Ashton Kutcher Was Paid Three Times More Than Natalie Portman For “No Strings Attached”

January 12, 2017 / Posted by:

When this picture of Natalie Portman was taken at the No Strings Attached premiere, people probably assumed she was making that “Let’s just get this over with” face because Ashton Kutcher’s douche pheromones were starting to give her a headache. Now we know that it could have been because she’s wondering why the hell the dude beside her got paid three times as much for the same movie.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

January 12, 2017 / Posted by:

Taco Bell’s fried chicken chalupa!

And so it begins… Trump hasn’t even been sworn in as president yet and Taco Bell is already preparing for when he deports every Mexican and this country is hit with a tortilla shortage! But really, I salute Taco Bell for finally waking up and not letting Hong Kong, the Philippines and other countries show America up when it comes to disgustingly delicious gourmet creations. Bloomberg says that in September 2015, Taco Bell tested a fried chicken shell in Bakersfield, CA and a short time after later they tested the fried chicken chalupa (they’re calling it the “Naked Crispy Chicken Chalupa“) in Kansas City, MO. And on January 26th, Taco Bell will fart out their fried chicken chalupa all across the country.

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Birthday Sluts

January 12, 2017 / Posted by:

Naya Rivera (30)
Nathan Gamble (19)
Zayn Malik (24)
Georgia May Jagger (25)
Pixie Lott (26)
Andrew Lawrence (29)
Deena Nicole Cortese (30)
Issa Rae (32)
Shawn Desman (35)
Amerie (37)
Jeremy Camp (39)
Melanie C (43)
Raekwon (47)
Rachael Harris (49)
Heather Mills (49)
Vendela (50)
Olivier Martinez (51)
Rob Zombie (52)
John Bezos (53)
Simon Russell Beale (56)
Oliver Platt (57)
Christiane Amanpour (59)
John Lasseter (60)
Howard Stern (63)
Kirstie Alley (66)
Rush Limbaugh (66)
Wayne Wang (68)
Joe Frazier (1944-2011)

Pic: Instagram


Night Crumbs

January 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Beyonce interviewed Solange for Interview, and I need to check and make sure I’m in the right universe, because it didn’t turn into an interview by Beyonce about Beyonce – Lainey Gossip

Andy Cohen will host a reboot of Love Connection. They can reboot it any way they want, but they better bring back those pastel pink and purple couches! – Towleroad

Duchess Kate went to work and she really changed things up by wearing yet another belted coat dress – Celebitchy

Melissa Gorga really wants you to believe she still has a clothing store – Reality Tea

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and a Photoshopped Madonna posing in her underwear – Drunken Stepfather

Because I know you care, Lena Dunham’s been on her period for 13 days – The Superficial

Ariel Winter is still Instagramming pictures of her ass-out on a boat – Hollywood Tuna

Nina Dobrev’s dress looks like the time I spilled an entire bottle of Alli on the kitchen floor and frantically tried to clean them up before my roommate’s cat ate them and got diarrhea – Popoholic

This Plastik magazine photoshoot starring Miley Cyrus looks like a Playboy shoot after dropping homemade basement acid. But wait, isn’t that every photoshoot starring Miley Cyrus? – (NSFW) The Nip Slip

Nicole Kidman thinks the country needs to support whoever the president is…   – Just Jared

If 30 Rock hadn’t ended years ago, I’d think Gold was a fake movie that’s supposed to be American Hustle- Pajiba

Kylie Jenner’s wearing something a low-standards figure skater passed on while rummaging through the ice rink’s lost and found bin – IDLYITW

That orangutan isn’t kissing that lady’s baby bump; it clearly thinks she’s hiding food and it’s trying to eat it – SOW

Margot Robbie has obviously been practicing her “Look at my wedding ring!” pose in the mirror – Popsugar

Pic: Interview


Open Post: Hosted By Joe Jonas In His Chonies For Guess

January 11, 2017 / Posted by:

I am fading faster than a Jenner after not taking a selfie for a full 30 minutes. Since last week, a cold or the flu has been trying hard to possess my body and I’ve been fighting it off with the usual: Theraflu, whiskey, weed laced with crushed Vitamin C pills, Lipton Soup Secrets and episodes of The Golden Girls (that shit is like industrial-strength antibiotics for the soul). I thought I beat it, but then this morning I woke up feeling like Amanda Nunes flinched at me. I was going to say that I felt like I just spent 1 millisecond in the ring with Amanda Nunes, but I wouldn’t feel a thing if I just spent 1 millisecond in the ring with Amanda Nunes, because I’d be dead. So because I’m officially sick, I’m checking out early. But instead of feeling sorry for my sick self, I’m feeling sorry for the Photoshop artiste who sprained their hand while Photoshopping these pictures of Joe Jonas to the moon and back.

Joe Jonas is the new face, crotch and ass of the line of underwear from Guess, the brand that us 80s kids begged our parents to buy. The closest I got were Guess knock-off jeans that my mom bought me in Tijuana. Guess released a bunch of pictures of a shirtless Joe Jonas working a pair of Guess undies with Charlotte McKinney. That top picture looks all kinds of off. It’s like they pasted Joe’s head on some other model’s body and then slapped the finished product in front of a Sears Portrait Studio background. It looks like fapping material that a crazed Jonas Brother fan put together.

But with that being said, these pics got dude nipples and man chonies, so I’ll take ’em.

Pics: Guess

Rooney Mara And Joaquin Phoenix Might Have Gotten Together During The Filming Of “Mary Magdalene”

January 11, 2017 / Posted by:

It’s starting to feel like today’s theme is on-screen couples who turn into real-life couples. First was Peggy and Ed from Fargo possibly getting engaged, and now we’ve got Jesus and Mary Magdalene possibly getting together. Page Six says that Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix found misunderstood moody thespian love with each other on the set of Mary Magdalene. Rooney plays the original hooker with a heart of gold and Joaquin is playing Jesus. It’s like come-to-life Bible fan fiction!

Sources say that 31-year-old Rooney and 42-year-old Joaquin got together some time during filming and have been together ever since. But a rep for Joaquin says he’s just “good friends” with Rooney, and that they happen to work together a lot. They’ve worked together once before on Her, and are scheduled to work on another film together called Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot in 2018.

The timing is a little suspicious. Rooney has dated Charlie McDowell, the son of Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen, for six years. But Page Six notes that the two of them haven’t been seen in public together since August. Neither of their reps had any comment about that.

Rooney was in Lion, which was nominated for several awards at the Golden Globes last weekend. But she was a no-show for the ceremony. A source claims she was missing from the GGs because she was “holed up in the desert” with Joaquin instead. That sounds like the opposite of sexy. Deserts are dry, and putting the word “hole” that close to the opposite of moist sounds like a bad time for all involved. Not to mention that deserts are also usually hot, and Joaquin’s greasy ass probably doesn’t do so well in the heat.


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