BlairBear says:

          Her twitter feed is her retweeting links to his interview and nice stuff random people on twitter said and promoting her new fragrance and her mother’s Day guide. Barf

  41. Shadow Assassin says:

    WTF…. No but like WTF. He either has a serious mental illness of delusion where he believes he’s white or he’s doing all this for media attention to sell his pile of shit book and albums. It’s probably both. This manlet believes the world revolves around him.

  42. LaChaylo® says:

    Stop giving him a platform. First off, the things he says are lies and stupid as fuck. Second, guy is off his motherfucking meds. He needs help and has no one to help him. The Ks enabled this shit and now they can’t control him.

    • VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat says:

      He needs to go back to the hospital yesterday. This isn’t funny. It’s sad.

  43. Brittnay_Matthews says:

    He just tweeted a quote about people not knowing they’re slaves and attributed it to Harriet Tubman. She didn’t even say it. #fuckkanye

    • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

      Either Kanye thinks slaves “had it easy” or slavery hurts. Either way, he’s a contrarian dumbass stunt queen.

    • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

      I can’t believe Donda West hasn’t risen from the dead to kick his ass.

      • ladywtf says:

        Seriously! My mom died 10 years ago, and I swear she accosted me in a dream last night and was all, “WTF is up with KANYE!? Do something!” 🙂

  44. Jgb979 says:

    Maybe he is off his meds.

    But he’s also got a far too typical condition afflicting this country “Willfully ignorant dumbass”.

    By his own admission, he doesn’t read books. He doesn’t have the slightest effing clue what he’s talking about. He’s hanging out with the worst people in the world to troll and for spite, and he has no earthly idea how wrong he is and the damage he’s causing.

    Every opinion does not deserve respect.

    Again: I can totally see how he’s a Trump fan

  45. two_ghosts says:

    Maybe I’m a little too cynical, but why do I get the feeling that PMK is behind this somehow? Cutting Kanye’s meds so he’ll have another collapse…Kim the “long-suffering wife” finally divorcing him because of his hateful remarks against blacks…more attention and ratings for KUWTK, etc.

    • TheShowgirl says:

      I don’t think PMK is behind this because Kanye is being too divisive. She obviously ain’t concerned with positive attention only, but she’s never orchestrated a stunt this messy. Plus, Kim isn’t in the middle playing the victim just yet. A PMK Joint would have that.

      It’s not unusual for mentally ill people to stop taking their meds. They either feel better and think they’re cured and stop or feel like the meds make them lose their edge. I can see Kanye thinking that.

      • Taffeta Darling says:

        This is how they operate to garner sympathy for themselves.

      • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

        Yup and some people love their mania and feel more creative.

        • Vegasfan says:

          Actually, he is erroneously categorizing his psychotic break as creativity, critical thinking and genius when in actuality it is mental illness. He doesn’t take the meds because he believes they hinder him as an artist. And also, he believes there is nothing wrong with him, ie. I’m not crazy, I’m a genius.
          Either that, or he is trolling. Still an asshole, regardless too.

          • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

            Some people do love their manias though. I’ve never loved mine because I get dysphoric mania or even if I’m up, I’m so edgy and can’t sit still. When I was in group, you’d have these people who would talk about all the books they were writing, etc.

      • two_ghosts says:

        My mother-in-law is of the type where she periodically stops taking her meds because she thinks they should have a “stop” date (like taking an antibiotic). Kayne’s episode reminds me of one of her manic episodes. Anyway, it’s up to family members to keep on her about her meds or she becomes really unbearable. I think PMK is cruel and selfish enough to say “Let’s stop monitoring Kanye’s med intake and see what happens – ratings are down and we need a story line STAT!”.

  46. Ms.BovineJoni says:

    I would feel sorry for him but he made the choices that brought him where he is today and he made an active choice to spew divisive nonsense to the masses. We all suffer loss so his mother’s death is no excuse. Most of us that suffer loss don’t have millions at our disposal to help wipe up the tears.

    • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

      Yep. And his stunt queen antics are costing him his career tenfold. It’s too late to save it at this point.

      • Ms.BovineJoni says:

        I agree. I don’t see how he can fix this. He’s gone too far already.

      • Brittnay_Matthews says:

        My imagined silver lining in this is that he takes that trash heap of a family he married into with him, although realistically I know the Kumdashians will leverage this all to come out looking saint like and better for it.

    • meh says:

      I feel sorry for him on the grounds that he has no one to knock some sense into him.

      I feel more sorry for his kids though and hope that they are in the care of the nanny, because it’s be criminal to be under full time care of 2 dingbats

      • Ms.BovineJoni says:

        I feel sorry for his children as well. They’re young and don’t deserve this. Hopefully the nannies don’t go anywhere. Working for him can’t be easy but the kids will need something familiar.

    • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

      He could burn his life down to nothing if he keeps up like this.

  47. dr. playa: dire twat says:

    Another idiot with limited critical thinking skills, huge ego, drug abuse, and some mental illness has been watching conspiracy theory videos on youtube, and now believes himself to be a “free thinker” who has one leg up on the rest of the sheeple.

    I’m too burned out on this garbage to be sympathetic. Fuck off, Kanye. Fuck off and never come back.

  48. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors says:

    I like how Kim just acts like everything Kanye does is normal. You know she wishes she let Reggie nut in her without a condom so she could be Mrs. Reggie Bush right now instead of Mrs. Crazye West.

    • SheBug says:

      This speaks volumes about her character. Who lets their husband self-destruct this way without TRYING to commit him at least? She’s such a bad egg.

  49. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

    Mindless Self Indulgence had a song that I think fits Kanye:



  50. J_Doe5686 says:

    He’s not on his meds. And his manic episode is going beyond him. How do his family allow this? There’s nothing fun or smart to be off of it.

    This is sad.

    • Skittles says:

      It’s next to impossible to make a person who doesn’t want to take their meds, take their meds. I’d have a hard time blaming the family member who turns his back on Kanye.

      • J_Doe5686 says:

        To force him would be borderline abusive but if they try to talk some sense into him that would be great.

        • Skittles says:

          To force him would be responsible, IMO. There’s just no talking sense into this guy.

        • TicTacky says:

          With someone this mentally ill, it often saves their lives. They have a high rate of suicide when off meds.

      • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

        Yeah, I’ve talked to parents and siblings and even my Pdoc who can’t get their relatives to stay on their meds. It’s very sad.

    • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

      Mania comes with a psychotic break sometimes. They need to keep him away from the kids and get him stable.

  51. Jesse says:

    Fashion line aside, the guy has artistry. But I honestly think he’s not well. His association with the Koven doesn’t bode well for his health – not least because he’s coming to the end of his usefulness and he’ll soon be chewed up and spat aside.

    • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:


      That artistry shit died after Graduation and him deciding to sing in autotune on the next album.

      • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

        I like All of the Lights and that’s later.

      • Queen Mab of the Unseelie says:

        Runaway was his last great song. I remember him crying in concert when he’d sing it, when he toured MBDTF.

      • Patricio Lukas says:

        My dark twisted fantasy is an amazing album. His craft went downhill after that. He really HAD talent. I think drugs really melted his brain. After this I don’t think he will ever recover.

    • SheBug says:

      He needs a long-term hospitalization. Something is up. They would have to get him detoxed and stable, which takes at least 3-4 days, and then rule out physical causes (brain tumor or whatever) and THEN start to work on meds, find the right dosages and start talk therapy, art therapy etc.

  52. SheBug says:

    Kudos to Van for handling that with such composure.

    Kanye is forgetting the violence inherent in plantation slavery, and the limitations that were enforced on people (not being allowed to learn to read, etc). It’s hard to imagine that societies kept people down for so long, but they did. Another example would be Sparta practicing helotage and flogging all the slaves annually, regardless of whether they’d acted out. There was systematic terror, that’s how societies hold people down for hundreds of years.

    • VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat says:

      Speaking of Sparta we are talking a lot more than 400 years

    • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

      Their kids being taken away, being raped and murdered. Fuck him.

    • Sugar&Salt says:

      Kanye is an idiot. For him to say “slavery was a choice” illuminates the fact that he is grossly ignorant by not stating how slaves of African descendants were denied education, basic human rights under American laws, access to wages for labor, religious freedom, and subjected to human sex trafficking and brutality. Fuck. Kanye. And. His. Gross. Ass. Wife.

      • Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

        And then later denied voting and being equal citizens with things like Jim Crow Laws.

      • SheBug says:

        I know he’s mentally ill but it’s going to be unforgivable to so many people that he said this. He needs to read a book. And I might literally light a candle for him at the church next to my work tomorrow. Like where is his family and why is he still running around shooting his mouth off?

        This is as bad as Britney’s breakdown in terms of just being hard to watch someone throw it all away this way.

        • TicTacky says:

          He’s very proud of the fact that he doesn’t read books.

          • SheBug says:

            I know…look what’s come of it. His mother must be spinning in her grave. I hope her ghost goads Kim into taking him to the hospital.

            KIM: Oh my god!? Like, what is that shape?? I’m trying to sleeeeep!
            GHOST OF DONDA: (ghostly) Liiiiiiiiiisten to meeeeeee. You muuuuust take Kaaaannyeeee to the doooooccctor.
            KIM: Eww! Are you a ghost? (fumbles for phone) Mooooooooom!! Can you PLEASE call Ghostbusters!?
            GOD: Thaaaaaaaat’s just a mooooooovie. You need to geeeeeeeet off your aaaaaaaass and pretend that you care about my sooooooon.
            KIM: Oh my god!! DONDA! So nice to meet you!
            GOD: (slaps at Kim’s hand and chills her) Doooooooooo as I saaaaaaaayy, you hooker!

          • TicTacky says:

            ahahahahahahahaha!! DEAD!! (deadly)

        • scgal says:

          Britney did not run off at the mouth with stupid shit like Kanye. I certainly like Brit more than Kanye.

          • SheBug says:

            I get what you’re saying. I think her anxiety manifested differently because she was treated differently to him. No one ever told Brit she was a genius. They may have said she was sweet or pretty or a good dancer. So her rebellion that went haywire was, “I’m a bad girl! I’m gonna marry K-Fed!” Kanye’s comments about politics were taken very seriously at one point (Dubya not caring about Black people). His rebellion that went haywire is trying to advise presidents and media bigwigs.

        • Anonymous101 says:

          Well, you know Kimmy and PMK won’t do anything to stop this show of self-destruction, because you know … any publicity is good publicity. And who knows if they stopped or have the power to stop any family from his side from stepping in 🙁

      • MoshPitKiss says:

        There is no limit to what this worthless POS doesn’t understand.

  53. Cinder Blocks says:

    In “Today I Learned” news, TIL that Kanye West doesn’t know how slavery works.

  54. Taffeta Darling says:

    Check out Twitter, #IfSlaveryWasAChoice

  55. Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

    Jesus Christ, Kanye. Stay on your fucking meds. They can stop working as well once you try to get back on them. You have kids.

  56. Lord Have Mercy says:

    As someone who has had family members who had substance abuse/ mental health issues, when they get to the stage Kanye’s at it’s no reasoning with them. This is the stage where they start burning bridges and people who have supported them start pulling back from them because they want to keep their own mental health is good shape. Kim and the kids are going to have a tough road ahead of them with him in this stage. I wish them luck, because they are going to truly need it.

  57. tim says:

    This is even stupider shit than “Scoop titty boop”.

  58. PrettyHatefulmachine says:

    At first I really thought Kanye was trolling everyone, but this is just alarming. Oh course the Kartrashians will let him run wild until he stops getting’s the Kardashian way.

  59. boredasfuckyo says:

    Why is Kanye allowed to have nice things?
    Brit was already hauled off and getting Velveeta grits full of medicine after her break down.
    You can’t blame the K Koven for his mental issues, what you can blame them for is sitting idly by while he spirals.
    And while I understand in a lot of situations you can’t force someone to do anything, but at the same time, you don’t have to enable it.
    And being around those whores, he doesn’t have any sort of support system.
    A yes man is not a support system.

  60. Micron says:

    Fuck Kanye.

  61. skonkatonic says:

    I am not shocked by most of this. I am shocked though, that he got lipo (honestly).
    The exact thing that his mother died from, that consequently made him addicted to opioids, that is now leading this mental breakdown.

    • SheBug says:

      That surprised me too. But he’s manic, he might not have gotten lipo. Dude is out of his gourd. He’s just talking shit. If he stabilizes before the Crips get him (seriously, just take him to the hospital, fellas) he’ll be mortified that he did this.

    • Paul Fistinyourface says:

      His mother had health problems that made her primary care physician advise her not to get lipo. She got the lipo anyway and died from complications; Kanye may very well not have the same pre-existing condition.

  62. JennyJazzhands says:

    He’s so stupid. How did he even get into the college that he dropped out of? I graduated from college 10 years ago but I remember writing a lot of essays. How did he even type a coherent paragraph?

  63. Kate17 says:

    I’ll bet he quit his meds cold turkey. I’m not sure he understands how bad that is for you. That is probably why he’s been going nuts lately. If Kim gives even the slightest shit about him she’ll shove them down his throat every day.

    • JennyJazzhands says:

      At this point, I’d crush it into his food.

    • BobBob says:

      I think Kim has said that therapy isn’t a good thing so she is probably even worse dealing with bipolar.

  64. Zorba says:

    He looks awful. Like the type of dude that, if I saw him on the street, I would cross to the other side because CRAY.

  65. isabeljcat says:

    I know one asshole who needs to re-read Roots, stat.

  66. bkmn says:

    If you own any Krapye CD’s or posters or anything of him, build a fire.

  67. Vegasfan says:

    Slavery as a choice, is an oxymoron, you moron. Just shut up, already, Kanye. Oy!

  68. Laineyvette says:

    I knew in my heart of hearts Kanye is mentally ill. The more he talks, the more it becomes apparent. What makes me mad is that I don’t think his family tries to get him help because of $$. And I say that as the caregiver of a mentally ill adult, so I know how difficult it is to do, but they have resources the rest of us don’t. I just hope he gets some help.

    • MayorChapStick76 says:

      His bio family or his wife’s family? It’s clear the K’s just want the attention too.

      • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

        His biological family. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would call the Karkrashians a “family”.

      • Laineyvette says:

        His wife would be the one to be able to do it. Someone needs to get guardianship over him. Classic symptom of a mentally ill person is not taking their meds because it clouds their ‘thinking’. I cannot imagine living with him in that state. Money or no money; that’s no way for those 3 babies to live.

  69. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

    After this latest mess, he tried going on Twitter to explain himself trying to be all woke like “we had our throats (or tongues) cut”. Like, dude, you said slaves had a choice to leave, you can’t say that and then on Twitter say that they had their tongues cut for speaking, you idiot…

  70. Calimaria, Inbred Dinner Wolf says:

    The media is prolonging this shit and making it worse like they did with Britney and Charlie Sheen and Amanda Bynes. They are also giving the public at large a bad impression of bipolar people as scary. There are levels and a lot of people stay on their meds and lead functional lives.

    • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ says:

      Right. All it’s doing is forcing more bipolar people to stay in that closet and not come out because of this shit (IF it turns out Kanye’s bipolar, a BIG if).

    • TicTacky says:

      It’s so frustrating because we need to be able to talk about mental illness like any other illness, diabetes, cancer etc. so people can get the help they need.

    • dropthemike says:

      Especially in this case it also highlights how disgusting TMZ is. Harvey Levin is just the same as Andy Cohen and would do anything for ratings with absolute no regard for the person. They’ve done reports where TMZ is almost run like an intelligence agency. They have “sources” that are paid that work in hotels, airports, taxis that slip their photographers the itineraries of celebrities. This is not ok. This is not normal.

      • ThenTheLordMadeYolettie says:

        I’m almost positive they have a tip hotline as well. Sometimes the celebrities call the photographer themselves but TMZ is beyond.

  71. janehudson says:

    This insane asshole egomaniac has wasted millions of $$$ on being an insane mess emperor with no clothes and the Koven Klan leeching all the way making more and more $$$. Fuck him.

  72. CraigypantScissorpunch says:

    Its too late, I don’t know if he ever had it but he’s gone. He needs a nice long rest.

  73. Essie says:

    “I actually don’t think you’re thinking anything. I think what you’re doing right now is the absence of thought. We have to deal with the marginalization that has come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice. Frankly, I’m disappointed, I’m appalled, and brother I am unbelievably hurt by the fact that you have morphed into something to me that isn’t real.”

    Major kudos to Van. But, as with John Legend, this idiot has no clue what these Black men are talking about or why they are appalled at what he is doing. I just don’t know what is going on with this so-called “genius” that he is so stupid and ignorant about his people. I just have to conclude that he is mentally ill and off his meds. In which case, the media needs to start ignoring him and someone who cares needs to step in and get him some help.

  74. Kylimayrow says:

    This guy is mentally ill and everyone with half a working brain is aware of this. Stop giving him air time, but sadly giving mental cases air time is the norm, see the orange shit stain that is holding us hostage with non stop insanity. Why is this happening ….

  75. Janak says:

    If Kim K. had half a brain, she would pack up those kids and get the hell out of Dodge before this maniac kills all of them, to save them from “evil”…he is obviously in a dangerously manic state of mind.

    • SheBug says:

      People usually aren’t violent in a manic phase, they just don’t sleep and they run their mouths about things that don’t make sense. It’s very, very rare for the mentally ill to become violent. Most of the cases of violence by the mentally ill that you hear about that are untreated schizophrenia, not bipolar disorder. Like the guy in NYC who pushed a girl off the subway platform.

      Kim is his next of kin. Bipolar is very treatable with medication but he is out of his mind right now. She needs to get him in to see a doctor, not abandon him.

      ETA: They have so much money they could get a doctor to come to him, or at least Jeff Van Vonderen or someone to help talk him into going to the emergency room. There’s just no excuse for them leaving this guy twisting in the wind while he’s sick like this.

    • KimberJem says:

      Kim thinks he’s a “genius”

  76. Hdawg says:

    I don’t think he is mentally ill. He is just really stupid. Also he blames the docs for prescribing opioids and the media for shitting on rob and the body shaming but tweets ‘self victimization is a disease….’

  77. lanaconga says:

    so he is probably bipolar and drinking and doing drugs so his drs increase his medication but all the mixing makes him crazier. look at his bloated face and sweatpant outfits he wears along with the shoes with no laces. its like he is always fresh out of the psych ward

  78. letinstar says:

    Now’s the time for Kummy to pose naked AGAIN to distract from the fact that she has chosen yet another husband she will need to divorce…

    • Cecily says:

      Hmm. . . My husband is on lockdown in the psych ward for a supposed opioid addiction and other mental health issues, now would be a good time to have a third child. Makes no fucking sense. She is as delusional as her puppet master Kanye. I would think she would have to pay him to go away, but maybe he is worth a lot more than she.

  79. sashay shontay says:

    Kanye needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. People also need to stop referring to him as a “genius” because it’s offensive to anyone who actually deserves to be called one–Kanye is no goddamn genius. And I don’t know why he thinks the world needs to hear his opinion. I can’t stand that guy. He used to be alright when he first came out–notice his jaw was wired shut from an accident then. He should consider having his jaw re-wired shut to spare us all of his bullshit.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Your comment give me hope. Wire his jaw shut could become the new “lock her up,” phrase we can all rally behind. Thank you!

    • SheBug says:

      It would also help with the weight gain if he really is worried about that

  80. BlairBear says:

    He said high schools should stop teaching history and start teaching classes on future ideas. The problem is if we express an idea it is a present idea and not a future idea.

    • SheBug says:

      Well, and part of the point of studying history is to learn how and why people make certain decisions, and what the consequences of those decisions are. You see what worked, what didn’t and how things have changed over time. It teaches you to think so you can go forward prepared.

      • BlairBear says:

        It is also to important to know what happened in the past to contextualize what is happening now and to realize that what happens in the past shapes the present and what happens in the present shapes the future. Then there is the true fact that human nature is pretty constant so if you understand why the American Revolution happened you might understand why the Arab Spring happened and the #MeToo movement and the next disruptive social/political movement

        • SheBug says:

          Yes, absolutely

          • BlairBear says:

            I’m just so sick of willful ignorance being put forth as “independent thought” or exploiting the fact that no area of study is perfect to suggest why study at all when we could just feel and think things (without knowing why to think them)

      • TicTacky says:

        “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana

    • lola_irtis says:

      i thought his ideas are old ideas, ergo past ideas.

      • BlairBear says:

        They are but when you’re ignorant you think your ideas are new because you haven’t heard them before

  81. Nola says:

    I LOATHE him. And let’s stop with all the “Kanye is a genius” bullshit. Genius. Unless it means something other than what I know it to mean.

    • Cecily says:

      I think Kanye and Ivanka went to the same school to learn English. She doesn’t know what complicit (among many other words) means and he doesn’t know what genius, (among many other words) means.

  82. Nola says:

    Where is Michelle Wolf when we need her?! I need to have her weigh in on this!!!

  83. msperry says:

    I have sympathy for all of the people suffering from mental illness who have no insurance and no way to get their medication. Not for that jerkoff.

  84. syrie19 says:

    WHAT. A. DOUCHE. I can’t believe he could be douchier than before, but he did it. HE DID IT!!!!!!!!

  85. Jumbo says:

    Opioid must have been on his word of the day calendar.

  86. KimberJem says:

    When are people going to stop calling this guy a genius? He’s a moron! He’s uneducated and has no insight. His biggest hit was just a song with auto-tune calling women gold diggers.

  87. CraigypantScissorpunch says:

    I guess he needs to drum up some PR crazy to promote his new album or book or whatever the fuck he is selling. Nobody gives a shit.

  88. rachelbkf says:

    Pimp mama Kris must have told him that bringing up slavery would make people forget the rest of the statement.

  89. BlairBear says:

    I’m reading Walter Issacson’s Da Vinci biography and I suggest Kanye do the same

  90. Trash Panda says:

    Testing….am I logged in or not diksuks?

  91. PussycatAlice says:

    Dear Kanye,

    You’re an asshole.
    Plain and simple.

  92. FancitoP says:

    mental illness is such a difficult, painful thing to suffer through and to be around. He is ill and they bring him on these shows and talk about tweets. Dude is ill. Not funny.

  93. Chicana says:

    This is almost sad. He is really close to becoming a danger to his kids. I hope those vile real dolls have the decency to do something soon. If not, I see murder-suicide in his future.

    • matadora says:

      i really hope you are wrong on this one, but the kkk family is nasty and i’m not sure the future is gonna get much brighter for mister west.

    • Jerzy_J says:

      I said recently that we could possibly hear of his suicide next. Kim better worry about those kids!! Fuck fame and money!

      • Chocolatemama says:

        Actually, there is no telling what someone might do in a heightened state of mania which he is in right now. And we all know the Great Pretenders/Kartrashians around them care very little for his physical/mental well-being. It’s all about the $$$ for them. Let’s hope a fairy godmother exists for Kanye exists to whisk him away to a place of deep mental tranquility and a boatload of well-prescribed psycho-active agents Stat!

    • SheBug says:

      Bipolar people *really* are not violent in general. If anything the risky time is when he comes down and realizes he’s trashed his reputation. And then it’s most likely he’d hurt himself out of shame.

      The manic talking isn’t good for his kids, they will know how weird it is and be confused and stressed, but he really is unlikely to harm them physically.

  94. Sunny says:

    He’s baffling. Just baffling. Sick and messed-up and weird.

    Also, Kanye, slavery wasn’t around for 400 years. It’s been around since time immemorial.

  95. Fisties says:

    And do they all just lay around eating and getting lipo all day?!

  96. MoshPitKiss says:

    I understand that he clearly has a mental illness and has gone through a lot but I am taking enormous pleasure in watching his reputation crash and burn and die. I’m hoping his career and net worth crumples and crashes with it. Burn the whole thing. I want his and the K-trash’s empire in ashes.

  97. TanyaTurner says:

    PMK took away Kanye’s meds again…

  98. Kananj says:

    Can we trade Kanye with this girl Rachel something? (The one who was posing as black but she’s white, former president of the NCAA or something like that). I can’t believe it, just when you think it’s bad now he made it worst. Are Kim Zolciak and Kanye are hanging out together and giving each other opinions of slavery? Kum is friend with Wigs so it’s a possibility. Can’t wait until he disappears with the whore family. But at the end of the day its them who are feeding his ego so they can have more story line because they know their show is death and soon to be cancel.

    • SheBug says:

      That seems fair. The earlier proposal of Michael McDonald for Kanye was too one-sided.

    • BlairBear says:

      Or send both to an isolated island with sufficient resources to maintain life

    • bvet says:

      What’s sad is that fake-POC Rachel Dolezal was actually working to improve black lives (not that that makes her stunt okay), and real-POC Kanye seems to be actively working to make them harder. It’s all so ass-backwards. I’m team throw everyone in a volcano.

  99. BooBoo says:

    That TMZ dude handed Rantyeezie his fat ass

  100. Miss Steak says:

    Anyone from Europe here is side eyeing that ‘400 years’ claim Kanye – try at least 1500 years.
    That said, I feel like I can’t read anymore about him. It’s just too sad to watch this man draw deeper and deeper into his own delusions. I know i’m not the only one with an MH parent who went through this as a kid again and again, so i’ll be going Kanye-free from here.
    He’ll announce his tour feature stops in Narnia, Mordor and Wakanda via twitter next.

  101. NOPER says:

    Keep telling yall manic as fuck. My money that’s lithium he’s talking about not taking. Delusions of grandeur are experienced by a majority of people with bipolar disorder. Yes he’s probably an ass to begin with but mania aint helping.

  102. Flora Posteschild says:

    Kanye’s fashion designs were barometers of trouble. This is what I used to wear under my figure skating costume when I was eight.
    Then there’s this I lost my horse, and my jodhpurs look.
    And pregnancy flack vest.
    If I had known, I’d have cornered the market on L’eggs pantyhose in 2015

    • tommie says:

      Every model in those pictures have a “FML” face.

      • Claire says:

        They all have the look that says ‘I did not get paid enough to be photographed looking like this’.

    • lola_irtis says:

      a rehash of what people wore before he ” came up ” with the ideas

      • Flora Posteschild says:

        Maybe people never thought of “losing my pants” as fashion before. I sure didn’t.

  103. Another 5150 in 3, 2, 1…

    We’ve now gone from him being enjoyably wild (love or hate him, it’s still enjoyable) to evidence of real mental illness.

    I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs as well as the Kardashians (yeah yeah, I know) because GD they got some serious codependence issues.

    • PinkIsTheBlondeofColors says:

      You mean how all the K sisters are like 40 now and they still spend every day together? Yeah that shit’s not healthy and definitely not normal.

    • Steph says:

      The last time he got help was because Kim wasn’t around…so who knows

  104. TicTacky says:

    I found the original quote of Santayana here:

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Well you can’t remember what you never learned Kanye. And it’s hard to learn about something when you never pick up a book.
    I’d recommend the DSM-5 for you.

  105. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie says:

    Interesting that Kim revealed she vetoed naming Chicago, Donda…….then he gets fat shamed into getting lipo (a procedure during which Donda died) and then became hooked on opioids resulting in/contributing to his public meltdown, cancelled tour, insurance battle, loss of income………..his ass should have stayed with Amber……

    ps lmao that he wants to stay out the hospital….he LIVES in a MENTAL WARD. I’ve seen psych wards with more funiture and less white-on-white.

    • luckylopez says:

      I would go insane if I lived there. Do these motherfuckers not believe in colour? Their poor kids having to live there. So sterile and empty.

      • Claire says:

        ‘So sterile and empty’. Are we talking about the house, or the space where Kim’s heart and soul should be, or the inside of Kanye’s head?

        And seriously, would anyone be shocked if the kids lived in a guesthouse with their nannies so that Kim and Kanye could avoid them messing up their mausoleum of a house?

        • luckylopez says:

          All of the above. And yeah, that place has no sign of children living there. Who knows where they are. Those assholes never see them unless it’s to take a selfie.

          • Claire says:

            Given the way Kim and Kanye are as people, a pack of feral wolves would do a better job at raising those poor kids, so the fact they are being raised by nannies may not be a bad thing. And Kim and Kanye’s house has no signs of life in it at all. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think they modelled it to be PMK’s crypt away from crypt. Look at that picture of the hallway and tell me you can’t imagine PMK hanging upside from the ceiling as she takes a nap.

    • TicTacky says:

      Great points, all of them.
      Also all that white is appropriate for a toilet bowl.

  106. Claire says:

    How do I put this…….what we’re seeing right now isn’t just mental illness. Kanye has always been a delusional, narcissistic, self-important, willfully ignorant jackass with a vastly over-inflated sense of self-worth. The fact that he has a mental illness and hasn’t been taking the meds he clearly needs really just brings all his personality flaws into sharp relief.

    Many people live with mental illness, and do it with dignity and decency. Kanye is not one of those people. He knows that behaving this way and saying this foolish, harmful, reckless things will get him attention, something that his ego will not let him live without, and so, because he isn’t the genius that he thinks he is, and because his music and fashion careers have been over for a long time, he resorts to acting like this, because it is the only way to get people to pay attention to him.

    The reason I find Kanye so offensive is that my dad and I have bipolar, and I have other family members and friends who have struggled with mental illness, and people like Kanye only add to the stigma that everyone with mental illness has to deal with. Let’s be clear: most people with mental illness are wonderful people who just so happen to have an illness that they have to work through. As I said, the way Kanye is behaving is because he is both mentally ill and bloody awful, and he in no way is representative of others with bipolar or any other illness, yet how he is behaving will colour how people look at mental illness; his words, his actions, and everything he is doing right now is harmful beyond all belief.

    • Jani says:

      so you think it’s an act? I wouldn’t put it beneath him.

    • Midwestocean says:

      Beautifully said.

    • Jani says:

      I think what he has as an illness is different than bipolar. If real, it reminds me of my brother in a way…he is crazy like that but worse (physically violent). Highly intelligent guy who never could accept he has a mental illness which led to an impressive waste of potential…this guy’s genius was in math and sciences…

    • svetlanabanana says:

      Thanks for this. Like I said above, yes, Kanye is most likely mentally ill, but the source of his asshole behavior is not his mental illness, but rather the fact that he’s a selfish asshole.

    • Patricio Lukas says:

      Yes, one can see the idiocy and ugliness behind all that mania.

  107. Koosh Ball says:

    I am totally enjoying his meltdown. It’s been awhile since I got to sit back and laugh at a nervous breakdown and not feel sorry for the person; I think Charlie Sheen was the last one.

    • why not says:

      Never thought I’d defend Kayne but he’s not even in the same vile, scumbag league as Sheen. Of course what Kanye is spouting off about lately is beyond reprehensible but the way Sheen has treated his wives, lovers and children for many years is utterly disgusting. Sheen is one of my top most hated celebs.

      • Koosh Ball says:

        I never said they were in the same league. I said I find their breakdowns funny because I don’t like either one of them.

        • why not says:

          I get it, I just think Sheen is borderline evil while Kayne is merely a blow hard dummy who perhaps deserves slightly less hate 😉

  108. Jani says:

    I remember tweeting for the first time in my life to Kanye last week and it was simply, “keep talking.” I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him for really having mental issues or hatred for contrived exploitation.
    If he is serious, people should feel sorry for him, because these guys who refuse to take their meds, think there is nothing wrong with them but society is to blame, are the one’s in need of the most help. I feel sad for him if he’s being genuine (and not putting up an act) cuz this man is truly sick and needs help.

  109. Claire says:

    And I have nothing but respect for Van Lathan for speaking up, and for doing so in an intelligent, calm, classy way even in the face of Kanye’s ignorant bullshit. I am a white British woman, and so I cannot even imagine what it is like to be a person of colour and live with the various injustices, indignities, and intolerance that gets thrown their way, especially in the United States right now given that Kanye’s new bestie Trump is doing his level best to normalise racial intolerance and tension. However, despite that, Kanye saying slavery was a choice had me wanting to take a crack at smacking the stupid right out of him, so I can only imagine how frustrating, aggravating and outright rage-inducing it must have been for Van to sit there and listen to it, and so when he spoke up and managed to keep his cool I wanted to give him all the applause. The fact Kanye had absolutely no response except to stare gormlessly just showed that Van is right, and that what Kanye is doing is the complete absence of thought.

    • Kaikoura says:

      agree 100%.
      Kanye can’t reply to logic because that would require intelligence. he is entitled to his own opinion but there are undeniable and documented facts like the Holocaust and slavery. And some people still deny both.
      he is not a free thinker, he needs help and his wife is too caught up in her own vain bubble to realise that this is not damaging only her family and children but her ‘brand’ too

      • Claire says:

        It isn’t just that. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but they have to understand that their opinion can be harmful and dangerous. Hell, the reason slavery happens is because one group of people believe and are of the opinion that another group of people is inferior to them. If you are publicly going to state your controversial opinions, then you should at least have the reviewed the facts surrounding the topic at hand, and should have some evidence to be able to back up what you are saying, and if you don’t and can’t do that, then you are either simply being controversial for attention, or you are basing your opinion on ignorance, which is reckless in both instances, and detrimental and counter-productive to having an open, honest and intelligent discourse on any issue.

        And I don’t think it matters what Kim does or says, Kanye will do and say what he wants, when he wants. You cannot make someone seek help for their issues, and Kanye is enjoying the attention too much to go willingly into treatment, and even if he did go, I doubt it’d make much difference. In order to successfully treat any illness you need to a.) recognise that you are ill, b.) want to recover, c.) be committed to doing whatever is necessary to recover, and d.) be prepared to accept accountability and responsibility for your actions and choices. Kanye will not do that, and it is always an excuse with him. He does not want to accept that he isn’t as smart, cultured or talented as he thinks he is, that he has become a joke at best (and not even a funny one), and that his decline in popularity and his failing enterprises are because of his actions, his ego, his choices and his words. You can only change and progress in life if you are prepared to acknowledge and accept that you aren’t always right, and that sometimes you are the problem, and Kanye won’t do that. He would rather continue to spiral and lap up the attention, rather than retire and seek help.

  110. BasicBitch says:

    What’s on his bottom teeth? Saran Wrap?

  111. Wzy says:

    It’s generally the most ill and most able to afford it that are anti-modern medicine for some reason. I get the paranoia aspect when it is a symptom of said disease anyway like schizophrenia, but just look at all the anti-vaxxers: Privileged people.

    • Jani says:

      There are some in Canada and worse thing is that they could get the help for free, but still do not go because they truly think there is nothing wrong with them and it can only be forced if they’re a danger to themselves or others (which can happen if reported). You don’t have to be privileged or not.

    • Flora Posteschild says:

      About one in three children in North and West Vancouver, where most of BC’s self-proclaimed creme de la creme live, are not vaccinated against diseases like polio, tetanus and whooping cough.

  112. Jani says:

    Honestly, watching him, my first thought was, he’s a performer, this is a spectacle, I don’t buy it. I am still on the fence if he’s being genuine or just acting crazy like a misunderstood genius.
    In a way, in some way, I can, I think we all can relate to certain sentiments, but in another way, it just appears to be like a spectacle to cause some hype.
    If anything he and the kardashians are about the money first.

  113. Doll Parts says:


  114. spiral says:

    kanye is not smart. he’s ballsy, and he’s vocal, but he’s not smart.

  115. FrenchGirl says:

    I guess his former long time manager must be happy to be over this mess.

  116. Mjech says:

    I wonder if he would think the same if he didn’t became famous and rich and enjoy all the privileges that come with it. He is obviously in a state of mania and paranoid. He has tunnel vision and is just not reachable now for other points of view. I still can’t hate on a mentally ill person. Spewing nonsense is what they do.

    • svetlanabanana says:

      If he wasn’t rich and successful he’d be singing a different tune. These types think that just because they’ve been fortunate enough to make it – and make no mistake, talent or no talent, it takes an inordinate amount of sheer blind luck to make it in show business – everybody can and the only thing holding them back is laziness. They don’t understand systemic prejudice because they think since they have been able to slip through the cracks (or so they THINK), that the wall doesn’t actually exist.
      Kanye completely lacks theory of mind – the only experience that matters, that exists in this world is Kanye’s. Getting him to look at the world through someone else’s perspective is useless because he doesn’t acknowledge other perspectives.

      • Anonymous101 says:

        He was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood on the South Side and his mother was a prominent professor at Chicago State. He was lucky enough to get ample opportunities from the get go, making it all the more difficult for him to understand this concept.

        • amp69 says:

          Educated mother and most likely went to a good school so he actually should know better.

          • Kaikoura says:

            I agree. He went good school and his mother was obviously an intelligent and open minded person.
            He should know better but I guess all those Kardashians have erased anything good his mother did for him.

          • amp69 says:

            I actually don’t think it’s K-Trash fault. Kanye is an asshole and always has been and I honestly believe he’s milking his suppose mental health issues for all It’s worth.

          • Kaikoura says:

            I am not saying it is strictly their fault but that any brain would die in a Kardashian filled environment. i doubt he hangs out with any other people than them

          • amp69 says:

            Assholes do tend to spend thier time around other assholes because nobody else wants to deal with them.

          • svetlanabanana says:

            I don’t think it’s the Kardashians’ fault necessarily, too. He was like that before he married Kim. He’s an asshole and they enable him.

        • Kaikoura says:

          I believe if his mother was still here he wouldn’t be saying this crap. Probably she was the only person who actually cared about him and would have done anything to avoid the embarrassment is bringing upon himself.

          • svetlanabanana says:

            On the other hand, if you’re a grown man who still needs mommy around to make you behave, something is seriously wrong with you.

          • Kaikoura says:

            Well now you’re stating the obvious and of course there is something wrong with him.

      • Mjech says:

        True. His massive ego also makes that difficult to begin with. Either way it’s sad. For everybody he wrongs with what he says. His mind is playing tricks on him and he fails to see that.

  117. svetlanabanana says:

    Kanye’s face when Van Latham calls his shit out is priceless – you can see how fucking outraged Kanye is that someone has dared to talk back. Just goes to show what we already knew – Kanye may be mentally ill, yes, but his real problem is that he’s an egotistical asshole surrounded by enablers and yes-men incapable of telling him ‘hey Kanye, what you’re saying is not free thought, it’s garbage, non-factual, ahistorical, uninformed, irresponsible, stupid harmful garbage at that.’

    • Steph says:

      All Hollywood is like that. They’re used to get praise everywhere they go and it throws them off if someone dares say something remotely different even if Van is obviously saying the right thing

    • bambam1 says:

      I wouldn’t say outraged, more like chastened. Van Lathan is an intelligent young man who stepped in Kanye’s shit.

  118. Hugga Bunch says:

    Did anyone else notice how the tone of his voice has changed? It sounds more feminine plus the weight gain (especially in his chest area)- made me think of how Bruce’s physical appearance was changing over time.

  119. jerseygirl17 says:

    I applaud this guy for trying to talk sense into Kanye, but really he could have been trying to teach calculus to chickens and gotten the same result.

    I guess next season will be the “divorce” storyline.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Personally, I’d tune in and actually watch the K’s show if the story line for next season was “Kanye kills the Kardashian’s. It would be a ratings bonanza, that’s for sure.

  120. Raja Hindustani says:

    that short demon man Harvey looks so pleased at what he is unleashing, little fucker.

  121. MehganFaux says:

    Kanye Kardashian know what to say to get people to pay attention to him. Much like a petulant child who knows how to push people’s buttons. Doesn’t he have a new album coming out? The best thing to do is ignore his ass.

    • amp69 says:

      Seriously, I honestly think this is all act.

      • bambam1 says:

        No, it’s not an act. His delusions and immaturity are mind bogglingly real.

        • MehganFaux says:

          I can believe he’s saying it to get people riled or if he really believes this horse shit, then he forgot to keep it to himself.

  122. Gin Sling says:

    At this point it’s just cruel and exploitative to even give this guy airtime. He’s completely lost the plot. And he’s no genius just because he just calls himself one. I can think of someone else who needs to call himself a genius and even his own whitehouse staff call him ‘idiot and ‘f_cking moron’ behind his back.

  123. MehganFaux says:

    And honestly, there’s mental illness there I’m sure, but it doesn’t excuse this. This trump flag waving, slavery was a choice bullshit is probably something he would have thought whether he was mentally ill or not.

  124. Slurpee says:

    Can anyone and everyone associated with the Kardashian family/brand just fucking GO AWAY forever!?

  125. Whamo says:

    Kanye is a fucking idiot, he always has been and he always will be.

    • Goober_Pyle says:

      It’s not like this is anything new. He’s not acutely mentally ill. He’s just being his same asinine self.

    • Maudi says:

      But…he’s a genius! Everyone keeps telling him that. I have no idea why, and it’s the last thing he needs to hear, but people keep saying it to and about him. Every time I see people saying that, I get the same sick feeling as I get realizing Trump is POTUS. It’s just beyond sane comprehension.

      • Whamo says:

        The thing with Kanye is he’s the one that said he’s a genius, and he kept repeating it. He like Trump is under the believe that if you say it enough it becomes the truth…and for some it has become the truth.

        • Rick says:

          Kanye has certainly learned Trump’s MO to a tee. Keep repeating the same crazy shit over and over and, sooner or later, some people will begin to buy in to the bullshit. Once you have a small following, tell everyone it’s a huge (yuge) following and that you’re the the greatest person who ever lived.

          Voila POTUS.

          Humans – the most gullible breed.

        • lola_irtis says:

          it´s genius he imitated gary glitter.

      • Rick says:

        Sane comprehension has decided to take a few years off.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      He’s the worst kind of idiot too. An idiot with narcissistic leanings who has never been told to shut the fuck up and read a book and educated himself before opening that gaping maw of ignorance he calls a mouth.

  126. Aniston's Revenge says:

    When is the media going to learn to stop giving assholes so much attention? This is how we ended up with our current President!

    • jennyjustice says:

      And Tonya Harding on Dancing with the Stars! Is she a star? I thought she was a lying sack of sh!t but maybe that is what a “star” is now-a-days.

  127. Goober_Pyle says:

    Why does anyone care what this idiot thinks? Stop giving him attention. Certainly don’t need to read about him here.

  128. Mara royce says:

    He just got himself some publicity.

  129. Digitaldarling says:

    So, Kanye’s running for president then?

  130. Crooked smile says:

    That should be the artwork of his next album.

  131. Dusty Seahag says:

    People will buy his next album and sell out his shows- and keep watching the KKK-trashians….Face it , folks , these people are never going away. Our society is built on trash and you now have the spawn of this trash culture running your country

  132. ButterscotchKrimpet says:

    The only self-proclaimed genius I care about is Rad Thibodeaux

  133. boomdeyay says:

    Calling the Trump supporter mentally is is as offensive as people being called Libtards. Kanye is you another celebrity who thinks that a few hit songs or movies makes him a genius about everything in the world. (Mark Zuckeberg is in the same basket.)

    Kanye is a nincompoop. Sober or using. Plain and simple.

  134. newyawkerfahuh says:

    just pimp mama kris stirring up the pr machine for gay fish’s next album. zzzzzz.

  135. Gin Sling says:

    I only have room for one mentally ill musical genius in my life, and she actually has talent:

  136. jennyjustice says:

    I know several people who bi-polar, have personality disorders, and/or are paranoid Schizophrenic, and yet none of them spew garbage and seek attention like this. He may have a mental illness but it has nothing to do with his verbal diarrhea. He uses mental illness as a crutch of protection when he gets called out for being an a$$hole. When people like what he says, he claims he’s not mentally ill. He blames his vitriol on Opioids now but at the time, he claimed it was mental illness. I also know lots of people on opioids, Hell, I’ve been on Opioids, and they don’t act or think like this. He is simply the best/worst example of a narcissistic fool surrounded by sycophants.

    • Shannon says:

      According to Kum, all his haters are using the mentally ill card. He’s not sick. All Kanye is is a “free thinker.” Her words. She tweeted some nonsense about it last week. Dumb bitch.

      • jennyjustice says:

        She also said as much on Ellen day before yesterday. She said it last week “Kanye is not longer in the sunken place.”

        I agree that some mentally ill people do rant and rave and say or do odd things, but not that level and usually about paranoid things – having their phones bugged, the gov’t out to get them, etc. – not talk of slavery or anything that deep. Anybody I know whose suffered mental illness, wouldn’t go near a politician, let alone the President b/c they’d think he was trying to brainwash them or steal their thoughts.

        • Shannon says:

          I think a lot of it is attention seeking. It’s really fucking sad, honestly. That he will stoop so low for attention. He’s a pathetic human being.

    • TicTacky says:

      I think he’s the whole muffin basket: mentally ill, has a personality disorder and is an spoiled celebrity with willfully ignorant views. What a combo.

    • HereSay says:

      There are a lot of mentally ill people in New York who aren’t being treated. They def go on verbal tirades on the train and in the streets. I think when you’re not being treated is where you see the rants and sometimes even violence occur.

    • M.E. says:

      Add insufferable narcissist and you have Kuntye and his lover Trump.

    • Farmgal 4 says:

      I read an article yesterday that said Kanye was taking TWO opioids/day when he was hospitalized for opioid addiction. Again, TWO. I’ve been in rehab for opioid addiction, and there were a lot of opioid addicts in there with me. We would smoke and share war stories. If someone had shared that they were in rehab for a TWO pill/day habit, we would’ve thought they were either completely insane, lying through their teeth or hiding out from the mob. Kanye was either lying about how much he was using or lying about having an addiction.

    • Whamo says:

      I’m a big Leo fan, love the dude’s movies

      • Shannon says:

        Meeeee too ?

        • Mybodyweary says:

          Me 3. His model assembly line aside, I love him. Wolf of Wall Street, Aviator and Revolutionary Road alone.

          • Shannon says:

            He’s an amazing actor. Don’t forget What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He should have won awards for that role.

      • Cat Meow says:

        I loved his roles in the 90s, those were diverse. LDC as Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries is my favorite to date. Then Titanic came, and his career’s been the same the last few years: he is in a major movie, gets nominated for some awards, he inevitably loses an award to Christian Bale, George Clooney or someone like that, and then tries again the following year. He should go back to his roots (IMO).

        • Whamo says:

          I enjoyed two of my favorites are Catch Me If You Can and The Aviator
          ( probably my favorite) The only probem I found with The Aviator was he was probably 5-7 years too young to play the part but just the same it was a brilliant performance. Cate’s Katherine Hepburn was stunningly well done.

          Ironically I really didn’t like The Revenant. Considering all the previous great work he’s done I just didn’t understand how he won for that role.

          • Cat Meow says:

            I think they just “settled” for The Revenant as in “let’s give it to him once and for all”. I didn’t like it at all.
            I agree re The Aviator, he was way too young! (I enjoyed the movie, though)

          • Juan Carlos says:

            duh, because he let a dangerous wild animal get sexual with him.

          • Whamo says:

            That damn bear took advantage of Leo! The bear was in a position of power and in its own environment. I mean that was NOT cool.

            Leo Dicaprio

            ( I hope I don’t get lit up for that) ?

  137. Michael Girouard says:

    Please, just unplug him, for God’s sake.

  138. Dreis says:

    Is there anyone left out there that has any respect for this guy? If they even ever had any. He is so mentally ill and giving him a platform to blame everyone else but himself and his brain is ridiculous. People might actually have some respect for him if he just came out and admitted he has a mental illness and is getting treatment. He’d rather admit to getting lipo (what man does that) than admit he’s ill?

  139. Shannon says:

    I will give Kanye credit. After that dude put him in his place, he went right over to him and apologized for hurting him. That was actually quite shocking. Usually this dumb ass doesn’t apologize for what comes out of his mouth.

    • Nicholeoleoleo says:

      Fuck him. He apologized for hurting Vans feelings, not for the awful shit he said.

      • Shannon says:

        I agree, but to show remorse is something. I think it dawned on him that maybe what he said was highly offensive and wrong. I don’t know. I’m no fan of Kanye, but I had to give him credit in that moment for actually apologizing. Shit is fucked up.

      • Farmgal 4 says:

        I think he’s so fucked up mentally that he honestly didn’t realize that he said anything awful. His brain isn’t functioning properly. I have a sister who’s mentally ill; she acts a lot like Kanye. Her behavior and what comes out of her mouth is inappropriate and embarrassing af, but she can’t see it. She thinks she’s perfectly normal. It’s hard as hell to help someone with a mental illness because they’re oblivious to the problem.

  140. Not My First Time At The Rodeo says:

    This isn’t funny anymore.
    Kanye has crossed over into full on Shock Corridor territory.

  141. parissucksliterally says:

    And now Kim has attached herself to helping a Black woman who was unjustly sentenced ti life in prison. She has “been working on it for months”, yet NOW it is being spoken about,

    Damage kontrol, anyone?

  142. Brenda Jansen says:
    it’s always the season of Yeezy … the gift that keeps on giving!!

  143. Jnr says:

    I’ll admit- I’m a fan (of his music.) I used to find his narcissism and rants amusing but now it’s sad. He’s extremely mentally ill and it’s obvious by Kim’s tweet about him being a free thinker that they’re enabling this behavior. They probably tell him he’s fine and doesn’t need medication. All so they can be called “brave” for having the “strength” to leave these toxic relationships and become a crew of single moms making it on their own. It’s disgusting. Kanye was a major score for this trash family but they got what they wanted from him and since they sucked out all of his clout, he’s no longer needed. (Well ALMOST all they wanted….the Kim/Beyoncé bestie dream didn’t pan out.)

    • Cassandra Dreme says:

      I also am a fan of his music..and yes used to find him amusing. It’s obvious he is most likely bi-polar. But I disagree with blaming the family. He is the one that has been in the driver’s seat of that family for a long time (probably ended after his break down) They all did and wore what ever he wanted them to.

      • Jnr says:

        I don’t think PMK would hand over her spot in the driver’s seat haha. Everything they do is calculated.

        • Cassandra Dreme says:

          Not the ‘money driver’s seat’. But when he came into the picture they were all following the Kanye the Pied Piper for awhile.

  144. HereSay says:

    TMZ is just as bad as the Kardashians taking advantage of an obviously sick man for their own financial gain. I know I’m going to get heat for this but I am so sad for Kanye. He’s torpedoing his career bc he doesn’t have anyone in his life who is looking out for him. The Koven is there for themselves and themselves only. He’s just collateral damage. Also, the celebs that are criticizing him as though he is lucid are going after low hanging fruit. It’s obvious something is mentally wrong with him. Don’t judge his actions as though he is anything other than a mentally broken person ensnared in the web of family that wants to keep him under their control.

    • Bowie's Tongue says:

      Harvey is in PMK’s pocket so I’m sure she encouraged Kanye to drop in at TMZ and “speak his truth”. Sad that his wife and her Koven couldn’t care less about his well-being, he’ll be dumped and smeared by the press the second he no longer serves a purpose for them

    • Cat Meow says:

      I’m not surprised either of them are doing it

    • Bruins Dirk says:

      I think Kanye is a tool but I can agree that taking advantage of anyone with a mental illness is beyond sad.

  145. Bleecker says: knows Kanye is spouting off to sell records, and as the descendant of an enslaved woman he is calling him out on it: “That broke my heart … my grandmother’s grandma was a slave. And when you’re a slave, you’re owned. You don’t choose if you’re owned. When you’re a slave you’re deprived of education. That’s not choice, that’s by force…. I hope it’s not to raise awareness so you could sell some records and some shoes, because that would be the worst thing to do, to stir up this very touchy race situation and you be the benefactor from it. So I encourage you, if you really believe this, give your shoes away for free, give your album away for free.”

  146. Wickbaby says:

    Clearly this man is not well, and his family is doing him no favors by not admitting this…

    • Mundane Diva says:

      yes the mental illness is in full swing and everyone is ignoring the signs

    • HereSay says:

      According to the commenters on buzzfeed, she has no responsibility to set him straight. So their defending her. This is why the Kardashian’s rule the media. The idiocy of their young fans is beyond my comprehension. Your partner is there to make you a better person. Not someone who sticks their head in the sand when things get tough.

  147. skonkatonic says:

    Could you imagine if they had Britney at the TMZ studios during her break in 2007?

  148. Bowie's Tongue says:

    I agree with you but PMK’s dark sidedness orchestrated this all

  149. Gina Montana says:

    You know you are definitely having a manic phase when sitting down for an interview with TMZ to detail your psychotic thinking seems like a good idea.

  150. Ang says:

    Kanye and Candace Ownes don’t deserve as much attention and airtime as they’re getting. They both are they type who think they know everything and everyone else is less intelligent than them and they don’t realize (or don’t want to realize) that their opinions aren’t based on facts or reality. Ebro on Hot 97 has done an excellent job of pointing out the problems with what Kanye and Candace have been doing and telling them about themselves without giving them his platform.

  151. jj says:

    The internet is destroying Kanye. All the memes out there showing if only the slaves opt out of slavery.

    • Brayne damage says:

      He wanted to be a free thinker and not even take he time to craft a cogent thought. Now he has to pay the price.

  152. ladyinmylife says:

    Kanye is done… he can’t even sell that song on iTunes for 69 cents. Yesterday, it was only 31 on the charts. I’m glad people are turning away from him.

    Sure, you can be the “free thinker” all you want but what you say has consequences. All press is not good press… whoever said it was lied!

  153. saraphim_deeznutz says:

    I saw a couple of minutes of this mess, right around the lipo thing, the level of second hand embarrassment I was getting….ugh. You know Harvey and PMK are in on this, and it’s all being set up so Kim can come out clean in a divorce. Fuck them all. I want to feel bad for Kanye, but his dumbass CHOSE this path.

  154. Mundane Diva says:

    Kim is going to leave him in 3..2….1

  155. mynameism says:

    Hopefully his kids don’t inherit his crazy.

    • mynameism says:

      “inherit”? That’s not the word I’m looking for. That would be for furniture and shit.

    • JazzyPhilo says:

      He says North has his personality

    • Farmgal 4 says:

      Would inheriting their mother’s crazy be any better? Those poor kids are fucked any way you look it.

  156. Gunnar Max says:

    Meanwhile…Kim is posting snapchats of her and Chicago with a filter that makes them look like they are teddy bears drinking lattes. I mean….you can’t make this shit up.

    • Cat Meow says:

      I’m SO against kids & those stupid snapchat filters. ARGH.

      • Bruins Dirk says:

        Snapchat filters need to die a fiery death. I’m okay with them on kids, bc some people think it’s cute, but NOT ON ADULTS.

  157. Candy Blackmail says:

    Kanye has gone back to steering the crazy train while Kim spends her day posing pictures of her ass on Instagram. Those children have a very depressing future.

  158. Bruins Dirk says:

    “Controlled by the media…” OMG. He’s hsyterically funny. Hey Rantye, here’s how you don’t let yourself be “controlled” by the media: stay off it and away from it. Stop posting every fart bubble on Twitter, stop going to the TMZ offices , and stop marrying famewhores. Stop going online. It’s really quite easy when you think about it….much easier than slaves just “walking away” from their “choice” to be enslaved.
    Oh, and you’re not a genius– you’re an idiot.

    • Dana says:

      Why isn’t he afraid that by participating in the media, it will control him? Shouldn’t he remove himself so he does not get unduly influenced?

  159. Sparrow © says:

    I knew there was a reason i called him Kuntye
    Some thoughts are dangerous
    Good luck with the backlash Fishstix

  160. Downtown Cooter Brown says:

    He’s past the Britney meltdown reading on the scale.

  161. Stan_Hooper says:

    Kanye is now to the point where he needs to check himself in for “exhaustion” which is really, a biopolar meltdown. My brother has these at least several times a year. Last stunt, he went off to Dominican Republic to see if he can marry a woman he laid his eyes on last month.


  162. lola_irtis says:

    man, no one has had those ideas before.

  163. snarkylarky says:

    does anyone take whatever happens on TMZ as real life? lol, he’s just saying anything crazy to create hype for his album, duh

  164. LRider says:

    Hold on, pretty sure I commented on this story yesterday on here. Or is it kanye is saying so much stupid shit that i’m losing track? Its the latter, isnt it?

    • The Infamous 001 says:

      Wait, wouldn’t that be a miscarriage? Let the logic gymnastics begin!

  165. putsomestankonit says:

    This motherfucker…

    So everything bad that has ever happened to someone or as a people is because whoever it happens to be happening to wants it to be done to them?

  166. nerfdump says:

    Kanye is a Randian, I can feel it in my water. Watch this video on acceptable psychopathy by that Ayn Rand cult the Atlas Society and tell me something doesn’t click. It’s a video direct from the 1% to the taxpayers via some shady PR machine like Cambridge A. It explains how equal rights, fair pay, and public services are just “evil envy” making you sad victims and all the fault of Marx and big media or something. Basically “It’s you’re fault you’re not rich like us and have to rely on socialised taxation systems, you’re evil!!”. I apologise in advance for anger triggering content.

    • disqus_NEqLWRu3Xt says:

      Yep, agreed. This is the best quote I have read on Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged:

      “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”

      • Farmgal 4 says:

        “…leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world.”
        That’s a fairly decent description of Kanye.

  167. disqus_NEqLWRu3Xt says:

    Jesus wept people. Can’t you be a bit less sexist?

    How the the hell is this his wife’s fault? He has been unhinged for a long time, and people are always very quick to blame other for his behaviour.

    It’s shocking that Kim Kardashian garners more hatred in the country than fucking trump, when the most offensive thing that she did was make money out of selling herself. She may have sold her soul and her life but she never passed legislation that affects thousands of people. She may be a manipulative being, but her own gain, but the level of hatred attributed to her is just fucking unwarranted. Especially in these circumstances. Have you had a partner with mental issues? Do you know how powerless you feel when you see your companion literally break apart in front of your eyes?

    You guys would be the same braying mob if she sectioned him. Before blaming anyone but Kanye for this mess, take a seat.

  168. Fourthgirl63 says:

    While he was speaking, I just wanted a giant hook to come and snatch his ass out!

  169. ParkeyPosey says:

    Proud of Vans for standing up. That is someone who is watched nightly, He argues with Harvey all the time and accuses him of kissing Kardashian ass. Good on him. I do not have anything to say about Kanye West other than he needs help. Where he is and who he is surrounded by are never going to help him , that is sad.

  170. lyza says:

    Van Lathan should leave TMZ and go be à réal journalist somewhere, cause he clearly has it in him after droping some serious serious knowledge and facts on Kanye. He’s clearly gone off the deep end, nobodody’s telling him to stick to his treatment for the sake of his mental health and the whole situation is actually getting really sad to me, at this point.

  171. Farmgal 4 says:

    Harvey Levin is a PRICK.

  172. Juan Carlos says:

    isn’t it about time that some publicist from team yeezy announces that yeezy is being treated for exhaustion? somewhere in arizona. sedonia probably.

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