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Henry Cavill Will Not Be Returning As Superman After All And Fans Of “The Witcher” Are Pissed

December 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in October, Henry Cavill announced he would not be returning for a fourth season of The Witcher on Netflix and that Liam Helmsworth would replace him as European magical hunk in tights, Geralt of RiviaI. Fans of European magical hunks in tights were, understandably, disappointed. However, fans of American magical hunks in tights were elated because his departure from The Witcher coincided with the news that Henry was set to reprise his role as Superman in a sequel of 2013’s Man of Steel. But that’s not gonna happen. And now, fans of European magical hunks in tights are piiiiiiiiiiiiised.

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Liam Hemsworth Is Replacing Henry Cavill On “The Witcher” And Fans Are NOT Happy About It

October 31, 2022 / Posted by:

Netflix’s hit series The Witcher has been slaying fans for three seasons with Henry Cavill’s blank yet beautiful face portraying the main character Geralt of Rivia. However, let’s not forget Henry also infuses his robotic-like acting into the role of Superman in the DCEU, so his bank account has become more swollen than his arms and chest over the past few years (he’s a big dude). But if you’re a fan of his work on The Witcher, you need to plan your escape now because Hot Henry’s tenure as Geralt is ending after Season 3 because he’s going to play Superman again. And Henry will be replaced by the skinniest Hemsworth of them all, Liam Hemsworth. And fans of the show do not approve of this decision.

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Open Post: Hosted By Rory The French Bulldog Who Loves Henry Cavill

October 9, 2022 / Posted by:

For those of you who think animals aren’t people, may I present to you a dog that is a full-fledged stan! Meet Rory the French bulldog. She’s a posh pup who loves wet food, a good rub, and Superman actor Henry Cavill. You thought a man’s ability to worship someone famous they don’t know was special, but it turns out that canines can too be obsessed with pretty celebrities!

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Henry Cavill Wants Everyone To Leave His New Relationship Aloooooooone!

May 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Last month, Henry Cavill went “Instagram official” with his new girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, by posting the above picture, which totally wasn’t created with help from several lighting designers, a team of body language experts, and a director shouting, “Henry, baby, look at her like you look at your gaming PC.” And while that picture made some of us briefly miss the good old days when Henry would go public with a relationship by working the ho stroll in the parking lot of a supermarket, others pulled out their magnifying glasses and started spitting out rumors about Henry’s new thing with Natalie. Henry has had it with the speculation and yesterday, he used approximately 12,984 words to say: Stop being bitter bitches and get a damn life! To which us bitter no-life-having bitches responded with, “I do not know what those words mean.

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Open Post: Hosted By Superman’s Black Suit In The “Snyder Cut” Of “Justice League”

July 27, 2020 / Posted by:

Zack Snyder had to step back from the Justice League movie after the tragic death of his daughter. The film was taken over by Joss Whedon and what ended up getting released was panned by pretty much everybody.

For years people called on the “Snyder Cut” of the film to be released because they believed his version was actually watchable. Zack appeared via video at JusticeCon and spoke to the nerd community all about his cut, which is coming to HBO Max in 2021. He even released a clip featuring Henry Cavill in a black super-suit. The black suit was nixed because the studio apparently hated it. I will wait to give my thoughts until there’s a better shot of Henry’s Superman bulge in that black Superman suit.

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Henry Cavill Dehydrated Himself For Three Days So He Could Look Good Shirtless On “The Witcher”

December 24, 2019 / Posted by:

Sexism is over ladies: Men have to suffer to look good now, too! Henry Cavill, who could break my spine with his bare hands and I would thank him, told Graham Norton about how he got to look so got-damn sexy for those shirtless bathtub scenes in his new series The Witcher. I have not watched this show, because I wasn’t sure how much shirtlessness there was, and now I may have to investigate because the ratio sounds decent.

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