Kat Von D Is Not A Nazi Or An Anti-Vaxxer, So Says Kat Von D

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Cut to all of us making a, “Hehe, yeah okay, girl,” face that the woman behind Kat is making, because we’ve all read Kat herself saying that she wasn’t going to vaccinate her kid.

Many people have the image of Kat Von D swatting away a doctor’s vaccination needle with one hand and doing the Nazi salute with the other. The talk about Kat Von D being anti-semitic started when she allegedly autographed a headshot for her old Miami Ink boss Ami James with a flaming Star of David and a swastika. It didn’t help when Kat Von D started bumping swastikrotches with alleged Nazi lover Jesse James (no relation to Ami). Also, in 2015, Kat Von D’s makeup line put out a lipstick color named Selektion, which is a no-no gross German word because Nazis used it to describe the process of choosing which Jewish prisoners would be murdered. And Kat was labeled as a disciple of Dr. Jenny McCarthy’s Church of Anti-Vaxxing last year when she herself said in a now-deleted Instagram post that she and her husband Leafar were not going to vaccinate their son, also named Leafar

Kat Von D is now spitting at those labels. I’m guessing that she took a look at her recent Sephora sales and fired up the Damage Control machine (YouTube)!

In an 11-minute long video that was shot in the ghost’s music room at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride, Kat starts by bringing out the raw emotions while saying that she and her family are hurt and offended by being called anti-semitic. Kat uses Spanish and English to tell everyone that some think she’s a white girl, but she’s really a Mexican-born Latina. Kat then tells the tale of how this came to be:

That picture was allegedly given to Ami James of TLC’s Miami Ink, who is Jewish, after Kat left the show in 2007. At the time, another Miami Ink cast member, Chris Garver, claimed that Kat gave him that anti-semitic trash to give to Ami. Kat had moved on from Miami Ink to L.A. Ink, so Ami took the picture to TLC and they refused to do anything about it. So Ami brought his lawyers into it. TLC said in a statement in 2008 that they investigated the picture and declared that Kat had nothing to do it. TMZ claimed that a handwriting expert hired by TLC analyzed the handwriting and came back saying that there was a 99% chance that Kat DID write it. Kat called that mess a forgery and denied writing it. Kat echoes that in this new video.

Kat says in the video that after Miami Ink became a huge hit for TLC in 2005, they cast her for season 2 after deciding that the show needed a woman. Kat says that a certain unnamed cast member (whose name I’m guessing rhymes with NotMe Dames) became threatened of her after ratings went up. Kat thinks that he wasn’t threatened by just specifically her, but was also threatened by any woman with an opinion. Kat says that she was terrorized by this cast member who she accuses of sabotaging her tattoo equipment and sexually harassing and assaulting her. Kat says that he sent her an unsolicited dick pic and grabbed her chest during a night out. Kat says none of the other male cast members did shit. It became too much for her to take, so she quit the show off camera. On her last day of shooting, Kat says that crew members asked her for an autographed picture, so she signed a bunch and left them on a table for anyone to take.

Since the ratings of Miami Ink were so high, TLC didn’t want to break up with Kat. They offered her the spin-off show L.A. Ink, which came out in 2007. While L.A. Ink was shooting its first season, Kat says that jealous Miami Ink cast member (again, whose name I’m guessing rhymes with Papi Shames) came up with a revenge plot involving one of those autographed pictures. Kat believes the cast member was afraid that L.A. Ink would replace Miami Ink, which it did. Kat says that he brought the forged 8×10 to TLC and demanded that the network dump her show. If they didn’t, he threatened to give the pic to the media. TLC sided with Kat and believed she had nothing to do with the autograph. So L.A. Ink lived on and the jealous cast member followed through on his threat and gave the pic to TMZ.

Kat says that the Nazi Lover label was stamped on her overnight and she was told by TLC’s publicist to keep quiet. Kat eventually couldn’t take it and wrote a MySpace post (that was Facebook’s grandaddy for you young tricks) about it, but says that her side of the story never really got out until now. So Kat would like Donald Trump to stop offering her the U.S. ambassador to Israel job, because she doesn’t hate Jewish people.

As for being called an anti-vaxxer, Kat claims that she isn’t one, but she is a first time mother who reads about everything that affects her child. Kat says that she was asked on Instagram if she was vaccinating her kid, and after doing some research, she answered that she’s not. Kat says she never would’ve said that if she knew how many people she’d up$$$et. Kat wouldn’t say if she’s going to vaccinate her kid, but she’s going to talk to her baby’s doctor and is going to keep things private from now on. So you hear that? It’s totally okay to buy her stuff at Sephora again!

“Since then, we have decided as parents to consult with our pediatrician and just let him educate us and guide us. But unlike before, I’ve learned my lesson. I am choosing not to make our decision, or any of our baby’s health records, public.”

I am reading that as: I am not going to vaccinate my child but I’m not going to tell you that I’m not going to vaccinate my child.

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this. Kat will upload another 11-minute long video when she gets backlash after her makeup company puts out a pink eyeshadow called Measles Pink Eye, a blue eyeliner called Mumps Chills, a foundation called Jaundice, and a red lipstick called Rubella Rash. The Kat Von D x Anti-Vaxx line would honestly be pretty on brand for them, because their shit has caused some to break out in a rash.

Pic: Wenn.com

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