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43-Year-Old Johnny Galecki’s 21-Year-Old Girlfriend Is Pregnant

May 4, 2019 / Posted by:

Johnny Galecki must’ve been stressing over what to do with his free time once The Big Bang Theory comes to a close at the end of this season. Besides dodging calls from Sara Gilbert to come on to The Conners full-time, he probably pondered taking up golf, collecting luxury cars or traveling the world, but went with option D: becoming a first time father at the age of 43. And who is the lucky lady incubating the little Galecki? (Note: Little Galecki sounds like what a Polish grandmother would call a cute child while pinching the shit out of its plump cheeks.) That would be Alaina Meyer, Johnny’s 21-year-old girlfriend of over a year.  Continue reading

Prince Hot Ginge Actually Said “Over The Moon” While Talking About His Engagement To Meghan Markle

November 27, 2017 / Posted by:

Pictured: Prince Hot Ginge making the same face I made when he said Princess Diana would be “over the moon” about him getting engaged to Meghan Markle. First, he betrays me by getting engaged to a different biracial American, and then he says the line that hurts my soul almost more than the line, “Sorry, but we’re out of alcohol.” Way to knee me in the b-hole before spitting on it! And not in a sexy way.

After their engagement photo call, PHG and the real winner of I Wanna Marry Harry did one of those traditional and weird interviews that newly engaged British royals do. Now, if I just got engaged to PHG and had to do one of those weird TV interviews, I’d just flash my ring at the camera while saying, “Eat it, whores!“, before humping him until they furiously cut to commercial. But PHG and Meghan talked to the BBC’s Mishal Husain about boring things like how they met, his proposal, her ring and blah blah blah. Yes, I’ll admit that they’re cute and sweet together, but the only thing more barf-inducing than watching an ~in love~ couple sweetly talk about how ~in love~ they are, is watching an ~in love~ couple sweetly talk about how ~in love~ they are while not having to worry about money ever again! Damn them!

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Mad Mel’s 9th Child (That We Know Of) Has Been Born

January 24, 2017 / Posted by:

Mad Mel is back. Hollywood is no longer mad at the baked bag of rage for blaming all the world’s ills on the Jews (among other things) and he’s working the awards show circuit once again. And on top of being an Oscar nominee this year, Mel is a father again at the age of 61. And as Mel celebrates that, I’m sure his lawyers are holding an emergency meeting to tell their team that they better sign up for some CrossFit shit, take all their vitamins and gargle with herb water to prepare their vocal cords for non-stop screaming. Because in a few months, they’ll probably have to fight it out with Mad Mel’s latest baby mother in family court.

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Courtney Stodden Predicts Her Baby Will Be Gay If It’s A Boy

June 11, 2016 / Posted by:

And unto Earth there shall be an angel. An angel mostly made of silicone and prescription drugs. This angel shall be raised as the child bride of a loathsome toad wart and together they shall procreate and humanity will come to a close.” I’m sure you all remember that from the Good Book. It speaks of the pregnancy of Courtney Stodden. And now Courtney brings us more, umm, news on her upcoming parenting.

Courtney and her truck stop killer-looking captor, I mean husband, Doug Hutchison announced they were going to have a baby back in May. Courtney claims she is 8 weeks along and she’s keeping that press train going. She spoke to People about her predictions on her child’s sexuality:

If it’s a boy I am going to dress him up in tutus. I know I am going to spoil my baby rotten. I’m going to be a fun mom. I always say I am going to have a girl regardless, and if it’s a boy he’ll be gay!

I’m glad to see that pregnancy hasn’t affected her brain’s main function: getting attention. Yes, Courtney’s possible gayby will have her and Doug as parents, but at least he’ll have his mother’s good taste. We could be talking about the next Bobby Trendy!

And thanks to this People article, we have Michael K’s two favorite things in one place: an elegant rose and the phrase “over-the-moon“! Yes! Congratulations Michael K! Courtney said, “My husband has been my rock. He is over-the-moon excited! And he’s so connected to me that he’s basically having morning sickness.” Well, I too must be connected to Courtney because the thought of Doug procreating makes me throw up constantly.

Pic: Splash

The Americans Had A Baby

May 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Or, for those of you who don’t watch The Americans and whose tastes lean a little more to the “things to watch while wine buzzed” side of things, Felicity and Peter from Love and Other Disasters. Congratulations, you two! You now have a baby.

According to UsWeekly, Keri Russell had the baby that was made with her Americans co-star and maybe side piece-turned-legit piece Matthew Rhys. Keri kept pretty hush about being knocked up by the dude she might have left her husband of 7 years for, and she’s being hush about the baby’s birth too. UsWeekly says it happened last week, but other than that, we don’t know much else. We don’t have a name, or know whether Baby Russell-Rhys is a boy or a girl. Although it sounds like Keri and Matthew were able to provide GPS coordinates, because a source tells UsWeekly that their current location is somewhere over the moon.

“Keri and Matt both look overjoyed and are over the moon to be new parents. They are always snapping pictures of the baby, and family and friends have been sending gifts.”

The Daily Mail has some pictures of Keri and Matthew and a sling-snuggled newborn strolling around New York yesterday.

Keri and Matthew’s new baby joins Keri’s two children from her marriage to Shane Deary, an 8-year-old named River and a 4-year-old named Willa. On the scale of celebrity baby names, those are pretty normal. They sound like The Boxcar Children’s free-spirited hippie commune cousins. With that being said, I really hope Keri and Matthew complete the theme by naming their new baby something like Melody or Sky. They’re but one name and a wooden flute away from a future farmer’s market ambient music trio.

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Bring On The Baby-Sized Ukuleles: Zooey Deschanel Is Pregnant

January 13, 2015 / Posted by:

We’ll all remember where we were the moment we learned that Zooey Deschanel’s boyfriend was not, in fact, a charming come-to-life vintage scarecrow from an Etsy store called Wish & Sawdust. People says that after dating for about half a year, Zooey Deschanel and her producer boyfriend Jacob Pechenik are expecting a baby. Zooey confirmed the news by embroidering the word BABY onto a handmade bunting made from 1950s aprons and tying it to a dozen pastel balloons, which she released into the air while playing “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes on a child’s ukelele. No! She just released this statement to People:

“Jacob and I are over the moon. We are so excited to meet our little one.”

You’d think that the moon wouldn’t be quirky enough for Zooey. Then again, she didn’t specify what moon she was over. “Jacob and I over Tethys, the third moon of Saturn. It’s cool, you probably haven’t heard of it.

Zooey says she’s expecting some time this summer, which means we’re but 6 or so months away from some next-level whimsical fuckery in the baby name department. Of course Zooey could blow our minds and name the baby something like Jenny or Steve, but survey says it will probably be verrrrryyyyy precious. If it’s a girl, my guesses are: Sugar Ribbon, Eyelash Giggles, Bluebird Bicyclette, or Waffles. And if it’s a boy, my guesses are Skipper Jones, Jooey Canoe, Peter Pan, or Tooter. Or just the sound of Zooey singing Christmas songs.

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