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Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, And Kyle Mooney Are All Leaving “Saturday Night Live”

May 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Those who watch Saturday Night Live, may get a dose of the cast singing Goodbye Butthole Eyes to the tune of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road at the end of tonight’s show. Because Pete Davidson is FINALLY leaving along with longtime SNL MVP Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant (NooooOOnnnn!), and Kyle Mooney, better known as the dude who plays Baby Yoda. Deadline says that at the end of tonight’s 47th season finale, which will be hosted by Natasha Lyonne, all four will take their final bows…. before Lorne Michaels comes out to remind them that they signed over their sooooouuuuls to him and they can’t leave ever!

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James Corden Announces That He’s Leaving “The Late Late Show” In 2023

April 29, 2022 / Posted by:

It looks like the streets of Los Angeles will be safe once more. You know, if your definition of “safe” is not receiving a profound hearing loss diagnosis after getting stuck in traffic behind James Corden and some famous person screaming karaoke songs in an SUV. James Corden has been hosting The Late Late Show since 2015, and he revealed during yesterday’s show that after an eight-year run, he has decided to be done. James’ last show as the host of The Late Late Show will happen around this time next year.

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Michelle Obama, Channing Tatum, And David Letterman Will Be Among The Guests Of Ellen DeGeneres’ Final Shows

March 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Ellen DeGeneres is in the home stretch of her long-running talk show, which is surely good news to anyone who works on the Ellen show that currently has an open prescription for anxiety medication. And as such, Ellen’s got to start nailing down the guests for her final shows. But it won’t just be Ellen struggling to remain awake as she is forced to sit through her eight hundredth riveting visit from a Kardashian sister or grit her teeth as her staff brings out a giant chocolate cake with “FAREWELL” written across the top in bright blue buttercream (she specifically requested vanilla with pale blue, goddammit!). She’s got a line-up of guests that range from former First Ladies and late-night talk show icons to tennis GOATs and…Zac Efron? Okay.

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Queen Elizabeth Won’t Be Living At Buckingham Palace Anymore

March 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Aside from the sound of sugar cubes plopping in a hot mug of tea, the Spice Girls, and Austin Powers, there’s nothing more British than a tourist pulling up to Buckingham Palace in a double-decker red bus and wondering out loud, “Hey, you think we’ll see Her Majesty waving from the window? I’m gonna get my camera ready just in case.” But that won’t be a thing anymore, because Queen Elizabeth doesn’t live there anymore. She just doesn’t want to be commuting back and forth from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, which is her preferred place of residence.

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Tom Brady Is Officially Retired From The NFL

February 1, 2022 / Posted by:

After teasing this news for a while, 44-year-old Tom Brady has gone ahead and confirmed that he’s officially done playing with balls for a living. Excuse me, in more technical terms, he’s retiring from the NFL after 22 years, seven Super Bowl wins, and one very messy sunken ball scandal. And it’s for real because he posted his exit interview on social media (and you know there are no take-backs when it comes to celebrity Instagram posts).

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Kat Von D Is Closing Her Tattoo Shop From “LA Ink”

October 26, 2021 / Posted by:

At the end of last year, non-Nazi/non-anti-vaxxer Kat Von D bought a mansion in Vevay, Indiana so she could escape California’s “tyrannical government overreach” and “ridiculous taxing.” And… COVID restrictions? Probably. At the time Kat assured everyone that she’d be only be Indiana part-time, and she wouldn’t be selling her LA tattoo shop. But yesterday she added an extremely delayed “…not!” and announced she was closing High Voltage Tattoo shop after 14 years in business and 4 seasons of TLC’s LA Ink. And West Hollywood wept…

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