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Beyonce’s Iconic Style Has Finally Been Recognized With An Award

June 7, 2016 / Posted by:

It’s truly a tragedy that the fashion world doesn’t recognized the endless contributions Beyonce has made to the world of fashion more often. When I think of iconic style looks, my mind is bombarded with an endless Rolodex of examples from Destiny’s Child’s catalogue of music videos. The coordinated hoochie mama animal pelt bikinis from Survivor, the endless yardage of craft-store suede fringe of Bootylicious, the laced-up pastel pleather eleganza of Bills, Bills, Bills. Literally every luxe club rat look from Jumpin Jumpin. She also wore some other stuff later in her career, but it can’t hold a candle to the gorgeously gaudy couture she wore during the DC days. The Council of Fashion Designers of America agrees, and they gave her an award last night in NYC. I’m assuming the award was mostly for the iconic DC looks.

Beyonce Says Beyonce’s Proudest Moment Was Birthing Blue Ivy Carter

March 11, 2016 / Posted by:

During an interview with Garage magazine (via Billboard), Beyonce admitted that the moment that gives Beyonce the most feels is the day she gave birth to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

“Out of everything I’ve accomplished, my proudest moment, hands-down, was when I gave birth to my daughter, Blue.”

When asked if it was a special moment for her as well, Blue Ivy Carter replied “As long as you have absolutely no follow-up questions, yes, being birthed by Beyonce was a great moment for me too.

It looks like the Beyonce belly truthers finally have some pretty solid proof that Beyonce actually did carry Blue Ivy. I mean, she said it herself: her proudest moment was when she gave birth to her daughter, Blue. And why would Beyonce feel the need to lie? (Beyonce’s real age just started nervously sweating). Although something tells me this just added a whole new layer of crazy onto the conspiracy. “She said ‘hands down’. What do hands touch? The ground. What’s ground in French? Sol. What do you wrap a baby in? Swaddling clothes. What is swaddling clothes in French? Langes. Sol. Langes. Solange. SOLANGE IS HER DAUGHTER, I KNEW IT!

Pic: Garage

Another Round Of Tidal Firings Happened

March 1, 2016 / Posted by:

Good news for those of you who were wondering if Tidal was still the little train wreck that could, I am pleased to confirm that yes, yes it is. While the train has yet to officially ride off the rails and careen full-speed down the ravine, it has once again skipped a couple tracks and caused the conductor (Jay Z,) to no doubt whisper “Shit shit shit” while searching for the kill switch.

Complex says Tidal has fired both their CFO and COO. According to a press release from Tidal (which I picture as being written on the back of a Spotify job application form) CFO Chris Hart and COO Nils Juell were given walking papers because the company decided to move their operations team from Oslo to New York. Chris and Nils won’t be lonely in the Fired From Tidal Club; they’ll be joining the two CEOs and 25 employees that were let go last year. And if Rihanna gets caught Twitter shading the boss’ wife again, she might be next.

No word on who will replace Chris and Nils, but whoever it is might want to pencil in a meeting with the Tidal lawyers for their first day. According to the Jasmine Brand (via Complex), Jay Z and Tidal became the recipients of a $5 million class-action lawsuit on Saturday. Yesh Music and John Emanuele of a band called The American Dollar claim they haven’t received a single royalty check from Tidal, despite streaming 116 of their copyrighted songs.

The lawsuit also alleges that the check-writing team at Tidal are shady bitches who used faulty numbers to make royalty payments and may have stiffed artists by as much as 35%. Shortly after Jay Z invested Tidal, he swore up and down that Tidal would pay every artist, including the non-famous ones, a 75% royalty rate. Shit, maybe Kanye West was telling the truth when he said he was broke?

Here’s the King and Queen of Tidal looking like the house from Up while leaving something called Giggles N’ Hugs with Blue Ivy on Saturday. And no, I can’t with Beyonce’s busted Dorothy Michaels glasses either.

Pics: Splash,

Watch Out, Amy Poehler! The Beyhive Is After Your Ass!

August 19, 2015 / Posted by:

Gob Bluth-divorcer Amy Poehler is producing hilarious besties Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner’s new comedy on Hulu, Difficult People. Julie has described Amy as being heavily involved in the writing process and told EW that “Amy could not have been more hands-on.” Hence, when Julie’s character noted in one episode that “I can’t wait for Blue Ivy to be old enough for R. Kelly to piss on her,” the Beyhive went for the more visible perpetrator.*

Julie must have that feeling you get when a bus nearly misses you in the street! Reactions on Twitter from the #BeyHive were anything but mixed.

(via Uproxx)

To add some context, Julie’s character is assailed by the Internet for making the joke. So it’s not like the Difficult People universe actually HAS R. Kelly eventually using the Nazarene as a urinal. Not that I’m defending the joke! *nervous chuckle* (Please see the notation below.)

When the long-running BET show 106 & Park had Chris Brown’s on-and-off unfortunate and 106 host Coochie Tran make a Blue Ivy joke, the Beyhive got the 14-year-old show cancelled. Watch for Amy to be knocking back on SNL’s door for some “Featured Player” roles. That would be after she and the kids get out of WITSEC in 2025.

*I’d like to note that I IN NO WAY laughed at that joke. I believe ANY mention of Blue Ivy Carter in anything other than a respectful, worshipful tone is WRONG. WRONG! Please don’t come after me or my husband or my dogs for posting about this obscene occurrence, Beyhive. Because you are crazy devoted as hell. You feel Beyonce to be Wet Look Jesus, and I am ok with that. Absolutely! Please know that I dance to “Crazy In Love” at weddings unironically, and I think she’s tremendous!  (Have I CMA’ed enough, yet?)

Check out pics of Jay-Z and Blue Ivy boarding a helicopter en route to bomb the Difficult People set (I kid), and more pics of Amy, Julie and Billy at the premiere in the gallery below.

Pics: Splash

Jay Z And Beyonce Are Moving To Los Angeles Because Gwyneth Paltrow Told Them To

February 4, 2015 / Posted by:

I’m just going to assume that the reason Beyonce is serving up that court-side stank eye is because this picture was taken exactly 0.2 seconds after Jay Z suggested they move to Los Angeles because Gwyneth Paltrow told them to. “I’m sorry, but when did that bony know-it-all broomstick start making the decisions around here? There’s only one person who calls the shots, and it’s BEYONCE!…and maybe Blue Ivy Carter if I’m powered down for my weekly maintenance tune-up“.

So it sounds like Goopy can now add pushy real estate agent to her resume (right underneath pussy steaming expert). According to UsWeekly, Goopy won’t have to travel to NYC to desperately dry hump Beyonce and Jay Z for street credibility anymore, because she recently convinced them to move to Los Angeles. A source says:

“Beyonce and Jay Z are making L.A. their permanent home based a lot on the advice of their friends. The friend that really influenced them to move was Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth was telling Jay and Bey about the quality of life for her kids in L.A. and really swayed Beyonce and Jay to make the move. It’s all for Blue Ivy.”

Beyonce and Jay Z are currently living in a hotel in Beverly Hills and are searching for the perfect home, but they’ve already found a preschool for Blue Ivy. TMZ says her royal highness BIC has been enrolled in a toddler program at a fancy private school, the tuition of which is $15,080 a year. “Oh, that’s cute – so you’re sending her to public school then?” asked Goopy, as she wrote out a $138,000 check for the Gooplets private Latin lessons at the Vatican.

And I can’t wait to read all about the story Gwyneth writes for GOOP about helping them move-in. “After a long day of watching the movers carry each piece of hand-crafted imported furniture into their cozy little 67-bedroom cottage, I decided to treat my good friends Beyoncé Giselle and Shawn Carter to a much needed pizza and beer break. So I had my private jet whisk us off to my favorite brewery in Belgium…

What In The Hell Kind Of GD Frida Kahlo Costume Is This?

November 3, 2014 / Posted by:

Beyonce has a staff of THOUSANDS and she can’t piss without dozens of diamonds falling out of her pee hole, so when she dresses up as Frida Kahlo I expect her to go all the way out. I don’t expect this half-assed shit. How can you say you’re Frida Kahlo for Halloween when your eyebrow situation does not look like two freshly groomed Woolly Bear Caterpillars delicately kissing each other on the lips? For where is the unibrow? Those eyebrows look more like two electrocuted pubic strips and Frida Kahlo would never ever groom her brows like that. Beyonce looks more like my bushy brow-having uncle in drag as Carmen Miranda.

Beyonce dressed up as Frida Kahlo to watch the Halloween parade in NYC at Charlie Bird’s with Blue Ivy and Jay-Z. Beyonce has so much money that she could’ve easily hired a Frida Kahlo expert to gather donated eyebrow hairs from Frida Kahlo’s relatives so that they could accurately recreate Frida’s glorious eyebrow situation for her costume. If that wasn’t a possibility, she should’ve just dyed her baby bangs black and glued that over her eyes. Even that would’ve looked better than those tragic, painted-on frazzled otter brows.

In other Beyonce news, the track list of her possible second surprise album leaked. It’s supposed to come out in 11 days. So from now until then, the Beyhive will be butt chugging liquid meth while refreshing Beyonce’s iTunes store page over and over again.

Beyonce Let Blue Ivy Cut Up One Of Her Wigs With Safety Scissors

October 14, 2014 / Posted by:

The most hardcore, dedicated, crazy members of the Beyhive had their loyalty tested hard today when their God, Beyonce, stepped out in London today looking like a bucktoothed rat chewed on her clip-on bangs. If you show me a member of the Beyhive who thinks this is the look, then I’ll show you a straitjacket that is missing their body, because they are crazy. I know Jay-Z always has a sad look on his face like he just watched Bambi’s mom get shot, but I think that Little Lord FauntleDerp wig on Beyonce’s head is making him extra sad.

Is this Beyonce’s way of trying to get the lessers to relate to her? Because she’s a multi-multi-millionaire who could buy the mane off of a rare blonde unicorn if she wanted to and that dehydrated wig looks like it cost $5.99 and was the last thing remaining at a beauty supply store going out of business sale. That wig looks like it was snatched off of the club floor by a janitor at the end of Halloween night. I don’t even think that wig is sitting on her head right. It’s slouching and making her look like a deranged Klingon Bettie Page.

I really think Blue Ivy found a dirty, crusty, used mop head somewhere, cut it up with kitchen scissors and told her mom to wear it. And I love BIC for that.

Pics: Splash

Night At The Museum: The Carter-Knowles Edition

October 12, 2014 / Posted by:

If you woke up feeling broke, bitter and hungover like me, the Carter-Knowles are here to rub salt in your wound and point out that you are an imperfect poor ass who could never shut the Louvre down for a day so that you could ask the Venus De Milo to hold your purse and snap a few phone pics of you and your lovely family and then laugh because it’s funny because she has no arms. If you woke up feeling Awesome McWinnerson on top of the world, the Carter-Knowles are here to knock your ass off that high horse and point out that you’re an imperfect broke ass fighting the Louvre crowd basic bitch. At least they don’t play favorites, right?

So here are pictures that Beyonce posted of her perfect family day on Wednesday with Jay Z and Blue Ivy. You may want to put on your RayBans and some SPF 500 before you click, lest you get third degree burns on your eyeballs and everywhere else from gazing upon the white hot perfection of Illuminati Delacroix, Mona Lisa likes to take two fingers, Watch And Learn Psyche and Amore, and Marilyn Monblue Ivy. It’s like staring directly at the sun or masturbating: too much and you’ll go blind (GOOD – you). You can browse the gallery below or you can go to to see MY LIFE flashing over all the photos. YES WE KNOW, and thanks alot for ruining my monitor when I wrote FUCK over the MY LIFE with a Sharpie.

You know the real reason they shut down the Louvre is so the plebes wouldn’t see the Night At The Museum scene when all the paintings and statues came to life to fantard all over and photobomb the Bay-Jays. You might think that the Carters were taking pictures of themselves with the world famous artwork, but it was actually the other way around. And now you know why the Mona Lisa’s tits are autographed…it’s not graffiti, Mona begged them to do it and now refuses to ever bathe again.

Pics: Beyonce

Beyoncé Lets Sasha Fierce Ride The Camel

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

Ugh, surfbort. Beyoncé shot some pics and co-wrote a poem about her favorite subject (herself) for CR Fashion Book. Beyhivers, please copy down this latest missive from on high onto your sacred scrolls with your gold-tipped feather pens. This the word of your Lord (when Oprah’s off that day), thanks Bey to God.

In “Bey The Light” (words by Beyonce, “remixed” by poet Forrest Gander – whatever the eff that means), Beyonce spills intimate details about her life with the not-fake husband (?) and the baby. Did you know she has to channel Sasha Fierce when she gets on that hump?

I learned at a very young age,
when I need to tap some extra strength,
to put my persona, Sasha, on stage.

Though we’re different as blue and red,
I’m not afraid to draw from her
in performance, rifts, and even in bed

There’s a lot more were that came from, but what’s really interesting is the confirmation that Kanye West definitely hates her. Because his down-low dude Riccardo Tisci styled this shoot. Which means not only did he cover her face up in one pic (how Bey allowed someone to cover up her extra-worldly glory for even a minute we’ll never know), but he had her wear stretch pants and wrestle with a giant, exploded Mickey Mouse doll (?) in another. What the hell? I understand the concept of not ready-to-wear but you’d look really silly trying to enter establishments in that. You’d get stuck and they’d have to call the fire department.

That sound you hear is Tisci and Kanye tee-hee-heeing over her dumb ass. You know Riccardo got an extra tug or two for a job well done.

Check out more pics of Beyoncé’s photoshoot for CR Fashion Book below.

Okay, The Beyhive Can Stop Threatening To Murder The Difficult Brown’s Piece

August 27, 2014 / Posted by:

All together now: The HELL kind of GD rejected Fly Girl outfit is that bitch wearing? Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

On Sunday night, the second, third, fourth and final coming of Jesus, Blue Ivy Carter, blessed the VMAs with her holy presence and the halo in the form of a natural afro over her head. Some bitches on Twitter dragged BIC for having natural hair and those people probably woke up with a head full of no hair, because God scalped them all in the night for hating on their successor. One of those bitches was Chris Brown’s on-and-off-and-on-and-off-again trick Karrueche Tran (pronounced: Bitch You Fucking Dumb For Being With Chris Brown).

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