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Scarlett Johansson Still Really Loves Woody Allen

September 4, 2019 / Posted by:

July 2019: Scarlett Johansson provides the internet with material for years when she responds to casting criticism by defiantly claiming she should be able to play any character, even a tree. Thus subsequently making trees the butt of many, many jokes.

September 2019: All those poor trees finally catch a much-needed break when Scarlett opens her mouth and gives the world a new reason to roll their eyes. And that reason’s name is Woody Allen.

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Judge Mathis Is Accused Of Spitting On A Valet For Taking Too Long To Get His Car

August 28, 2019 / Posted by:
One valet in Detroit has accused Judge Mathis of being a cranky diva by yelling and spitting at his face, all because the valet had the disgusting audacity to make Judge Mathis wait 10 to 15 minutes for his Rolls Royce. Honestly, Judge Mathis needs to calm the hell down and appreciate the fact that he’s able to buy a Rolls Royce with the easy money he makes from reading paternity test results and yelling at dummies for not tipping their prostitutes.

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A Former Palace Police Officer Claims Prince Andrew Used To Have Girls Brought To Him By Ghislaine Maxwell

August 26, 2019 / Posted by:

I’m sure Queen Elizabeth is now second guessing all those times the doorbell rang in the middle of the night at Buckingham Palace, and Prince Andrew would nervously shout out, “Don’t worry mumsy, tis only the pizza delivery porter! Go back to bed, and throw in those earplugs I bought you.

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A Second Person Has Accused Katy Perry Of Sexual Assault

August 16, 2019 / Posted by:

Earlier this week, a model named Josh Kloss (aka the hot guy from the Teenage Dream video) accused Katy Perry of exposing his junk in front of everyone at a roller rink and enduring the controlling wrath of her PR people. (Katy’s friends defended her claiming Josh is lying.) Now another person is talking about how she allegedly can’t keep her hands to herself.

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