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Britney Spears Says She And Her Mom Were Able To Work Things Out During Their Recent Visit

May 26, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s looking hopeful that there may be more mother-daughter hood-sittin’ to come for Britney and Lynne Spears as they did above way back in 2015 before Britney would later go scorched earth on all of the Spearses in response to her 13-year conservatorship and the subsequent familial battle of money and will that ended it. As we learned yesterday, Lynne flew out to L.A. to visit Britney at her dancin’ mansion on Wednesday after the two had been estranged for several years. And, it seems they must’ve been very efficient with their 30 minutes since Britney then posted that she’d finally been able to let out what she’d been harboring toward Lynne over the years, and the two have smoothed things over.

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Britney Spears Addressed What She Thinks May Have Caused Her Sons To Refuse Visits With Her; In Response, Kevin Federline Posted Videos Of Her And The Boys Fighting

August 11, 2022 / Posted by:

If you’re like me and have wondered if things will ever calm down on the Britney Spears news front, today is not the day and the rest of the week isn’t looking good now either. Britney and Kevin Federline, her ex-husband and father of their two sons,16-year-old Sean Preston Federline and 15-year-old Jayden James Federline, have been taking turns talking publicly about Britney’s distant relationship with her sons ever since Kevin (seen above showing us how many times he’s been on the horn with TMZ today) opened up about the relationship with their mom in an interview airing on Britain’s ITV and also having his lawyer say that the boys miss their grandpa, Britney’s dad/her mortal enemy, Jamie Spears (who they currently have a restraining order against). Britney and her husband, Sam Asghari, both hit back at Kevin in response. Yesterday, Britney posted (and has since deleted) a lengthy Instagram post outlining what she believes may have led to her sons not wanting to visit with her anymore, and then Kevin clapped right back, posting videos of Britney and her sons fighting. Kevin’s lawyer also spoke out and said that Britney makes her boys uncomfortable and sends upsetting texts.

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