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Taylor Swift Made The Forbes Richest Self Made Women’s List Along With Rihanna And Beyoncé

June 2, 2023 / Posted by:

Whimsical word witch Taylor Swift is currently shaking her tail feather on a lucrative world tour set to catapult her bank account further into the multimillions, especially since she’s just announced that her Eras tour is going to Latin America. And while Taylor is patiently awaiting the songs of heartbreak she’ll create after her latest relationship turns to shit, Taylor has something else to celebrate as well. Forbes magazine recently released its America’s Richest Self-Made Women issue, and Taylor finds herself nestled in with the usual suspects Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Oprah Winfrey. And Taylor’s placement not only solidifies her reign as the Empress of Emotions. It also places her high above on the list.

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Open Post: Hosted By Taylor Swift Fans Wearing Adult Diapers To The Eras Tour So They Don’t Miss Any Songs

June 1, 2023 / Posted by:

While Taylor Swift has been scheming up ways to quiet the backlash from her dating the Azealia Banks-roasted scabies-ridden, “full incelMatty Healy, her Swifties have been scheming up ways to not miss a single moment of the Eras Tour; and many (who don’t have a medical need to use them) have landed on wearing adult diapers so they don’t risk missing anything by heading to a bathroom.

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Azealia Banks Tells Taylor Swift To Dump “Full Incel” Matty Healy Before He Gives Her “Scabies”

May 31, 2023 / Posted by:

Azealia Banks is back at it, but by “it” I don’t mean sacrificing chickens as part of her religion, so Sia can chill out. I mean getting on the Internet and giving some very in-depth, pretty mean, and possibly-but-probably-not well-intentioned unsolicited advice. This time it is Taylor Swift who is on the receiving end of the advice, and the one catching Azealia’s barbs is Taylor’s newest boyfriend, The 1975 singer Matty Healy. Azealia warns Taylor that Matty will give her “scabies” and that he is a “full incel” who does not deserve to “climb the rich white coochie mountain.” I mean… she made some points! Points were made!

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Taylor Swift’s Newest Song “You’re Losing Me” Is Probably About Her Split From Joe Alwyn

May 27, 2023 / Posted by:

As expected, the Garth Brooks of pop Taylor Swift released her 846th version of her seventh-month-old album Midnights (okay, it was her fifth version… and counting). Initially, it was sold EXCLUSIVELY in CD form at her Eras show in New Jersey last night. But she later released the version, The Late Night Edition, in digital format in her webstore. That edition features a new song called You’re Losing Me, where she sings, “I wouldn’t marry me either/A pathological people pleaser/ Who only wanted you to see her.”  So basically, everyone’s thinking that Taylor and Joe Alwyn broke up after six years together because he didn’t want to marry her. And to Swifties, those lyrics are a battle cry, and they’re pulling out their weapons (aka emojis) as they get ready to ATTACK!

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Taylor Swift Is Getting Called Out For Her “Calculated” Collaboration With Ice Spice

May 25, 2023 / Posted by:

Subtle” was redefined yesterday when Taylor Swift burped up the news that she’s releasing new versions of two songs from her album Midnights. TayTay announced that she and Lana Del Rey recorded a new version of their song Snow on the Beach and that she and IT rapper of the moment, Ice Spice, did a remix of her song Karma. Many have stamped the latter collab with the words “DAMAGE CONTROL” since TayTay’s current poo (typo and it stays), Matty Healy, laughed at racist comments about Ice Spice on a podcast. And while some Swifties have once again defended their savior over this, others are adding this damage control jewel to TayTay’s Queen of Performative Acts crown.

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Matty Healy Will Reportedly Write Songs For Taylor Swift’s Next Album, Despite Backlash From Her Fans

May 24, 2023 / Posted by:

While some people recycle the same restaurants they bring every new lover to, Taylor Swift lures her new boyfriends to the studio. And she’s keeping the tradition going after pulling the plug on her 6-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. Taylor’s less improved English bloke Matty Healy, the frontman of The 1975- will reportedly write songs for her new album. I see that Matty is trying to get himself a Grammy like Joe.

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