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Lake Bell Joked That She’s A Much Better Mother When She’s Stoned

December 2, 2022 / Posted by:

People reports that Lake Bell (not to be confused with Sea Chime or Ocean Gong) has written and directed a short film/commercial to promote Cann cannabis drinks. The campaign debuted at the company’s premiere party on Wednesday, and Lake took part in a panel about normalizing weed. During the chat, Lake claimed that she “can’t get through the holidays without” marijuana and says that she’s “a better parent” when she’s stoned. CoCo just breathed a big-bootied sigh of relief. Today, the mommy shamers have a new target.

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Eva Mendes Says That Being With Ryan Gosling Made Her Want To Have Kids

October 24, 2020 / Posted by:

Did you hear that? That was the sound of the collective universe screaming “no shit, Eva!” after she blurted out the most unnecessarily obvious statement in the history of celebrity interviews. Apparently, Eva Mendes, who has been in a relationship with Ryan Gosling––with whom she shares two daughters––since 2011, NEVER used to think about birthin’ babies or pushing strollers and shit until she started grinding up on her hunky man.

But that’s funny, huh? Ya, my hot boyfriend helped me get over my hatred of kids once I realized that having constant, non-step sex with him (especially during those “The Place Beyond the Pines” years) was worth changing a few diapers. Hell, I’d have Ryan Gosling’s babies…and I just witnessed a screaming, maskless 5-year-old in a Walmart YESTERDAY.

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Matthew McConaughey Didn’t Talk To His Mom For Eight Years Because She Kept Talking To The Media About Him

October 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Moms. The only thing they love more than talking to their kids is talking about their kids. And why should moms of celebrities be any different? Like a bunch of other stars right now, Matthew McConaughey just released his new memoir, entitled Greenlights, and he went on Howard Stern to plug, plug, plug. Soon the topic turned to his 88-year-old mother Kay McConaughey. No, Matthew didn’t get into his dad dying while sexing his mom (although, that’s in the book). But Matthew did get into how his mom’s blabbermouth messed up his relationship with her. Apparently, when Matthew first got famous in the nineties, Kay didn’t deal with it very well and leaked all his private information to the press. Matthew says she became “a different person”, and things got so bad that they were estranged for eight years. Sad face emoji. Continue reading

Keira Knightley Is Done With Nude Scenes

March 8, 2020 / Posted by:

Keira Knightley is an award-winning British thespian. In a rich and enviable filmography, she has played a duchess, a princess, and a number of haughty, upper-crust society ladies. She has ALSO played an assassin, a physician, a physicist and a swashbuckler. The girl’s got range. But apparently there is one thing Keira cannot do––or rather, can no longer do: nude scenes.

It’s not that Keira suddenly developed a case of shy boobs. It’s motherhood.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Son Called Her A Feminist For Selling Sex Toys On Goop

February 26, 2020 / Posted by:

Remember being young and highly embarrassed and ashamed about everything your parents did, such as just showing their face in public near your presence? Or saying something so cringeworthy that you wanted to consciously uncouple from them and never talk to them again? Well, not all kids feel that way about their parents, and while Gwyneth Paltrow’s 15-year-old daughter Apple Martin side-eyes her a lot like normal teenagers do, Gwyneth bragged that her 13-year-old son Moses Martin doesn’t feel that way about her. To him, she’s not like a regular mom, she’s a feminist mom.

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Cool Mom Took Her Cool Daughter To The Chanel Show Today

March 8, 2016 / Posted by:

By looking at that picture, you may think that the Chanel show took place in another galaxy where the attendance was all rich aliens. It didn’t. It happened in Paris and was attended by rich humans. Although some aliens did manage to get an invitation, like intergalactic teenage nonsense philosopher Willow Smith and her mom Jada Pinkett Smith.

It’s not exactly a surprise that 15-year-old Willow is hanging out at a fashion show in Paris in the middle of a Tuesday, since the Smith children don’t do regular school. But it’s not like she’s doing it for fun; Willow was just named Chanel’s newest brand ambassador. Plus I’m pretty sure attending a haute couture fashion show is technically considered a field trip in the Smith family’s un-school curriculum. And since it would be irresponsible to send a 15-year-old on a field trip without an adult present, Jada joined her. Jada has apparently moved on from that whole Oscars boycott situation, so she has the time.

I’ve never been to a fancy-ass fashion show, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s proper to show up wearing shit made by the designer. I see that Jada got the memo – although those jeans do look a little Old Navy. But I have no idea what is happening on Willow. She looks like a Scientology superhero designed by John Travolta (“I call her The Incredible Audit“). But if Chanel HBIC Karl Lagerfeld is responsible for what Willow is wearing, and he probably is, then he should probably expect to receive a copyright infringement notice from the producers of Galaxy Quest.

Here’s more of Cool Mom Jada and Cool Teen Willow posing for their lives outside of the Chanel show earlier today.

Pics: Splash

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