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Carrie Ann Inaba Says It’s “Frustrating” That Sean Spicer Is Still On “Dancing With The Stars”

November 5, 2019 / Posted by:

Sean Spicer, seen above living in Mike Pence’s nightmare (or wet dream depending on who you ask) by being surrounded by seamen, is still on Dancing with the Stars even though he’s at good at dancing as he is at telling the truth. And it’s pissing off at least one person (and probably more), judge Carrie Ann Inaba. Carrie Ann is pissed at the fact that Sean Spicer, despite his full lack of charisma, chin, or ability to dance, is somehow still being voted through. Those Russian bots: First they give Donald Trump the Presidency, now they’re going to get Sean Spicer the mirrorball trophy!

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Karamo Brown And Sean Spicer Are Still Very Good Friends

October 30, 2019 / Posted by:

When the cast of the 28th season of Dancing With The Stars was announced back in August, a whole lot of people were not feeling ABC’s choice to throw Sean Spicer into the mix. Even DWTS host Tom Bergeron was basically like, “*cough* stunt casting *cough*“. But Sean found an unlikely ally in his fellow DWTS cast member Karamo Brown, who is still clearly very much on Team Spicy.

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RuPaul Has Tied Jeff Probst’s Emmy Record For Outstanding Reality Host

September 16, 2019 / Posted by:

RuPaul is a legend that has been around for a while (that sounds shady, but it’s the truth – photographs from the 90s don’t lie!) And you don’t achieve legendary status without also breaking a bunch of records. Like most hours clocked through the soft-focus filter of a camera lens, or total number of miles walked down a runway in a beaded gown while holding your breath. Over the weekend, the Creative Arts Emmys were held in Los Angeles, and RuPaul has come one more award closer to breaking yet another record.

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Karamo Brown Deletes Twitter After Backlash For Defending Sean Spicer On “Dancing With The Stars”

August 23, 2019 / Posted by:

Karamo Brown really did not think it through before he defended Sean Spicer–noted liar and former press secretary for the Chosen One  Donald Trump. While Sean really appreciated the support at normalizing a divisive political agent appearing on a dancing competition as though he’s an entertainment celebrity, Karamo is not really feeling any of the benefits of being nice to Spicey. Which is weird, because doesn’t being overly polite–even to those who don’t deserve it–always lead to positive results? It doesn’t?! Oof, don’t tell my fellow Canadians…

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Karamo Brown Of “Queer Eye” Called Sean Spicer A Good Guy, And It Didn’t Go Over Well

August 22, 2019 / Posted by:

Since the new Dancing With The Stars cast was announced, people have been throwing hate at ABC for their decision to cast former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer. Well his fellow DWTS contestant, Queer EyesKaramo Brown, wants you to leave him alone! Sean is not a bad person just because he lies for Trump! He’s just a nice man!

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