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Open Post: Hosted By Taylor Swift Fans Wearing Adult Diapers To The Eras Tour So They Don’t Miss Any Songs

June 1, 2023 / Posted by:

While Taylor Swift has been scheming up ways to quiet the backlash from her dating the Azealia Banks-roasted scabies-ridden, “full incelMatty Healy, her Swifties have been scheming up ways to not miss a single moment of the Eras Tour; and many (who don’t have a medical need to use them) have landed on wearing adult diapers so they don’t risk missing anything by heading to a bathroom.

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Paul Mescal Talked About Getting Groped By A Fan

February 24, 2023 / Posted by:

I have a friend who’s totally sexually obsessed with Irish actor Paul Mescal. She fell in love with him from that show Normal People, which has been on my “to watch” list the entire length of the pandemic. And my pal ain’t the only one. 27-year-old Paul’s star is on the rise, thanks to his Best Actor Oscar nomination for Aftersun and recent split with musician Phoebe Bridgers (word on the street is she left him for Bo Burnam). Unfortunately for Paul, there are actually drawbacks to being a young, famous heartthrob, and not just “nobody takes me seriously cuz I’m too beautiful” bullshit. In a recent interview with ES Magazine, Paul talked about how angry he was after being groped by a female fan.

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Open Post: Hosted By Harry Styles Partaking In The Australian Tradition Of Drinking From A Shoe

February 21, 2023 / Posted by:

I’ve always had the impression that Australia’s a place with warm people who live in a beautifully diverse range of landscapes and climates, each with its own array of scary ways to meet one’s demise. But aside from animals like fucking pythons and roided out kangaroos, apparently, athlete’s throat is a peril recently plaguing musicians who tour there because they’ve been embracing the Aussie tradition of the “shoey,” or drinking from a shoe. Post Malone (who I just assume would drink beer from a shoe in any location) drank beer from a fan’s shoe while in Australia earlier this month, and now Harry Styles just joined in by drinking water from his own shoe during his tour stop in Perth yesterday.

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Alec Baldwin Got Mad Over The Criticism Of An Instagram Caption He Wrote About His Wife And 6-Year-Old Son

January 24, 2023 / Posted by:

Apparently, Alec Baldwin’s home is run with the same chaotic energy that reportedly led to the dangerous working conditions on the set of Rust which enabled Alec to hold a loaded gun that led to the death of someone. Under normal circumstances, a high-profile individual facing a federal manslaughter rap will be urged by council and common decency to shut the hell up and let their legal team do the talking. However, the denizens of Casa De Baldwinitos are apparently immune to both. So you’ve got Hilaria Baldwin running around the streets of New York City looking for anyone with a camera at which to scream, dios mio, leave mi familia alone! while wearing a sweatshirt from her new collaboration with Kanye West called Last Word(s).

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Pamela Anderson Wrote In Her Memoir That Tim Allen Flashed Her While Working Together On “Home Improvement;” He Denies It

January 23, 2023 / Posted by:

Step aside, Spare, there’s a new memoir in town for us to consume for free before it even hits shelves! Pamela Anderson’s upcoming memoir, Love, Pamela, seemingly sheds light on several douchey men who peaked in the 90s; we already heard she thinks her ex-husband Tommy Lee was probably her one true love. She also shared that another of her many ex-husbands, Kid Rock, doesn’t reek of dick cheese and the Confederacy. Ok, ok, I made that one up, but that would be a shocking revelation, no? Pam’s book and accompanying Netflix doc, Pamela, A Love Story, won’t be released until January 31, but another (actual) excerpt from the book has been exposed: Pam says on her very first day of filming on the set of Home Improvement, Tim Allen exposed himself to her. When asked for comment, Tim (obviously) denied the allegation.

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Jesse James’ Pregnant Wife Accused Him Of Cheating And Filed For Divorce, But Then Called It Off The Next Day

December 5, 2022 / Posted by:

When famous motorcycle mechanic/well-known peen-passer Jesse “Vanilla Gorilla” James wed former porn star/current Second Amendment humper Bonnie Rotten in a sweaty outdoor June ceremony, harbingers of happiness and hope, such as screaming InfoWars’ gargoyle Alex Jones, everyone should’ve been able to rest assured that true love exists. Bonnie’s now carrying Jesse’s fetus, but caused a stir a few days ago when she posted (and deleted) an Instagram Story calling Jesse out for doing what Jesse’s always done–have fuck times with people who aren’t his wife. Jesse immediately denied the allegations, though he did admit the two had been in a blowout fight in which he called her the “r-word.” And today, Bonnie posted another story asking for peace and sharing that she’d called off the divorce. Now, the two are upset with the media for reporting on the information that they themselves first disbursed to their millions of followers.

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