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Rebel Wilson Responds To An Australian Newspaper Almost Outing Her

June 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, Rebel Wilson announced on Instagram that she had found her Disney Princess and was with entrepreneur Ramona Agruma. Pride flags waved in celebration, rainbow glitter was shot out of a rainbow cannon, and U-Haul slid into Rebel and Ramona’s DMs to congratulate them and offer them a 15% off discount! But Rebel’s coming out wasn’t totally covered in happiness and sparkles because it wasn’t her decision. The Sydney Morning Herald admitted that before Rebel’s announcement, they let her know that they knew about her relationship with Ramona and gave her two days to respond. Rebel responded alright. But Rebel wasn’t about to let The Sydney Morning Herald put her face on their paper with the words “YEP, SHE’S GAY” and instead, beat them to the punch by coming out on Instagram. Rebel has pretty much confirmed that she was forced to come out, but the editor of The Sydney Morning Herald denies that they were trying to push her out of the closet.

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Matthew Morrison Is Out As Judge On “So You Think You Can Dance” For Breaking Production Protocols

May 28, 2022 / Posted by:

Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance started up again on May 18 after taking a break to let viewers’ eardrums heal from Mary Murphy’s screeches pounding them into grounded-up eardrum meat. The last season, which was season 16, aired in 2019 and the 17th season featured a new judging panel made up of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a ponytail-less JoJo Siwa, and Justin Timberlake’s Wednesday matinee understudy Matthew Morrison (aka creepy teacher extraordinaire Mr. Schue from Glee). But after just two episodes, Matthew was told, “So you think you can dance out the exit door?”, because he has jazz-walked off of the SYTCD stage. The reason he gave is that he did not “follow competition protocols,” and the rest of his statement makes it sound like he got too friendly with at least one contestant. What a Mr. Schue thing to do.

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Kevin Spacey Has Been Charged With Four Counts Of Sexual Assault In The UK

May 26, 2022 / Posted by:

Just yesterday we learned that Josh Duggar had been sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison for possessing child abuse materials. And it looks like the universe wasn’t done manifesting underage creeper justice, because Kevin Spacey is now facing four counts of sexual assault in London, England. There goes that big direct-to-a-Walmart-discount-$2 DVD-bin comeback he had planned!

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Meghan McCain Responds To Her Book Selling Less Than 300 Copies

May 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Last year, The View’s former #1 eye roll inducer Meghan McCain released her latest memoir (yes, at 37 years old, she’s got more than one) Bad Republican, exclusively on Audible. They released it on Audible because I guess data showed that there are a lot of masochists out there who just love to feel their ears bleed from listening to Meghan McCain talk about herself for over five hours. It was released on hard copy on April 26, and MSN says that since then, it has sold a whopping 244 copies. Honestly, this is pretty fucking shocking. I mean, I can’t believe there are more than zero people who want to use their hard-earned cash to buy a book by Meghan McCain. Why do I suddenly have the image of Meghan McCain wearing Groucho Marx glasses and a t-shirt that reads John McCain’s Daughter’s #1 Fan while leaving a Barnes & Noble with a bag full of 244 copies of her own book?

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Netflix Has Lost 200,000 Subscribers And Is Expected To Lose A Lot More

April 20, 2022 / Posted by:

This morning, Netflix’s stock has been skydiving as it shit-tanks and plummets 34%. (“I know what will save us! A reality show about skydiving stocks!” said a Netflix executive) Netflix’s stock has fallen faster than my eyelids while trying to watch its Dollar Tree Lifetime movie starring Alyssa Milano. One of the reasons why Netflix’s shares have been crashing is because they announced that 200,000 subscribers have hit the I QUIT THIS BITCH button on their asses during the first quarter of this year. Hmmm, my guess is that those 200,000 people watched Netflix’s riveting television masterpiece Is This Cake? and thought, “You know, this is peak TV and nothing will ever top this again,” before canceling their subscription and dropping their TVs off at Goodwill. That must be it.

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Jason Momoa And Kate Beckinsale Got “Flirty” At An Oscars After-Party

March 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Earlier this year, True Love filed papers to legally change its name to Bob when we all learned that True Love is a thing that doesn’t exist anymore since Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet split up after 4 years of marriage and a total of nearly 17 years together. But then True Love took back its name-changing application after a rumor came out that Jason and Lisa were trying to make it work. Well, True Love better re-submit its name-changing application, because, at this past weekend’s Oscars, Jason told red carpet reporters that he and Lisa aren’t back together. And at an Oscars after-party, he was spotted getting “flirty” with Kate Beckinsale.

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