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Doja Cat Has Quit Vaping After Getting Tonsil Surgery

May 20, 2022 / Posted by:

It was just a few days ago that we saw Doja Cat celebrate her Best R&B Album win at the Billboard Music Awards by taking a sip from her drink and a hit off her beloved vape pen. But sadly, Doja and the vape are calling it quits for now. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently – depending on how her left tonsil heals up after getting poked, prodded, and (aggressive dry heave) drained. Doja recently revealed that her tonsils got infected, and drinking wine and vaping didn’t help, so she was forced to get an emergency procedure to remove an abscess that decided to do a feature with the back of her throat.

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THE QUEEN Missed Today’s Remembrance Day Ceremony Because She Messed Up Her Back

November 14, 2021 / Posted by:

THE QUEEN made her last public appearance on October 19, and since then, she’s mostly been laid up, dealing with health woes. She was supposed to be at today’s Remembrance Day ceremony in London, but at the last minute, Buckingham Palace announced that she sprained her back and had to bow out. THE QUEEN, who is 95, has already been dealing with the nasty pain in the neck that is Prince Andrew (“He didn’t mean that, my beloved golden child.” – THE QUEEN to Andrew, probably) and now she’s got to deal with a bad back.

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The Queen Spent A Night In The Hospital This Week

October 22, 2021 / Posted by:

A few days ago, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth’s doctors were being a major buzzkill after they told her she had to cancel a little two-day getaway to Northern Ireland. Obviously, I’m not The Queen’s doctor and know absolutely wank-all about her medical situation, but I was still a little miffed that they wouldn’t just let her 95-year-old majesty pop off and sneak in a Guinness or two in Northern Ireland. She’s had a year, let her have this little out-of-town getaway. As it turns out, her doctors weren’t being petty killjoys and they really were looking out for her best interests, health-wise. Because The Queen’s health dipped into the red, and she was forced to spend a night in the hospital on Wednesday.

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Bill Clinton Is Sick In The Hospital, But Not With COVID

October 15, 2021 / Posted by:

Former President Bill Clinton is currently in the hospital in the intensive care unit, which is never good, and he’s got an infection. But before you start wondering who Bill has been getting within six feet of and sharing airborne droplets with, or if he’s one of those oldies who can’t seem to ever get his mask over his nose, his doctors would like everyone to know that he definitely isn’t sick with COVID-19.

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Robert De Niro Injured His Leg While Filming “Killers Of The Flower Moon”

May 14, 2021 / Posted by:

Everyone knows it’s a tradition in show business to wish “Break a leg!” to an actor before they hit the stage, but we also know it’s just a phrase that isn’t meant to be taken literally. The bad news for Robert De Niro is that that phrase probably seems like more of a curse or a jinx than a cute remark. Because he literally busted his leg while working on Martin Scorsese’s new film Flowers of the Killer Moon.

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Tiger Woods Is Undergoing Surgery After Suffering Leg Injuries In A Rollover Car Crash

February 23, 2021 / Posted by:

We haven’t heard too much from Tiger Woods in a while, and maybe that’s a good thing, considering the months between November 2009 to February 2010, there was enough Tiger Woods news to fill the PGA Tour’s largest, deepest sand trap. But here we are, with TMZ reporting that Tiger Woods was involved in a serious single-vehicle collision in Los Angeles County early this morning, and the crash was so bad, he had to be pulled from his car using the jaws of life.

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