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Kim Kardashian Caught Heat After Posting A TikTok That Appeared To Show The Family’s Dogs Living In Her Garage

December 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Kim Kardashian is so committed to her “zenaesthetic that even her two Pomeranians are beige. However, some are upset that her dogs’ existence might not be so peaceful after she posted a TikTok that seemingly showed them relegated to her garage. After Kim started catching hell, she deleted the TikTok from the account she shares with her daughter, North West; which only pissed people off more.

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Open Post: Hosted By The House Cat That Was Mistaken For A Mountain Lion

October 24, 2022 / Posted by:

Take a look at the picture on the left. What do you see? A cute little house cat? Or a dangerous mountain lion (see: actual mountain lion on the right)? The Des Moines Police weren’t sure, but they put their money on “MOUNTAIN LION!” and warned the community about a cougar sighting caught by surveillance cameras. The video they posted to Facebook shows a cat ambling across a lawn. Soon, a great debate began in the comments. Was this a cougar or a kitty? One woman wrote that she had faith in what the cops said (awww, God bless), and the police replied that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources had confirmed that the mystery feline was a “young/small” mountain lion. But, a few hours later, they updated the post with a link to an article stating the obvious: it’s a house cat, ya dummies!

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A Nursing Home In Taiwan Has Apologized For Hiring A Stripper To Perform For Its Elderly Residents

September 14, 2022 / Posted by:

The New York Post reports that a nursing home in Taiwan had some ‘splaining to do after booking some unconventional entertainment for their Mid-Autumn Festival party. The Mid-Autumn Festival, aka the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is an important Chinese holiday that celebrates the season’s rice and wheat harvests. Sadly, the last two Mid-Autumn Festival parties at the Taoyuan Veterans Home have been cancelled due to COVID. This year, staff wanted to make it up to their residents by doing something extra special. So they hired a stripper! That’ll lift their spirits (and more, if they timed their Viagra right)!

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Beyoncé’s New Album, “Renaissance”, Has Leaked Two Days Early

July 27, 2022 / Posted by:

Ruh-roh! Beyoncé’s album, Renaissance, has been leaked 36 hours ahead of its scheduled July 29 midnight release date. Fans spotted CD copies of the album for sale in stores in France and the Netherlands and posted about it on Twitter. It’s unclear if it was a calculated move, or a simple screw-up, with the stores’ employees putting the CDs out too early. Either way, it didn’t take long for some dastardly European pirate to burn the CD (O.M.G., retro!), rip the tracks into MP3s, and upload the music to the Internet. Variety reports that they easily found “high-quality flac files that certainly sound like the album within a matter of minutes.” TMZ says that the songs “Alien Superstar,” “Church Girl” and “Cuff It” are all making the rounds on social media. Needless to say, the Beyhive is pissed. They’re ready to take the leaker out like the bees did Thomas J. from My Girl!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Woman Who Claims Her Subway Sandwich Cost Her $1,800 At Australian Customs

July 14, 2022 / Posted by:

The New York Post says that before Australian model Jessica Lee hopped on a flight home from Singapore, she bought a foot-long Subway sandwich at the airport. She ate half before she got on the plane, and saved the rest on the flight. Unfortunately, Jessica made two fatal errors: she didn’t end up finishing the sub (I get it, Subway sandwiches are extra-gross when they’re soggy), and she forgot to declare her leftovers when she got to Australian customs. Specifically, she did not declare that she was bringing chicken and lettuce into the country. Since Australia doesn’t fuck around with their bio-security laws, Jessica was fined $2,664 ($1,803 US)! I knew paying so little for those $5 foot-longs would come back to bite us in the ass! Thanks for paying our karmic debt, Jess.

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Lizzo Changed Her Song “Grrrls” After She Got Shit Over The Ableist Lyrics

June 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Lizzo’s got a new album coming out in July. You may have heard the first single, “About Damn Time”, cuz it’s all over the TikToks. Her follow-up single is called “Grrrls”, and, over the weekend, its lyrics sparked some controversy. At the beginning of the song, Lizzo sings, “Do you see this shit? I’ma spaz.” She meant that she’s about to freak out, but, as many people on social media pointed out, “spaz” is actually an ableist slur. It comes from the word “spastic”, a term used to describe spastic paralysis, typical of cerebral palsy. Following the backlash, Lizzo apologized and changes the lyrics to “Hold me back.” She says the slur was unintentional; she was unaware it was offensive. Ah, the ignoramus defense. See: Michael K’s nickname for Paz de la Huerta. He didn’t know, OK?! Continue reading

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