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Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Trolled Him On Christmas With Marvel Wrapping Paper

December 26, 2019 / Posted by:

When Martin Scorsese went to bed on Christmas Eve, his greatest wish might have been to wake up Christmas morning and see that Santa had stuffed a note in his stocking that read: “Dear Marty, I used magic to make an alternate universe in which Marvel movies don’t exist. Merry Christmas.” And then Martin would have looked up at the sky with a tear in his eye, and whispered, “Atta boy, Santa.” It would’ve been a wonderful life. But Martin is no George Bailey, and instead, his daughter used Marvel to troll him on Christmas morning.

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Martin Scorsese Explains Why He Keeps Dragging Marvel Movies

November 5, 2019 / Posted by:

Guess what? He still doesn’t like them! Martin Scorsese hates them so much, he wrote a lengthy op-ed for The New York Times about it. Marty is like The Hulk; except in this case, he’s smashing the keys on his keyboard while screaming, “Aaahhhhhh this is not film!” Whether or not he was sitting at his computer shirtless in a pair of ripped-up jean shorts is still to be determined.

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Julie Andrews Passed On A Role In “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Because She Was Too High On Prescription Drugs

October 29, 2019 / Posted by:

Dame Julie Andrews was recently on Watch What Happens Live, and she brought up a weird, random casting rumor. When The Wolf of Wall Street was but a twinkle in Martin Scorsese’s eye, it was rumored that angelic-voiced Broadway and film legend Julie Andrews would possibly be joining the cast. Then the movie came out, and Julie wasn’t in it. As it turns out, Julie had a very The Wolf of Wall Street reason for why she passed on the role. She was just too stoned on pills to do it,

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Francis Ford Coppola Also Thinks That Marvel Movies Are Trash

October 21, 2019 / Posted by:

Francis Ford Coppola, the man who directed Captain EO, the WORST Star Wars movie ever made, has decided to get into the debate over what can be classified as “cinema”. Francis is with Martin Scorsese on this one, and thinks Marvel movies don’t count as cinema because they have nothing to teach us. He’s even went a step further saying that Marty was being too kind. Francis thinks they’re “despicable” and urged them to get off his lawn immediately.

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Martin Scorsese Continued His Crusade Against Superhero Movies

October 14, 2019 / Posted by:

Founding member of the high school Foreign Film Society and captain of the chess team, Martin Scorsese, is still trying to get a rise out of the dumb jock prom king, Marvel, who continues to be the more popular, if less likely to go to Harvard on a scholarship (mostly because it’ll probably get in as a legacy). Not long ago, Marty, who is doing press for his sure to be Oscar nominated film The Irishman, proclaimed that Marvel’s superhero movies are “not cinema”, and likened them to “theme parks”. And I guess since Marvel didn’t just throw in the towel immediately and start researching “jobs for jocks who can’t reed gud”, Marty doubled down on his criticism.

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Jared Leto Was Upset That He Didn’t Get To Play The Joker In “Joker”

October 11, 2019 / Posted by:

Even though Martin Scorsese thumbed his nose at Marvel, claiming their loud and proud superhero explosion fests don’t meet the bar of “Cinema”, The Hollywood Reporter says that Martin was once attached to Joker, and a source claims he had even considered directing it himself at some point. Turns out we might have Martin to thank/blame for drumming up so much interest in a standalone Joker movie that it actually happened. And unfortunately, the list of casualties in Joker’s wake include more than just your poor strained eyeballs when you heard about Todd Phillip‘s inability to write comedy and Joaquin’s Phoenix‘s extreme dieting and on-set pranks. Jared Leto’s feelings were also hurt!

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