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The Davie Bowie Biopic “Stardust” Has Cast Its David Bowie

February 2, 2019 / Posted by:

The part of David Bowie has been cast in the first actual David Bowie biopic. South African actor/musician Johnny Flynn will play David as David invents Ziggy Stardust, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Johnny currently stars in Amazon’s Vanity Fair series, and also appeared in Netflix’s Lovesick and as Albert Einstein in the NatGeo series Genius. Good luck, Johnny. Unfortunately, Ziggy will NOT be playing guitar as this movie will reportedly be minus any of David’s music. So you might have a rough ride ahead of you.

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Iman Says That She Will Never Remarry

October 28, 2018 / Posted by:

Iman and David Bowie were together for 26 years until his way-too-soon-death in 2016, two days after he turned 69. Now Iman is pulling a Cory Flood in Say Anything and emphatically singing “No, never, no never ever ever don’t you ever think it” on the chance that she will remarry. Iman was interviewed for Net-A Porter and professed a big “Hells No” to the possibility, stating that loneliness would be a better option.

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Holiday Programming Note & Open Post: Hosted By David Bowie Grooving Along To George Michael Singing Queen

December 26, 2016 / Posted by:

In case you couldn’t tell from everyone adult wrapping themselves while waiting for 2016 to finally end, it’s the final days of the year. So because it’s that time period between Christmas and New Year’s when many people get drunk at noon while watching the Snapped marathon on Oxygen, we’re going into holiday mode at Dlisted. I’ve gone on vacation with my family, which is sort of like hanging out with them at home. But instead of fighting in my mom’s living room, we fight at a restaurant and make all the other tourists uncomfortable. ‘Tis the season to make strangers nervously push their rice around while trying to drown out the sound of you and your sister fighting about Westworld theories.

Things will be a little lighter around here this week, but our resident guest providers of foolery, Ben and Krista, are coming in to help Allison and me out. They’ll be posting all this week and J. Harvey will cover Saturday. Everything will be back to normal on January 3rd. Although is it ever normal around here?

Yesterday, when I posted the soul-hurting news about George Michael’s death, I posted his performance of Somebody To Love at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. So I leave you with this video from 1992 of George Michael singing the fuck out of Somebody To Love in rehearsal as David Bowie and Seal dance along. (Or as Sarah Michelle Gellar sees it, Boy George rehearsing as David Byrne and Terence Trent D’Arby dance along.)

“So about you trying to show me up at my own damn tribute concert….” is probably the first thing that Freddie Mercury said to George Michael in heaven.

No, David Bowie’s Ashes Were Not Scattered At Burning Man

September 12, 2016 / Posted by:

When I woke up yesterday and opened up my laptop, one of the first headlines that slammed against my blurry eyes was:


I made the same face that David Bowie is making in that picture above, pivoted and returned my ass to bed. I didn’t need that headline yesterday and I don’t need it today. But thankfully, David Bowie’s son has shit on that headline and says that a piece of his dad’s spirit is not trapped in the dusty hellscape of rolling Mad Max extras and Wookie boots.

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David Bowie’s Grandson Was Born Exactly Six Months After He Died

July 30, 2016 / Posted by:

In “Dead Musical Geniuses Who Don’t Have Relatives Scrapping Over Their Remains” News, David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones tweeted his son’s birth announcement last night. Stenton David Jones was born on July 10, six months to the day that his granddad passed away due to cancer.

Bowie’s actual name was David Robert Jones, and Stenton is named for Ziggy Stardust’s dad. And why am I blogging about yet another incredibly important musical artist who is no longer with us? I’m reminding myself of the loss. Hopefully they’re working together on something in Rock Star Heaven. Duncan also thanked his wife, Rodene Ronquillo.

“All my love and awe to the incredible @rodeneronquillo who made a human being in her belly. Warrior woman & every day, my hero.”

He better have thanked her. Not only did she birth a human (which I’m assuming is the worst pain ever barring violent death), but he drew her like that. I know it’s a quickie drawing made out of love, but that’s not exactly a push present. “That’s sweet, dear, but why does my vagina look like a duck’s bill?” Wait, is that supposed to be Bowie? Why does he have a uniboob?

Lorde >>> Lady Gaga, So Thinks David Bowie’s Son

February 25, 2016 / Posted by:

Don’t let that screen shot fool you. That’s not a still from Kylie Jenner’s performance art video about being trapped in Pimp Mama Kris’ Satanic womb. It’s just Lorde performing in a sea of darkroom safe lights at the BRIT Awards last night. It also kind of looks like she’s a prisoner in a Pizza Hut red cup. But I digress…

After Lady CaCa splattered up her weird “Intel commercial on acid” meets “something you’d see at a Burning Man talent show” David Bowie tribute at the Grammys, his son, Duncan Jones, tweeted his review of her homage to herself. Duncan Jones tweeted the exact Google definition of “gaga.” Dude pretty much hated it:

Surprisingly, Duncan Jones’ eyeballs didn’t melt into his sockets while reading the tweets from crazed Little Monsters who wished ass AIDS on his dog. Duncan Jones is still able to see, because he watched the BRIT Awards tribute to his father done by David Bowie’s former touring band and the Hot Topic chanteuse we call Lorde. At last night’s BRITs, Annie Lennox and Panty Creamer Gary Oldman told a funny story about David Bowie before introducing Bowie’s former touring band and the Tim Burton Kewpie doll who yodeled out “Life On Mars” while dressed like a theater usher.

Duncan Jones tweeted this after that performance:

I co-sign that, but with that being said, we’re going to forget about Gaga’s and Lorde’s tributes on Sunday night. At the Oscars, Tilda Swinton is going to sashay onto the stage and reveal herself as a David Bowie clone by ripping off her face mask. Then she’s going to beam herself up to their home planet of Mars to join her overlord, the Goblin King. That’s probably going to happen.

And here’s Lorde “canoodling” with Taylor Swift hater Diplo while going to Justin Bieber’s BRIT Awards after-party.


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