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Sam Smith And Madonna’s New Song “Vulgar” Is Out

June 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Now that Sam Smith has realized their new goal of being the sexiest slab of raw chicken in the world, they’ve teamed up with Madonna to unleash a new song unto the masses. Initially, Sam and Madge teased an upcoming song, but at that point, it was just speculation. For us, at least. Because, unlike Madge’s upcoming tour that may or may not reach completion, the song is finally here. And since Sam is in their “I wanna be shocking and NEKKID!” phase, teaming up with Madge makes sense. Sam and Madge’s song, aptly titled Vulgar, and it’s the kind of beat you’ll be hearing on your drunkest days while slamming two-for-one Tito’s mules at bars all across the world during Pride.

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Madonna and Sam Smith Tease A Collaboration Together

May 25, 2023 / Posted by:

Back in April, conservative panties nationwide wadded up in a giant bunch when Sam Smith performed their song “Unholy” on tour while dressed in a bejeweled corset and thigh-high boots accessorized with devil horns on their head. Then Sam subsequently sang Madonna’s “Human Nature” in fishnets and nipple tassels- which Madonna bid her love to by reposting a video of it. Now, a month later, Satan’s little helpers teased that they’re teaming up together in a shared Instagram post!

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Madonna Sent Love To Sam Smith After They Got Hate For Their Tour Looks

April 17, 2023 / Posted by:

Sam Smith’s tour, Gloria, kicked off last Wednesday, and, surprise, surprise, they’ve triggered the trolls, homophobes, and Christian conservatives all in one go. Actually pretty impressive. PinkNews reports that, in the show’s finale section, entitled ACT III: Sex, Sam performs the hit “Unholy” wearing a bejeweled corset, thigh-high boots, and devil horns. Sam also covers Madonna’s “Human Nature” while wearing glittery briefs, fishnet stockings, and nipple tassels. Pearl clutchers are losing their shit, chanting: “Satanist! Sinner! Save the children!” But Madge has made it clear she approves of Sam’s performance.

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Sam Smith Was Harassed On The Street By Far-Right Conspiracy Theorists Who Called Them “Demonic” And A “Pedophile”

February 17, 2023 / Posted by:

The Advocate reports that a video of Sam Smith being harassed in New York has gone viral. The clip shows the 30-year-old singer minding their own business in Central Park, when a bunch of far-right homophobes/transphobes begin verbally assaulting them. A very angry woman screams at Sam to “leave the kids alone!” She calls them a “demonic, twisted, sick bastard”, and a “pedophile”. Another person shouts, “Groomer!” In the video, Sam pauses to film the harassers before walking away. Too bad they weren’t wearing their wacky inflatable black balloon costume from the BRIT Awards. Coulda bounced those conservative pricks into the next stratosphere. Continue reading

Fans Defend Sam Smith’s New Video After Critics Say It’s “Too Sexual”

January 30, 2023 / Posted by:

And now it’s time for America’s favorite game: WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Today’s episode features nonbinary soul singer Sam Smith because it’s finally their turn. Sam dropped visuals for their latest single, I’m Not Here To Make Friends, and Sam wasn’t lying with a title like that. Because in the video Sam is bold, brash, and really doesn’t give a damn what you think. But since Sam is not some skinny pop tartlet shoving her tits and ass in our faces Sam’s creative expression has been facing backlash online with people asking, you guessed it, WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN! And luckily, Sam is getting support from fans who are emphatically replying, “Fuck them kids!”

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