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Lea Michele Shared Some Selfies And That Led To Talk About Buccal Fat Removal

December 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Lea Michele is getting some attention, but it’s not about race or bullying this time! Lea shared selfies on her Instagram, and social media lit up about buccal fat removal–the new procedure allegedly making its way through the women of Hollywood like Pete Davidson. Lea’s name was tossed around with other women, and people started talking about the hot new insecurity people can have about their faces. But, of course, like all superficial cosmetic things, there’s a medical downside. so before you vacuum your cheeks to fit in with weirdos, consult a professional!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Booming Business Of Leg Lengthening Surgery

September 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday GQ published a piece about the growing popularity of leg lengthening surgery. Wait, is this actually for real? Apparently so! The article claims that more and more men are getting a “a radical and expensive surgery” that adds three to six inches to their height. Unfortunately, it requires having both of your femurs broken. Hey, if Tom Cruise can hang off the side of a flying plane for Mission: Impossible, he can deal with a couple of smashed thigh bones.

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Zac Efron Says The Fall That Broke His Jaw Nearly Killed Him

September 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Last year, 34-year-old Zac Efron popped back up on the scene and everybody looked over at him like, “Um… when did Rob Lowe de-age himself?” because Zac’s jaw was looking a little… different. While we may have been thinking it was due to some kind of jaw procedure that only rich people would ever participate in, he claimed that it was actually the result of an accident. Zac is talking a bit more about that accident and apparently, it almost killed him. This is interesting because, after the alleged incident, Zac then went on to do a show called Killing Zac Efron so he must have got a taste for the near-death experience!

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Paulina Porizkova Claps Back At A Plastic Surgeon Who Suggests Her Face Needs ‘Fixing’

August 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Paulina Porizkova, one of the most successful models of the 80s and 90s, is currently getting treated badly because of the unforgivable crime of aging. I was always under the impression that aging was the goal because the alternative is really depressing. But as Paulina has already discovered, some men can be mean and judgmental once you get past theI’d Hit That!‘ stage in life. And that’s what’s happened recently as one of her photos has come under the scrutiny of an unnamed plastic surgeon who is picking apart her face and telling everyone what’s wrong with it. But Paulina isn’t remaining silent and is using the same photo as a teachable moment about how difficult it is to be a woman aging in the fashion industry.

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Renée Zellweger Said That Anti-Aging Products Are Garbage And That Women Should Embrace Getting Older

August 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Now that Renée Zellweger is a few years into her 50s, it’s high time for her to hit that Jane Fonda stroll and wax poetic over how amazing getting older is and that everyone needs to stop dreading it or trying to turn back the clock. If you were wondering what the only other option for women in Hollywood on deck to receive constant AARP mailings is, it’s claiming that what keeps you looking super smooth and young is just drinking lots of water and slathering yourself in olive oil and absolutely nothing else, right Jennifer Lopez Affleck?

Ever since 2014 when Renée re-emerged on a red carpet looking uncharacteristically wide-eyed and less squinty, rumors swirled that she had plastic surgery to open up her signature droopy eyelids. While she denied it in interviews and an op-ed, anyone who had eyes more ajar than her originals could see that something had changed. Apparently, Renée is still trying to make au naturel happen. The Sunday Times recently interviewed 53-year-old Renée, and she says that she’s come to a point in her life where she feels comfortable in her (untouched, according to her) skin and thinks that anti-aging beauty projects belong in the trash.

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Jane Fonda Discussed Aging And Her Plastic Surgery Once Again

August 3, 2022 / Posted by:

Jane Fonda wears many chic hats: social and environmental activist, award-winning actress, fitness guru, and expert Megyn Kelly agitator (which is my favorite recurring role of hers). And at 85, she also happens to be part of a small handful of older actresses in Hollywood who still get work and then in turn have to promote it; so she’s often asked about aging and has talked about her various plastic surgeries (and that she’s DONE with them) to the point of getting annoyed about being asked about it (right, Megyn!?). But recently, she discussed it again in a feature with VOGUE–because it seems like once a woman reaches a certain age, their only two options are to stoically walk into the ocean and die OR constantly have to discuss the trials and tribulations of being said age.

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