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Here’s The Teaser Trailer For Amazon’s “A League Of Their Own” Series

June 7, 2022 / Posted by:

While there’s no crying in the teaser trailer for Amazon’s upcoming A League of Their Own series, there is some flirting which apparently is allowed in baseball. According to TVLine, the show “takes a deeper look at race and sexuality,” than the 1992 Penny Marshall-directed film of the same name that inspired it. This is rude because that’s Madonna’s entire reason for living and she isn’t even involved in this one!

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Madonna Shows Support For Ukraine In A Musical Montage Set To A Remix Of Her Song “Sorry”

February 26, 2022 / Posted by:

Many celebrities have spoken out against Russia’s war on Ukraine. Some, like AnnaLynne McCord, threw down a slam poem where she apologized to Putin for not being his mother since everything would be different if she was. Others, like John Cena, used the attack to promote his HBO Max show. Not to mention, The View’s Joy Behar going on about how she hasn’t been able to go to Italy because of the pandemic “and now this.” Well, Madonna has shown her support for Ukraine, and this time, she stayed out of the bathtub, and instead, posted a montage video of scenes from Ukraine spliced with clips of Putin’s face and her delivering sexy moves. And while some rolled their eyes like, “There’s Madonna Madonna-ing again,” it got her a follow from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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Madonna Got Dragged For Letting Her People Work Without Pay

November 24, 2021 / Posted by:

Madonna, the queen of reinvention, has been so many things over the decades from… well, from Madonna to whore and everything in between. She’s been a Viking, a cowgirl, a rapper, a philosopher and had the butt of a stripper Drake would give his number to. And she’s been Marilyn Monroe both dead and alive. But above all else, Madonna is an Artist. And apparently, she’s also a trailer hitch because her ass has spent the past few years getting draaaaagged. And this week is no different than the last.

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Madonna Is Coming To Get Britney Spears Out Of “Jail”

July 9, 2021 / Posted by:

After Britney Spears testified in a court hearing that she wants out of her “abusive” 13-year conservatorship and wants to slip off her handcuffs and put them on her cruel father, Daddy Spears, and the rest of her family for what they’ve put her through, several celebrities declared that they’re on Team #FreeBritney. Those who showed support for Britney included Mariah Carey, Brandy, Halsey, Courtney Love, Britney’s ex-boyfriend, and Jameela Jamil (because if Jameela Jamil doesn’t insert herself into something, Twitter will crumble from the confusion of it all). The Queen of Pop kept quiet, at first, and that’s probably because she’s been busy digging an underground tunnel to Britney’s house so she can snatch Britney out of there. Or Madonna’s been busy trying to come up with the perfect on-brand statement that would bring the eye rolls. It was the second one.

Madge showed love and support for Britney, but she also compared Britney’s conservatorship to slavery, which made many roll their eyes so far back into their heads that they could not read the rest of what she said!

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