Afternoon Crumbs

/ November 27, 2006

A Jessica Simpson sex tape?!? – A Socialite’s Life

Brittany Murphy makes happy feet – Hollywood Tuna

James Wilke is cute but too bad his mother is a horse – Popsugar

Paris Hilton gets filled at the gas station – Hollywood Rag

Beyonce, jealous much? – IDLYITW

Nick Lachey likes trojans – Mollygood

Jessica chooses Paves over Miu Miu – Celebrity Nation

The Olsens on the Today Show – Just Jared

Sienna Miller likes it kinky – Egotastic!

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Pam Anderson Files for Divorce

/ November 27, 2006

Well, when it rains it pours. TMZ reports that Pamela Anderson has apparently filed for divorce from Kid Rock. They were married a quick minute or 4 months. Pam suffered a miscarriage, but that wasn’t listed as the reason for divorce. The reason? He beat her ass. NO, kidding. It was irreconcilable differences.

That sucks, it was such a beautiful and elegant wedding! I’m sure Pam will celebrate by sucking Tommy-Lee-Dick!! Me too actually.

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Is This KFed’s New Chick?

/ November 27, 2006

A reader sent me these pics and claim they are from this past Thanksgiving at Shar Jackson’s house. Shar is one of KFed’s baby mamas and she was apparently pissed off when KFed brought his new lady. I don’t know anything about her, but rumor is that they have been dating for 3 weeks and might be one of the reasons for his split with Britney Spears.

Take this for what it’s worth. The only thing I will say is that she looks like she’s about to play Britney Spears in the porn-movie of her life.


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That Was Fast: Brit, Paris & Lohan Back Together

/ November 27, 2006

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears aka STD’s Angels kiss and made up and created a paparazzi frenzy as they left a party early this morning. Brit showed off her tree trunk thighs and her saggy ass. Gross….seriously, she’s a mom! How many STDs do you think are in these pictures?

Brit has totally done coke off of Linday’s firecrotch.

reunited2.jpg reunited1.jpg

reunited5.jpg reunited4.jpg reunited6.jpg

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Blohan Wants to Bang KFed

/ November 27, 2006

The Parasite Hilton/Blohan fued has dragged Britney Spears into the mix. In case you have been trapped in Paris’ bagina, Brit and P are now best friends LIKE forever. Blohan was seen driving around Los Angeles blaring KFed’s CD. She was dancing to it and creating a scene.

Star Magazine reports that Lindsay also said that KFed was hot and that she wouldn’t mind “hooking up with him.” If she already hasn’t. The news got back to Britney and she responded with, “Tell her please, seriously, take him!”

And then Lindsay told Paris that like Britney said that KFed was so not worth it and then like Nicky Hilton said that she would never do KFed and like Brandon Davis spewed all over like Paris making her like melt on the ground and then Lindz like totally freaked out because Paris spew leaked like all over her boots and then like Britney totally vommed all over the place and like it was like really gross and like Lindz cried and then Brit cried and then like Paris hugged them both and then like a giant meteor hit them all…

lohan42.jpg lohan33.jpg lohan24.jpg

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