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Matty Healy Allegedly Ghosted His Model Girlfriend For Taylor Swift, Who Has “Never Been This Happy” In Her Life

May 22, 2023 / Posted by:

It seems that 33-year-old Taylor Swift‘s new romance with 34-year-old Matty Healy of The 1975 (who was born in 1989) has shocked a whole slew of people. The Swifties probably didn’t want to see their Queen dating a man who openly admitted to loving racist torture porn (among other horrible things). And her now-ex, Joe Alwyn, reportedly thought she and Matty were just friends. And, apparently, Matty had a girlfriend as well: 23-year-old model  Meredith Mickelson, who sources say was “blindsided” about him moving on to Taylor Swift.

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Joe Alwyn Is Reportedly “Distraught And Slighted” Over Taylor Swift’s Immediate Romance With Matty Healy After Their Break Up

May 19, 2023 / Posted by:

It looks like the Swifties aren’t the only ones who are “distraught and slighted” over Taylor Swift’s new problematic romance with The 1975’s racist torture-porn-loving mess Matty Healy. Her ex, Joe Alwyn, is too, apparently. And since Joe Alwyn co-wrote songs and co-produced Taylor’s album, Folklore, which got him a Grammy, I can’t wait for him to go solo and release his first diss track titled Distraught and Slighted. Because that’s what sources say he’s feeling over TayTay moving on to HIM.

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Taylor Lautner Is “Praying For” John Mayer With The Looming Re-Release Of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now”

May 17, 2023 / Posted by:

Taylor Swift announced she was re-releasing her third studio album, Speak Now, this coming July, and the Swifties buckled up for losing their minds even more than they are over the Eras Tour she’s currently on. And the men on the album buckled up for the resurgence of hatred from all of Taylor’s fans for the ways they did her dirty. This album’s targets include Taylor Lautner and John Mayer, and while Taylor L. is not worried about Taylor S.’s fans roasting him, he recently said he’s “Praying for John.” Well, John doesn’t deserve the prayers, but Taylor L. does have the right idea because after Taylor S. released the music video for All Too Well (10 Minute Version), the Swifties remembered that they hate Jake Gyllenhaal after all these years. So John had better buckle up for the barrage that is inevitably coming his way. He’s gonna get so many rat emojis and death threats.

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Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Took Their Love To NYC

May 12, 2023 / Posted by:

Last week, The Sun burped up a rumor that Taylor Swift moved on from Joe Alwyn to The 1975’s frontmess Matty Healy. Now, Taylor getting with a skinny white Brit is barely shrug-worthy news. But turns out that TayTay’s current rebound piece is bad for her brand because he’s a certified edgelord who has pulled anti-Semitic shit, said racist crap, etc… etc… The Swifties have been in denial over this union, but sadly for them, their queen really is getting on Violet Chachki’s long-lost-and-stay-lost racist evil twin. The two had themselves a date night at the completely low-key Casa Cipriani (which is Italian for LOOK AT US) in NYC yesterday. And suddenly, Tom Hiddleston and his I Heart TS tank top are breathing sighs of relief because they’re no longer the most embarrassing part of TayTay’s dating life.

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Dianna Agron Addressed The Old Rumor That She And Taylor Swift Were Once A Thing

May 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Back in 2011-2012 days, there was a rumor going around that Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron were more than friends; they were Lover(s). At the time, Taylor and Glee’s Quinn Fabray hung out a bunch, and Taylor (allegedly) paid tribute to Dianna on the liner notes for her 2012 album, Red. There was also rampant online speculation that Dianna, Taylor, and football player Tim Tebow were involved in a scandalous love triangle (was this a Tumblr thing?). At the time, Dianna told Jimmy Kimmel she wasn’t involved with Tim or Taylor. Now, a decade later, E! News reports that 37-year-old Dianna s addressing the rumor once again. And you won’t believe what she said. Actually, yes, you will. She denied that shit again.

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Beyoncé’s Upcoming “Renaissance” Tour May Outsell Taylor Swift’s By $500 Million

May 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Although artists like Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift are already in the swing of their respective world tours they understand they’re merely appetizers as the main course, Beyoncé, prepares to empty everyone’s pockets with her expensive tour. When she dropped Renaissance last year, the world stopped and dropped it like a thotty for months in anticipation of her re-emergence to the world stage. Now it’s being reported that Queen Bey will gladly buzz all the way to the bank at the end of this multi-city shakedown to the tune of $2.4 billion. And that’s $500 million more than what Taylor’s Eras tour will see once she steps aside for Queen Bey’s summer reign.

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