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Serena Williams Announced Her Second Pregnancy At The Met Gala

May 2, 2023 / Posted by:

After Rihanna debuted her second pregnancy during her Super Bowl performance, we really are running out of places for wealthy, famous women to debut their pregnancies to us peasants. And this time, two guests had the same idea. At last night’s Met Gala, Serena Williams debuted her second pregnancy with her husband, Alexis Ohanian. And Karlie Kloss also let it be known that she’s expecting her second with husband, Joshua Kushner (the non-Trump Kushner brother). Too bad no one really cares about Karlie’s stunt today, as Serena out-stunted her with the exact same stunt.

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Ivanka Trump Googled “Feelings” And Decided That Hers Were Hurt By Sister-In-Law Karlie Kloss

January 9, 2021 / Posted by:

Maybe that’s not entirely fair. Perhaps real emotions do reside beneath Ivanka Trump’s exquisitely blank facial canvas with severely limited range of expression, but they have no ready avenue of cutaneous escape. Her sister-in-law, model Karlie Kloss, on the other hand, sports a full palette of facial movements well matched to her speech and feelings. And herein may lie some of the tiff (no, not that Tiff). The other day, we learned from Karlie on Twitter that she’s tried to talk to her in-laws, Ivanka, and cartoon-villain husband Jared Kushner, brother of her own husband, Josh Kushner, about the usual family dinner conversation topics of fair elections and insurrection.

Ivanka didn’t use Twitter to let us know how she feels about Karlie’s tweets and probably because she’s busy fighting with her father, who has been permanently banned from Twitter, about him taking over her Twitter and she will not let that happen since she needs it to spew her own bullshit. But thanks to Page Six, we now know Ivanka’s thoughts on Karlie’s tweets.

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Karlie Kloss Says She’s Tried To Talk To Her Sister-In-Law Ivanka Trump (While Taylor Swift Might Have Come For Karlie In Song)

January 7, 2021 / Posted by:

When you hear the name The Kushners, you might ask, “The evil ones, or the ones that have dinner with the evil ones?” Because as we all know, there are two Kushner brothers. One is Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, both of which hold positions in the Trump administration. Then there is Josh Kushner, who married supermodel and reality TV host Karlie Kloss. Karlie has been vocal about her political leanings, but talking about not voting for Trump doesn’t count for a whole lot when you have a direct line to two of his highest-ranking barnacles and aren’t exactly calling them out.

Karlie has repeatedly been accused of keeping her lips sealed when it comes to her in-laws. And during yesterday’s attempted coup at the US Capitol building, it happened again. Someone called Karlie out, asking her why she hasn’t said anything to Ivanka and Jared. Karlie would like to set the record straight and let everyone know she has tried.

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Karlie Kloss Is Reportedly Pregnant

October 30, 2020 / Posted by:

There must be something in the water, because yet another made by a model type will soon be upon us. Hot on the heels of fellow model type Emily Ratajkowski’s pregnancy announcement (but far less arsty), People magazine is reporting that Karlie Kloss is pregnant. Taylor Swift better pull out her vintage embroidery basket (you know it’s vintage), and get to work on another little blanket. You know, if the current status of what remains of their friendship is at a point where new baby gift exchange would be expected.

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Tavi Gevinson Called Out Karlie Kloss For Not Speaking Up About Her In-Laws

June 4, 2020 / Posted by:

If this is your first real introduction to Tavi Gevinson, then here’s what you need to know. She’s a 24-year-old blogger-turned-magazine editor-turned-actress-turned aggrivating pebble in Karlie Kloss’ size 9 Dior heels. Tavi’s personal brand includes calling out bullshit where she sees it on social media, and she recently caught a whiff of something stinky and fetid coming from Karlie’s attempt at a Black Lives Matter post. According to Tavi, Karlie has a lot of “nerve” preaching a message of anti-racism when she has yet to denounce the politics of her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

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