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Open Post: Hosted By Taco Bell’s Fight To Free The “Taco Tuesday” Trademark From The Clutches Of Taco John’s

May 17, 2023 / Posted by:

If Americans love two things (I’m going to ignore guns for now lalala), the first would be eating bastardized ethnic foods, and the second would be cutesy alliteration! So it’s been troublesome for some taco peddlers and poor LeBron James that a relatively small taco chain, Taco John’s, has owned the trademark for the expression “Taco Tuesday” for the last 30 years and hasn’t been afraid to rip off cease and desists if someone else uses it. Enter taco and diarrhea mega-chain Taco Bell, which just launched a legal crusade to “liberate” the trademark by filing to have it yoinked out of Taco John’s hands and reverted to a generic term so the people can have it back to proclaim, monetize, and hashtag as they see fit.

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Open Post: The Fox Business Correspondent Who Claimed His Taco Bell Lunch Cost $28 And Got Dragged For It

October 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Inflation is hitting us everywhere. The gas pump, the local grocers, and even at precious Taco Bell. Prices have gotten so out of control at the Tex-Mex institution that it costs the price of a small T-bone steak just to eat lunch there! At least that’s what Scott Martin, a chief investment officer at a wealth management firm, claimed during a guest spot on a Fox Business show a few days ago. Unfortunately for him, those of us who aren’t wealth management gurus and who actually frequent Taco Bell because of inflation called him out on his fajita fabrications!

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Open Post: Hosted By Pizza Hut’s Answer To Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, The Italian Taco

September 18, 2022 / Posted by:

The fast-food wars are the modern version of the Hundred Years’ War. But instead of various Germanic and French royal houses besieging one another and birthing new fiefdoms, we get Burger King sniping at Ronald McDonald and heart disease. The most recent assault comes from Pizza Hut on Taco Bell. Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is a cult hit with celebrities like Doja Cat and Dolly Parton among its devoted follower base. And as the arbiter of all things pizza (sorry Papa John), Pizza Hut has thrown some subtle shade at Taco Bell’s “pizza” by creating its own Tex-Mex dish: the Italian Taco. And people say America isn’t cultured!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Taco Bell Customer Who Held Up A Drive-Thru Line By Ordering $300 Worth Of Tacos

August 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Taco Bell is both a much beloved and much maligned fast-food establishment within the American psyche. It’s not uncommon to hear a person decry the menu for being “terrible fake Mexican food” only to turn around to see them blissfully scarfing down four Chalupa Supremes at 3 AM after a big night out. For better or for worse, deep down we all love Taco Bell. However, some people don’t need to wait until after midnight to satisfy their Crunchwrap cravings. A recent patron of the restaurant decided to Live Mas by ordering nearly $300 worth of tacos, much to the chagrin of those waiting in line behind them!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Man Who Will Eat Taco Bell For Thirty Days To Prove It’s Healthy

July 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Taco Bell will always be the worse attempt at Mexican food known to man. There’s a reason why their slogan was “Run For The Border” for years because once you eat it you’ll definitely be running…to the bathroom. In other words, it’s only good for drunken nights on a tight budget and nothing else. But try proving that to Sam Reid, a proud Virginia resident who believes in the power of Doritos Locos Tacos as a superfood. And to prove his claim Sam is going to pull a Super Size Me, but instead of eating McDonald’s for thirty days as Morgan Spurlock did, he’s eating nothing but Taco Bell for thirty days straight to end the debate on fast food being unhealthy once and for all.

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