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Open Post: Hosted By Blaze, The Husky Who Runs In His Sleep

December 30, 2020 / Posted by:

The highlight of my year has been sleep. Beautiful, escapist slumber. Where I’m not bombarded with coronavirus stats or Apocalyptic tweets or election nonsense. The lowlight of my year? My ass fused to the couch due to an alarming lack of exercise. But one canine trailBlazer has managed to get his reps in despite his love of snoozing. Introducing Blaze, the husky who runs and naps at the same time. 

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Open Post: Hosted By The Hungry Bunny With A Taste For Snowman Nose

December 23, 2020 / Posted by:

What are bunnies best known for? No, not the hopping. Nope, not for being fast. They like carrots. Carrots are to rabbits as spinach is to Popeye. They fucking love that shit. So when Sheila Bryant, a grandma from Calgary, caught a hungry hopper feasting on the family snowman’s carrot nose, I was unsurprised. In fact, why doesn’t this happen more often? Free fresh veggies in the middle of winter! Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By The Wall-Jumping Pug Of Nashville

December 6, 2020 / Posted by:

Most dogs, upon seeing their human leave the house, shift their mighty determination from “Hump mom’s leg and demand a neck rub even though she’s trying to sound respectable during her Zoom presentation” to “Bolt into the kitchen and steal any shit that isn’t nailed down.” Today we have before us a spring-loaded Pug from Nashville, Tennessee, who manages to break all the doggo rules and haul his enviably acrobatic butt out of the kitchen where he is penned, once mom steps outside and shuts the door.

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A Kangaroo Attacked An Australian Jogger Because She Was Wearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s Perfume

December 4, 2020 / Posted by:

Kangaroos. Cute, bouncy marsupials that outnumber people in Australia 2 to 1. Surely they must get along with humans, right? Right?! Well, not always. Last weekend, Melbourne mom of two, Tracey Noonan, went out for a morning jog. But she couldn’t find her deodorant, so she made do with a spritz of perfume – specifically Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance. What happened next… will terrify you. More after the jump… JK, I’ll just tell you now: Tracey was attacked by a kangaroo. One of the theories is that the raging roo was captivated by her scent. Hey, that’s not what SJP meant when she said her fragrances would drive the boys wild!

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Cher Met And Serenaded The “World’s Loneliest Elephant” In Cambodia

November 30, 2020 / Posted by:

Goddammit, my eye holes are leaking over this story. As we all know, Queen Cher is an octuple threat – singer, actress, natural beauty, LGBTQIA+ icon, patriot, thief, wordsmith, and crimefighter. But did you know that the 74-year-old legend is also an elephant activist? In the past she’s (unsuccessfully) fought for Billy the Elephant’s transfer from the L.A. Zoo. More recently she campaigned for Kavaan’s release from a neglectful zoo in Pakistan. And this time, success! Kavaan, also known as “the world’s loneliest elephant” has been moved to a Cambodian sanctuary.

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