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Katie Holmes And Her New Man Continue Their Make Out Tour Throughout New York City

September 19, 2020 / Posted by:

Yes, Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo, Jr., were papped again yesterday, exploring each others mouths. This time in and around NYC’s Central Park, masks strapped comically to their chins each time. Like, girl, we get it. You’re in love. You escaped Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, so you deserve it. But please, take him to, like, Barneys and get him a fedora or a stetson hat or something and throw that pageboy cap into the Jackie O reservoir. Seriously, nobody is getting paparazzi attention on this coast like Katie and Emilio––Ana de Armas is positively SHOOK!

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Katie Holmes’ Rumored New Boyfriend Might Have Been Engaged When They Got Together

September 9, 2020 / Posted by:

We recently learned that 41-year-old Katie Holmes is most likely dating 33-year-old chef-slash-actor, Emilio Vitolo, after pictures hit the internet featuring Katie and Emilio doing the opposite of social distancing at a bar. Well, we have an update. And it’s the kind of development that would lead you to believe Michelle Williams isn’t the only former Dawson’s Creek alum who has maybe been channeling the message of the show’s theme song. Because there’s talk that much like Michelle, Katie maybe didn’t wanna wait for her guy to be single before getting together.

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Katie Holmes Is Casually Dating Chef/Actor Emilio Vitolo

September 5, 2020 / Posted by:

Katie Holmes’ on-and-off-again thing with Jamie Foxx finally settled on the off position last year after she supposedly dumped his ass. And while many people are sticking to glory holes to find safe love during this time of corona, Katie has apparently gone on a few dates with a “mystery date” who is no longer a mystery. And no, it’s not Chris Evans.

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Katie Holmes Is Supposedly The One Who Dumped Jamie Foxx

August 20, 2019 / Posted by:

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are OVER over (for now, anyway) after about six years of mostly down-low dating. Jamie is handling the break-up the way most 50-year-old famous rich men handle a long term relationship break-up…. by getting with a 21-year-old. Katie is reportedly unfazed by Jamie drying his eyes on 21-year-old ass cheeks, and it’s not only because Katie is already used to Jamie dipping it in pieces other than her, but also because she’s reportedly the one who did the dumping.

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A Former Scientologist Says That Tom Cruise Isn’t Allowed To See Suri Cruise

July 31, 2019 / Posted by:

That headline probably prompted at least one person to wonder when Captain Obvious got into Scientology. But the former Scientologist in question is once again Sam Domingo, former wife of Placido Domingo Jr. The last time Sam opened up about Scientology, she claimed that Tom Cruise and his children Isabella and Connor Cruise were forced to disconnect from their mother, Nicole Kidman, after she split from Tom and Scientology. Sam is back, this time talking to UsWeekly. And according to Sam, there’s a reason why you don’t see current pictures of Tom and his 13-year-old daughter Suri Cruise, and it’s because Suri allegedly got the Nicole treatment.

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