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Open Post: Hosted By The New TikTok Trend Where People Drink A Grimace Shake From McDonald’s And Pretend To Pass Out

June 27, 2023 / Posted by:

For the past 83 years, McDonald‘s has been providing late-night drunken meals and early-morning bubblegut sandwiches for people who love questionable food. They also tend to introduce questionable drinks as well, including their purple passion project milkshake named after Barney’s long-lost dopey cousin Grimace, one of their OG mascots from back in the day. In celebration of his 52nd birthday, The Grimace Shake is the latest offering in McDonald’s arsenal of sweet treats, and it’s catching on with their consumers. But not because it’s the best thing that’s ever come out of the franchise (which is the equally questionable mystery meat sandwich known as the McRib). Mainly because the youth have found a way to spend their money on the shake just to waste it in a challenge where it appears they’ve died after drinking it.

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Sorry, Duchess Meghan And Prince Hot Ginge, But Only FMs (Future Monarchs) Will Make An Appearance During THE QUEEN’s Speech 

December 24, 2019 / Posted by:

It was reported that THE QUEEN had a fucking time writing her annual Christmas Day speech, and not only just because she had one too many breakfast gins and Prince Philip kept saying to her, “Pull my finger, love!”, as his day nurse stood by with a clean pair of bloomers because the nurse knows that “pull my finger” usually leads to some sticky toffee pudding in the prince’s chonies royale. But THE QUEEN apparently had some issues with her annual speech because of three little things called “her grandsons scrappin‘,” “her ginger grandson and granddaughter-in-law BRINGING DOWN THE MONARCHY with their rebel ways,” and “everyone finding out that her youngest son is probably perv trash and is really bad at lying.” I mean, isn’t the royal family supposed to be masters at lie-telling and fooling the public? And Prince Andrew is embarrassing his family by being bad at it. For shame!

The Queen’s Speech (2019) doesn’t hit screens until Christmas Day, but because everything needs a trailer nowadays, the Palace has put out a teaser including a piece of what she says and a shot of her sitting next to frames that don’t have pictures of Prince Hot Ginge or Duchess Meghan in them. So is this THE QUEEN’s shady way of letting us know that those two ain’t shit to her since they’re eating moose poutine in Canada for Christmas instead of spending it with her? Or is there another totally different reason for why she didn’t include them. SPOILER ALERT: It’s the second one.

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Swifties Think That Taylor Swift Came Out As Being Engaged In One Of Her Songs

August 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Taylor Swift seems to be hinting at an engagement to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, in her new song, “Lover” (from her upcoming album of the same name) and that EARTH-CHANGING tidbit has been brought to us by the Swifties who jotted it all down in their Lisa Frank Taylor Swift Clue journals. Taylor loves to drop hints and be vague to get her fans and their allowance money forever engaged in her personal life. And since she already took on feminism, gay rights and Donald Trump in the September Vogue issue, it time to do what Taylor does best, talk about boys!

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